121 Reasons Why Gacha Games Are Awesome: The Complete List(2023)

Gacha games have recently become one of the biggest hits on the iPhone games market in Japan.

But why is this free-to-play game format so popular?

Here in this blog, I will give you 121 reasons why Gacha Games are so popular—and why you should try them, including:

  • Gacha games are calming
  • Gacha games are based on the concept of rewarding micro transactions
  • Gacha games have awesome visuals
  • There are many games based on popular anime
  • And much more …

So, read on till the end for every reason under the sun why Gacha games are awesome!


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Gacha Games: A brief overview

For lay-readers, Gacha games are a Japanese sensation. The logic of this format is simple too. It mimics the vending machine or jackpot format that was mostly part of the gambling industry. These F2P games come free normally and basically emulate vending machines by:

  • Having in-game currencies, that can be bought or accumulated by using real money;
  • Encouraging players to make in-game buys and constantly allowing them to transact/collect in-game currency;
  • Having chance-based rewards that you can receive thanks to your gameplay, which might include spinning wheels like roulette or choosing cards from a deck; and
  • Having an element of surprise, much like Kinder boxes, on these gachapon or Japanese vending machines.

The appeal of these games lies mostly on the fact that the gameworld offers a space for actual monetary transactions, rewards, and surprises: An example of real life would be what is now called “Retail therapy” in Internet slang, which is basically users “window-shopping” on various digital marketplaces, or even just buying things to release stress. It is a very human thing to do, and this kind of forms the premise of the Gacha game industry as well.

Besides, the objects that you can buy on Gacha are also very enticing, mostly things like cards and collectibles (all virtual). And, what makes them even more desirable is that rarity or novelty comes into play here as well—After many an attempt at getting a rarer/desirable card, the games are designed to “pity” the user: it can either be “soft” pity where the probability of getting a rarer item increases automatically with the number of pulls, or “hard” pity, where the item is automatically given away after a certain number of pulls.

The games are so addictive, that in the Gacha games world, players who spend inordinate amounts of money on in-game purchases essentially subsidize the games for F2P players as well as small-spenders—these big-spenders are often referred to as “whales.”

So, biggest inference, Gacha Games are diverse and quite gripping. And, they play into certain psychological aspects of people, such as the urge to hunt and gather, and if we take a certain negative road, to gamble.

It was in 2017, that Genshin Impact was released, which went on to become one of the greatest games in the genre, and it was post the pandemic, especially in 2021 to 2022 that Gacha games really started seeing a resurgence.

Let’s go through some … no wait …

Let’s go through ALL the reasons why you should be going gaga over Gacha games!

Reasons Why You Should Play Gacha Games!

Read on till the end to know more on why you should be trying Gacha games. We’ll be looking at 121 reasons in total, so stay on till the end!

#121: Gacha Games Are Free-to-Play (F2P)

Most Gacha games have significant bits of their content open for all users. Although the basic principle lies in the rewards, which often require in-game purchases, a lot of Gacha games can be played for free.

#120: Gacha Games are mobile-friendly

Gacha games are breaking all sorts of records in the iPhone market in Japan, and have also seen considerable popularity in the West. This is largely because the games can be played on the go, on your mobile phones.

#119: Ease of play

Designed to emulate simple things such as vending machines and trading card games, Gacha gaming storylines are often easy to follow and do not require much hard work. This is also similar to the logic of many mobile gaming hits such as Candy Crush, which gave up on its storyline to concentrate on aesthetics and easier gameplay.

#118: Unpredictability

As discussed, the very appeal of a vending machine or a surprise loot is its unpredictability and randomness. So, it will always be full of surprises for the players, especially if you pay for in-game purchases.

#117: The “Luck” factor

One of the biggest factors behind the success of Gacha Games is the sheer luck factor. Gamers who win especially get a sense of real achievement and the “lucky” feeling, which keeps them coming back and also drives bigger game purchases—something that surely keeps the game developers going as well.

#116: There is no need for being a skilled gamer

Gacha is based on simplicity—namely and most particularly from the nostalgia of childhood arcade visits. And combining that with mobile friendliness makes for a great pastime for both casual and core gamers.

#115: Elements on mystery

Depending on the game that you’re playing as a Gacha game, the end reward or what you get to buy in-game can really vary—hence, there is always a bit of suspense when it comes to what you win at the end of the game.

