3 Ways To Track Lost Phone Using IMEI

So, you lost your phone, and after visiting countless deceiving articles that guarantee that you can “track lost phone using IMEI for free,” you ended up here. If your question is, "Can Google help me track my IMEI number?" The answer is, No.

First, let me get straight to the point, there’s no app on the Google Play Store or App Store that can help you track lost phone using IMEI. So, “What can I do?” you ask? 


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Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and there’s no denying the fact that we can’t live without them. With lots of smartphone launches, the sales have skyrocketed, but, at the same time, there has also been a significant increase in smartphone thefts. Therefore, in this article, let’s see how you can track lost phone using IMEI.

I did the analysis and here is the overview of all the ways that can be used to track lost phones using IMEI.

3 ways to track lost phone using imei
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Let’s dive deep into each of them…

How To Track Lost Phone Using Google’s Find My Device

Find My Device is Google’s solution to track a lost phone. It essentially uses your phone’s internet connectivity and GPS to track the location of the phone.

At first, this might sound like a cool thing but, it has a lot of disadvantages.

First up, your devices need to have an active internet connection, and second, you need to keep the GPS on.

Usually, right after a phone theft, the thieves remove and throw the SIM card. In this case, the find my device app will not work.

Even if you try, it’ll probably show you the place where you lost the phone.

Google Find My Device - How to track lost phone using IMEI

However, if you trace your phone using find my device, you can erase/lock or play a loud ringer to track it down. That said, this might not be the best solution but is at least an option.

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Asking Your Carrier To Block The Phone

Our devices are home to a lot of personal information that can be misused if it falls into the wrong hands.

If you’re unable to track your phone using find my device, the second best thing that you can do is ask your service provider to block it for you.

US ISPs - how to track lost phone using IMEI

To ask your service provider to block your phone, you’ll need an FIR copy of the same. After the smartphone is blocked, it will be rendered useless as it will not work with other service providers if the thief tries to swap SIM cards.

Filing an FIR

The last and the best thing you can do after trying the above methods is to file a lost phone complaint in your nearest law enforcement.

At this point, the chances that you’ll get your phone back are pretty slim.

Cops track a lost device using the last called location log from the cellular towers using the IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

Sounds easy, right?

Then why not a lot all the lost phones are recovered?

Here’s why.

law enforcement

The IMEI of your Android device can be easily changed, and there are many methods to do the same.

This makes the tracking process impossible, and there’s nothing you can do.

However, the IMEI of iPhones cannot be erased thanks to iOS. Hence, stolen iPhones are first disassembled, and then their parts are sold. 

How To Track A Lost iPhone?

If Find my device was enabled in your lost iPhone, you can head over to iCloud.com/find, log in with your Apple ID and Password, and track your iPhone.

find my iPhone

If you mark it as lost, your device will be locked with a passcode, and you can also display a custom message.

It will also keep track of your lost iPhone’s location, and all the payment features will be disabled.

There are certainly not many things that you can do to track lost phone using IMEI, but you can save yourself a lot of time by always being aware of where your device is.

Get Some Questions Answered….

Which app can I use to track a lost phone?

Find My Device is Google’s way of tracking a lost phone. But it needs the device to have internet connection and GPS switched on for it to function properly.
The biggest challenge here is that this might not work as usually after theft, the first thing that might be done to the device is have the SIM card removed and then switched off.

Can someone unlock my stolen phone?

Most Android phones come with a screen lock and if you had protected your Smartphone with an Android PIN, then hackers will have a tough time breaking into your device. But this is not 100% secured as it can be hacked.

How can I block my mobile with IMEI number online?

If the device is stolen, a police complaint needs to be lodged and then informed to the phone carrier to disable the device or block access to information it contains. The phone carrier or service provider can do this with the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI), the Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) number, or the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) which is the unique identification number of the device.

How can I delete my lost phone using IMEI number?

To get your device information removed or have your phone blocked, the first thing that needs to be done is have a police complaint lodged and then report to the service provider to have it removed from your phone.

Your Turn to Respond

Which methods you found useful to track your lost phone? Or did you use another method that I did not mention here?

Either way comment below and let me know.

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