Why Are Hulu Commercials so LOUD?

Today we are going to explore what you EXACTLY need to know about Hulu's commercials, as well as other great ways to avoid advertisements!


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Hulu is an online streaming media company that competes with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The commercials for Hulu are very loud, which has drawn criticism from many viewers who want to avoid advertising altogether.

Why are Hulu Commercials so Loud

Hulu and other streaming platforms have changed the way we watch TV, but commercials have not changed.

With services such as Hulu, you can stream your favorite TV shows without having to pay high cable bills.

However, this comes at a cost because you cannot fast-forward the commercials.

Some don’t mind paying for added convenience, but others have found ways around it!

This is inconvenient for TV watchers, given that there’s a law about the acceptable volume of TV advertisements.

If you live in the US, you may have heard of the CALM Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation ).

This act regulates loudness levels for TV commercials, which is why most advertisers abide by the law to avoid trouble with regulators.

According to The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), TV stations are prevented from boosting the volume of commercials that air on the station.

Hulu commercials are so loud that some viewers find them annoying, but advertisers found a way around the CALM Act.

Advertisers sometimes make the initial few seconds of a commercial softer to mimic volume.

What you Need to Know about Hulu’s Commercials

  • The ads for Hulu are louder than most other video streaming services
  • Similar to many other TV channels, some advertisements come before the actual content and advertisements during (sometimes right in the middle of a show)
  • Ads can either be pre-roll ads that play before the video or mid-roll ads that interrupt the show to promote a different show or product; they are also known as break or bumpers
  • You have the option to pay each month for Hulu’s “No Commercials” plan
  • If you are a brand new user, there is no cost to try Hulu with commercials; however, they will ask you to upgrade your subscription after a free trial period ends.
  • You can pay for the “No Commercials” subscription plan on a monthly or annual basis; it is roughly $4.99 per month

You can cancel your Hulu subscription at any time, regardless of whether you are paying each month or have made an annual payment!

Other Ways of Avoiding Advertisements

Unfortunately, because most ads on television and online are written and produced by advertisers that want you to purchase or learn something from their ads (the main goal is to make money), it can be difficult to avoid them altogether.

By downloading adblockers onto your computer or phone (or using an AdBlock browser like Brave, which blocks ads on all websites), you won’t be able to see the ads.

Still, companies will lose revenue from publishers and advertisers.

You can also go the route of streaming shows and movies on iTunes or Amazon Video; both are services that offer some content to watch online for free, with other options available for purchase (most shows on Hulu are still free).

If you want all of your TV ad-free options, DirecTV Now is a good service where you pay $40 per month for over 60 channels plus unlimited cloud DVR storage space!
One downside with this option is that it isn’t compatible with Roku or Apple TV devices.

The Benefits of Hulu vs Other Streaming Services

  • Hulu is one of the cheapest video streaming services out there; costing only $7.99 per month compared with Netflix’s $9-$14/month plan
  • Also unlike Netflix, Hulu does not have any monthly fees outside of its membership costs; whereas Netflix charges for new content every month, Hulu puts on a lot of special events and has deals with cable companies to give you free access
  • Hulu’s library of teleshows and movies is much larger than any other online streaming service.
  • While Netflix has the most popular original content, Hulu has hundreds of popular shows that many people want to watch (but aren’t necessarily offered through Netflix).
  • For example, some television episodes available on Hulu include A&E, ABC Family, Bravo, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central and the like. Some recent popular shows that air on streaming services include “Scandal”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “The 100”, and more.
  • If you like to watch TV shows and movies on ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX then Hulu can be a good option. They have old episodes and new episodes that air one day after a show airs.

Note: If you have a cable television subscription already through Comcast, Spectrum, or Cox Communications (or another cable provider), you are eligible for free online streaming via Xfinity On Demand. This service allows you to watch any show currently offered on Hulu!

The Downsides to Hulu’s Commercials

The commercials that come on during Hulu can be incredibly loud and annoying, which has caused viewers to dislike the commercials.

Also, there is no way to avoid advertisements for the “No Commercials” subscription.

It’s also a bit more expensive compared to Netflix, which is $9-$14 a month depending on what plan you have.

Another downside is that their library of movies and TV shows is not as extensive as Netflix’s- so if you’re solely looking for content from one particular company (such as Hulu), then this may not be the best option for you.

The movies and TV shows available on Hulu can also be watched for free through other streaming services, like Amazon Video.

For example, suppose you’re a frequent watcher of ABC (American Broadcasting Company) or NBC (National Broadcasting Company).

In that case, Hulu is not the best option since they do not have as much access to their shows as Netflix.

The Secret to Watch Hulu without Distraction

One way to get around the loud ads that come on during Hulu is to switch over to a different site and then click on a link to Hulu when it pops up.

Some people have even found that they can use YouTube for short periods if they are occupied with something else or don’t want to be distracted by the videos in the advertisements.

It’s also possible to participate in other activities while watching an advertisement, such as cleaning up the house, going through bills, reading a book, or cooking dinner.

You can search for Hulu without following any links- this will allow you to see what it is without being distracted by any advertisements.

Finally, you can make your video playlist to watch them one by one (rather than have commercials pop up).

This allows you to go back and forward between videos without being distracted.

If Hulu is streaming a particular show simultaneously as another site, search for it on that website!

Another thing you can try instead of signing up with Hulu Plus, you can also try to use Amazon Prime Instant Video ($99/year) to have unlimited access to many popular shows and movies that air on cable.

Did you contact Hulu’s chat team to inform them about the volume inconsistencies across the Hulu streaming library?


Hulu commercials are a mixed bag.

They can be very loud and annoying, but there are ways to avoid them that don’t involve signing up for the “No Commercials” option which is more expensive than other streaming services like Netflix.

However, if you want an ad-free experience then Hulu Plus is your best bet and it’s only $7.99 per month with commercials or $11.99 without ads!

What other downsides have you found when using Hulu?

Have any of these tips helped you get around the loud advertisements on Hulu?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hulu ads are not a “mixed bag”. They are always significantly louder than accompanying programming, and much louder than any other commercials from other providers.

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