#114. Soft pity mechanic

So, this works especially in games that require some form of chance. Let’s take the example of drawing cards from a deck— if you draw enough times, you decrease the number of cards, and hence, increase the chances of pulling the card you want to see/pull. This plays out well in Gacha games as you can actually increase the probability of getting a rarer/more desirable item if you keep drawing.

#113. Hard pity mechanic

This is one of the other ways in which one can win rarer in-game items. And this works in a much more predictable way—this is when a certain number of draws gives you a guaranteed result. No probability involved.

#112: iPhone Market records broken

The highest grossing Gacha game as of June 2022 is Uma Musume and it really scored high on the iPhone rankings list, pulling in around 60,000 downloads last month. This was worth a whopping US$23 million only.

#111: Android Market scores big on Gacha too

Uma Musume also shook the Android market as well—at 42,000 downloads, totaling US$17 million last month. Platforms don’t matter: these addictive games just rule over all mobile gaming markets.

#110: Soundtracks

Games like Dragalia lost and Genshin impact have excellent soundtracks that make the gameplay even more awesome, especially with a set of good wireless headphones.

gacha game image 1

#109: Gacha Communities

Like almost every video or mobile game, every Gacha title has a tight community that has discussions, debates, and much more. So, if you are new to Gacha, you’re going to find many like you to help you get better at the game.

#108: Plot lines

Japan has been one of the greatest pioneers with regard to animation and gaming. Gacha games are no exception. The best titles always have excellent storylines that will keep you engaged and playing for a long time!

#107: Gaming skills

Practice makes perfect when it comes to anything else, and Gacha games are not so different in this aspect either. And some more complex titles will give you enough opportunities to think and play and sharpen your gaming reflexes.

#106: Free “pulls” and “rolls”

Many Gacha game titles will give you free pulls or rolls after you complete a specific task or if you spend a certain amount of money. This is part of the hard and soft pity mechanisms we discussed earlier. So, again, if you invest enough in a title, the title does give you back.

#105: Rarity pulls are just awesome

Rarity pulls or the really rare and desirable in-game objects are almost always worth it, not just in terms of gameplay advancement, but also in really pumping up the player. As discussed, the driving force that makes these games so addictive and gives them so much replay value is the psychological effect of feeling lucky or wanting to feel lucky.

#104: Team variety

Gacha games will offer a plethora of choices, especially for character choice. Every Gacha game is going to give you immense variety, and it really boils down to the amount of kitty you invest in it to get the best characters and teams.

#103: Gamer agency

Video games have always been an exercise into how much you can achieve from a seat, with your mind. Gacha games truly take it to a next level, giving you the choice to not just influence gameplay but also the rewards or “loot.”

#102: Simplistic progression

Gacha gameplays offer the gamer the chance to pull or choose or roll. This means the storylines, no matter how complex the Gacha title you’re playing, will be easy to follow, with the added feature of loot box or gachapon vending machine. So, to accommodate the luck aspect of playing, the storylines are condensed and simplified.

#101: Familiarity

The games tend to add to your sense of familiarity. You get used to them and the sense of being rewarded or the sense of achievement that Gacha games give you enables that added kick while playing.

#100: Spending money

In-game purchases are taken to a whole different level, especially with Gacha games. There are choices for pulling and rolling that not just give you opportunities to spend on these games, but also win your money’s worth back too, as you delve deeper.

#99. The “retail therapy” substitute

If you are an impulsive shopper with nowhere to keep things around your house, Gacha games not only give you a simple distraction but also a way to get the same kick without even going to a store.

#98. In-game currency

The most unique feature of Gacha games is their in-game currency, which gives you myriad options of spending even in the virtual world.

#97: Microtransactions

Smaller buys over a long time do satisfy retail therapy cravings much better, personally speaking. And, Gacha games do really cater to such cravings, with in-game purchases allowed almost every step of the way!

#96: Fantasy but simple

Gacha games mostly derive their storylines from fantasy and anime, but unlike more complex games, they are simplistic and designed to enhance numbers of pulls and draws, instead of more gaming strategy. 

#95: Gacha Games are so, so fun

Gacha games are designed to engage and it wouldn’t be an overstatement to generalize them all as simply fun and as a great way to kill time if you’re bored.

gacha game image 2

#94: Childhood nostalgia

If you loved kinderboxes or surprise toys in your potato chip packets, for example, Gacha games will really appeal to your sense of childhood nostalgia. 

#93: You can pull for characters

So, like everything else, you can pull and keep pulling or rolling for your choice of characters.

#92: You can pull for in-game equipment

Be it equipment, weapons, or anything else, Gacha Games have an option for you to pull/roll for. 

#91: You can pull for in-game character dresses/attires

Yes, you read that right. You can keep changing your characters’ attires, by pulling. And like all draw/pull games, the more you draw or pull, the better. 

#90: Arcade-gaming feeling

Gacha games are chance-driven, and, as discussed earlier, the sense of achievement they reward is the feeling of being lucky, which is also one of the major ways children’s arcade games make gamers feel, hence giving them a special kind of nostalgic feeling.

#89: Fostering friendships in the Gacha Games Community

The Gacha gaming community is quite tightly knit, and players have long drawn out discussion threads on both Quora and Reddit, and even on other social media sites. So, there is a chance to make a lot of friends and have a lot of interesting Gacha conversations! 

#88: Short learning time

Since Gacha games are more or less simplified, it makes them very easy to pick up, and with practice, like on any other form of games, you do feel a sense of familiarity, only here, it is a much shorter, and simpler, learning curve. So, if you are looking for a game that will engage you yet not be too hard to master, Gacha Games might be the answer!

#87: Gacha Games are designed to be social

Gacha gamers thrive on interactions, and besides online chat forums and social media threads, there are arrangements for the gamers to trade in-game merchandise even while playing, giving these otherwise simplistic games a more “hardcore” game vibe.

#86: Gacha Games are easy to master for newbie gamers

If you’ve never played a game in your life, but are constantly surrounded by gamer friends, and are struggling for an in into their conversations, start out with Gacha. They are easy to pick up and quite simple, and will definitely engage you. With the sheer amount of variety they offer, there is a Gacha game for you, for your friends, for everyone really.

Whether it is Genshin Impact or Fire Emblem Heroes or Langrisser Mobile or any other game, you will surely love it!

#85: Gacha Games are cakewalks for habitual gamers

If you’re a gamer in the true sense of the term, who has not tried out Gacha Games, let me tell you one simple fact: Gacha games are going to be a cakewalk for you. And, they offer a ton of variety with regard to the kind of games you want to play. So, if this is unchartered territory for you, trust me, there is a lot of winning that you can do in this new type of game.

#84: You can get really great at Gacha in a short period of time

Doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a more or less habituated gamer, Gacha games are not hard to pick up, and once you get familiar with the in-game nitty gritties, which again hardly takes a few hours, you can get really great at them; especially if you keep trying your hand at a single title at a time.

#83: Gacha doesn’t require much skill beyond a point

Because the main unique selling point (USP) of Gacha games is not hardcore gaming skills and reflexes: on the other hand, it is awarding the gamer with a certain feel-good lucky vibe, which doesn’t really take much skill and precision at all.

#82: Gacha is the perfect format for shorter gaming sessions

If you’re a gamer who really used to invest a lot of time in gaming earlier, but can’t find it in yourself to do so now, well, you have the perfect format in Gacha. Just choose a title you like, with the right vibe and plot, and you have the perfect substitute for a fidget spinner, ideal for short, engaging gaming sessions that are chill and relaxed and will definitely take your mind off things.

#81: Gacha is still intense enough to be engaging

Although I have spent much time discussing how simple and easy Gacha titles are, Gacha titles like Genshin Impact are so lauded and popular because they are very engaging games. Even though they cater to a different selling point, Gacha games are at the end of the day video games, with storylines and characters; so, try a few titles and decide which one engages you the most. 

#80: You need little to no capital investment in purchase/setup

Most if not all Gacha Game titles are free to play and it is up to the player themselves how much they want to invest into in-game merchandise. And, even then, since the games are driven by microtransactions, you can spend a little amount of money to get a lot of virtual swag.

#79: Gacha Games are ideally played in shorter bursts

So, if you’re working a 9-to-5 or have a busier-than-usual lifestyle, this is the format for you, as it is engaging and relaxing and is best enjoyed in shorter doses, whenever you want.

#78: Gacha Games don’t require much commitment on the gamer’s part

Not only do you get them in an F2P format, on your mobile phones, the storylines are not too dense that you’ll spend your day thinking about your next move. Instead, they are ideal for smaller breaks in your day, when you need something more laidback and relaxed.

gacha game image 3

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#77: There is a Gacha title for everyone

Be it an adult or a younger gamer, Gacha Games don’t take much time to master and often don’t even need much practice. And if all goes well, every gaming burst will leave you feeling relaxed, chilled, and “lucky”.

#76: Unparalleled variety in genre

Gacha titles are as varied as they get. There are simple arcade-style Gacha Games that are just about the roll or pull, and even complex ones that you can actually play and have to concentrate on. This is one of the main reasons why the format became so popular to begin with.

#75: Affordability

Compared to Nintendo, PS, or even other more popular mobile games, Gacha Games are most often free to play and you can get off on your Gacha way with little to no money. And, there are big spenders in every title who often make it easier for the rest of low-spenders in the game.

The gaming industry is changing and it seems like the people want something new.

We did a survey amongst gamers, but we were surprised by what they said because up until last year everyone wanted consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox-and then suddenly Gacha games came onto scene which have shaken things up!

Why? Do you think it is because of Cost factor?

#74: Gaming on the go? Gacha gotcha back

Gacha Games broke records in the cell phone gaming market because they are perfect for casual on-the-go gamers who don’t want to invest in portable gaming modules such as the Nintendo Switch Lite, for example. Just download on your smartphone and you have something to keep you occupied on commutes to work or school, and even at home after a busy day.

#75: Gacha is on every kind of gaming platform out there

Although known for their exploits in the mobile gaming markets, Gacha games exist for every kind of platform you can name: gaming consoles, mobile phones, computers, and even online or offline.

#74: Gacha games are small

So, you can easily download them from your app store of choice, free more often than not. This again plays into the affordability factor and one of the reasons why Gacha gamers come from all sections of society.

#73: Gacha Games don’t require much hefty storage or equipment to play

Given they are very small files size-wise, storing them does not take much space and hence they do not require much RAM or processor power to run, which makes them very popular with casual gamers.

#72: Gacha games can be played online

Although most of the fan base prefers downloading their titles of choice and playing them then on their device, there are platforms that offer online gameplay as well, which just require the gamer to have a web browser in order to play their favorite games.

#71: Gacha Games can be played offline

And, they are really small downloads to begin with, so no surprises that most Gachaheads enjoy offline gaming. And, this really helps the cause of on-the-move or on-the-go mobile gaming as well.

#70: Gacha Games don’t need high-speed internet

As they are smaller downloads and most often enjoyed offline. So, if you are someone who doesn’t want to invest in a router and a high-speed connection, but still enjoy the occasional gaming spree, Gacha might be the one for you.

#69: You don’t need to use up your data allowance to enjoy Gacha

So, if you’re on a budget and want something that doesn’t require much investment, in terms of data as well, Gacha games are perfect for you. Just download them whenever you have some data in your plan and then you’re more or less good to go.

#68: Gacha is a global phenomenon

While Japan gave rise to the gaming trend, Gacha has since then become a global phenomenon and developers all over the world have put their mark on the genre, which is reflected in the variety of titles on offer in the genre itself, which is staggering.

#67: You can enjoy Gacha games in dozens of languages

Although starting off as a South-East Asian phenomenon, Gacha has now spread around the world and has been developed in titles from many different countries in the West as well. So, English-speaker or not, there is probably a Gacha out there to getcha!

#66: Scratch card Gacha

Also called consecutive Gacha games, these work on the mechanic of soft pity that I discussed. So, these games give you in-game scratch points for consecutive pulls or rolls and hence your chances of getting rewards increase too, as you accumulate those points and then, well, scratch.

gacha game image 4

#65: Tie-in with famous franchises

Gacha games derive much of their in-game subject matter from famous anime storylines, including the much-adored Dragonball/Dragonball Z franchise. The DBZ game, for example, is a hard pity Gacha which guarantees a rarer item on the (consecutive) fourth or seventh pull.

#64: Gacha Games are easier to develop

So, if you’re a newbie game developer, understanding the mechanics of Gacha make it easier for you to design your own, and there are dozens of tutorials online that delve deep into the psychological mechanics of Gacha and game design as well. Since Gacha is a simpler format, and files are often not too large and complex, it is an easier genre to try your hand at.

#63: Gacha Games will have you coming back

Especially with a few wins at the beginning, these games are addictive and this is one of the foremost reasons for their record-breaking popularity as well. These will become your comfort games after a point.

#62: There is always something new to find and somewhere new to explore …

Gacha games give you a lot of variety in their gameworld and gameplay. So, if you are a short-burst casual gamer, there is a ton to explore and find: a mechanism which is also backed by its pull/roll mechanic as well. 

#61: Gacha titles are constantly improved upon

Which makes the replay value even stronger. Newer features and play scenarios are constantly added and improved and developers monitor their designs seriously.

#60: Gacha titles will receive updates for a long time to come

Gacha is a relatively new phenomenon, hence, they are sure to receive numerous updates in the coming months and years.

#59: Gacha games can be played solo

There are a number of titles that are exclusively designed to be enjoyed alone; after a long day at school or work, the world of Gacha, with its dearth of possibilities is a great way to enjoy oneself.

#58: Gacha games can be played with friends

There are multiplayer Gachas as well that give you a chance to socialize with your friends and make new connections with other fellow gamers on the platform. 

#57: In a world where you aren’t that lucky … 

Gacha makes you feel lucky and rewarded, for very little investment with regard to money, time, and internet data: a great escape from reality. And, given they are simple, they don’t make you work hard for it.

#56: Unwinding

Rewarding, fantastical, and set in a make-believe world, and often accompanied by soothing soundtracks, Gacha games are a great way to unwind and de-stress on weekends, and even on breaks at work. Remote workers can especially benefit from it as they can be played on almost any kind of device, almost anywhere, and since they are offline, they can be enjoyed any time of day!

#55: Almost meditative in nature

Gacha games thrive on repetition, and reward the player based on their repetitive gaming. In a sense, it can become almost meditative in nature, familiar, comfortable, and repetitive.

#54: Play while doing chores

The beauty of the Gacha format lies in its simplicity and the fact that you don’t need to concentrate on the story too much. So, this is ideal to keep you occupied during chores that would otherwise bore you.

#53: Play while waiting in line

Any kind of wait can now be spiced up if you have a favorite Gacha title to keep you occupied, be it the bank, the train station, or airport. Best part, Gacha titles are offline, so just require one-time downloads.

#52: Play while you eat

Gacha needs just a few finger motions and often does not even require you to concentrate on the happenings on the screen. So, especially after you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of your favorite title, you’ll find yourself playing during lunch breaks in no time!

#51: There is a Gacha to entertain you on a long train journey

Gacha games are a great way to spend time on long train journeys, especially if the terrain outside does not interest you (which, personally, has always happened to me).

#50: It’s a new trend

That is all the rage, and one that is truly fresh and fun.

#49: Perfect for people who want to get everything out of their penny

You get a lot of in-game content for a few microtransactions, and the surprise factor and the sheer number of times you will be nudged toward pulling or rolling will eventually definitely be worth the money. 

#48: Exclusive rewards

This is one of the ways in which the gamer is made to feel special and lucky. There are in-game freebies and exclusive rewards in Gacha games depending on the title you are on and the pity mechanic it uses.

#47: In-game rewards

Rewards are not just in the form of exclusive rewards and freebies, but also in the form of in-game rewards and free pulls/rolls, depending on the title you play.

#46: Rewards for big spenders

Gacha games give ample rewards to big spenders. This comes with not just in-game merch but also level ups and many in-game improvements. So, depending on the game title you indulge in, and your investment, you will be rewarded highly!

#45: Big spenders make it easier for low spenders

Low spenders’ gaming is often at the end of the day sponsored by the big spending gamers. This is because the developers’ costs for the game are often covered by them in the larger scheme of things.

gacha game image 5

#44: There are RPG Gacha Games too

So, if you’re into role-playing games, there is probably a Gacha title for you. This includes the great Bleach Gacha game as well, based in the famed anime’s universe.

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#43: Gacha games will challenge you

This is after all a new genre for you gamers out there to try out and challenge yourself with, especially if you haven’t tried it out yet.

#42: Gacha games have very few barriers to entry

Gacha games are easily available and can be mastered in a day, and offer little to no restrictions to entry for new gamers.

#41: Gacha Games communities are very welcoming

And quite widely spread about, with presence on Quora, Reddit, and other online chat forums and social media. Plus the fanbase of the popular titles like Bleach, Genshin Impact, and DBZ are insane and huge communities on their own! 

#40: Gacha Games offer different gameplay modes

This can be varied based on genre or even the way the game is played. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re an action head or more or a plot person, and similarly if you like rolling, pulling, or anime crossovers: there is a Gacha out there for you.

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gacha game image 6

#39: Gacha Games are a great pastime

Gacha games will engage you very quickly, and since they don’t really require much concentration or brainwork, they help pass time very quickly, as you can really get lost in the graphics and toy-like mechanics.

#38: There are at least five different types of Gacha Games

Gacha is not a uniform, single genre: instead, there are at least 5 different genres/gameplay types of Gacha: Kompu, Sugoroku, Package, Step-up, and Scratch. So, you have five times the number of games to discover, challenge yourself with, and enjoy.

#37: Monetization for developers

For game developers, Gacha is a great monetizing model as the driving force comprises gamers’ microtransactions, which more than makes up for the F2P model of gaming that Gacha Games adhere to.

#36: Gacha Games often have sales for the games

The few Gacha titles that do come at a cost often offer sales and discounts for gamers, making them even more affordable. 

#35: Gacha Games often offer in-game discounts and sales

To get users to spend more, Gacha games often offer sales and discount offers on in-game merchandise and currency as well. 

#34: Gacha Games can get awfully competitive

Gacha games will give you opportunities to get ahead of other players, and they can get awfully competitive; so if you’re an already competitive gamer who hasn’t tried this format, give it a shot!

#33: Gacha Games are great for spenders

Because the spending is guaranteed to take you further ahead in the game than others, through rarer in-game merch and better character teams as well.

#32: Gacha Games are very immersive

Gacha games are truly immersive and will take you deep into the world they are set in; the in-game attires, weapons, and choice of character really help in this regard as they get the gamer more and more invested in this make-believe in-game world. 

#31: There is scope for strategy too, if you have the right Gacha Game

Not to take away from the fact that Gacha Games are known to be simplistic, there is scope for strategic gaming too. After all, Gacha Games offer players the agency to choose from myriads of options when it comes to characters, weapons, clothes, ways to go, etc.

#30: Gacha games are awesome for testing out your luck

If you don’t feel so lucky in life, this format is the perfect way to give you that sense of achievement, of course with a bit of investment. So, if you want to test your luck out, Gacha titles might be the answer.

#29: Gacha Games have the chat option

The chat option is what makes RPG titles so awesome, because of the live interactions you can have. Well, Gacha titles have that too, at least some of them.

#28: Gacha popularity is ever-increasing

In today’s fast-paced world where everyone has a hectic schedule, Gacha Games offer a short escape from reality. No wonder then that their popularity is increasing all over the globe.

#27: Global appeal

Gacha games have a global appeal and are developed and played all over the world. Right now, some of the most popular mobile games are Gacha titles and this is with regard to global markets, so definitely something to take note of.

#26: Responsible for 65.7% of revenue of Apple App Store

The App store is where most game downloads happen all over the world. And Gacha games are largely responsible for this rise in App Store revenue, breaking all sorts of records. And, a sizable portion of it comes from China.

#25: Responsible for about 34% of Android Play Store Revenue

Play Store also derives ~34% of its revenue from games, largely coming from Gacha Games and titles. 

#24: Gacha titles have special events

Gacha Games have special events for gamers with better quests and discounts. During these events, one can find more fellow gamers on the chat option and also better in-game offers.

#23: Gacha games are easy to understand

For both developers and gamers alike, Gacha games are easy to understand for both playing and creating, and offer lots of returns in terms of in-game merch and monetized gameplay models.

#22: Gacha Game popularity is rising in the US

Although starting off as a SE Asian phenomenon, as mobile games, Gacha games are slowly rising in the US in popularity and appeal, given their easy-to-understand gameplay and enticing visuals.

#21: A bit of real money can go a long way in Gacha Games

A little bit of investment in the in-game currency can go a long way in Gacha titles, because you end up with almost guaranteed rewards in the game after you get a hang of it. Besides there are redeemable points that you can accumulate and use to make further purchases in the game.

#20: There are many pre-existing titles to choose from

The list of Gacha Games to choose from is huge and range from RPG, Tactical, Battle fantasy, to even musicals in genre terms.

#19: Crossover games from other console universes

Popular Nintendo tiles like Animal Crossing for example also have popular Gacha versions which include new strategies to play while offering beloved fantasy worlds and adored characters.

#18: Subscription based models also exist for many Gacha titles

Popular games especially from the Mario universe are slowly shifting to the Gacha format as well, including subscriptions for premium features just like any other video game.

#17: There are Pokemon Gacha games as well

If you are a Pokemon lover and have enjoyed Nintendo Pokemon titles, Pokemon Masters EX brings it to the Gacha format for you!

#16: Gacha Games are expected to top US charts soon too

Gacha games are some of the most popular mobile games in the world, and it is only a matter of time when this phenomenon takes over the US mobile gaming market too.

#15: The most popular Gacha Game has surpasses PUBG and Honor of Kings

Genshin Impact has surpassed the likes of PUBG and Honor of Kings in revenue. Although not as ubiquitous in popularity yet, this has a considerable impact in the world of mobile gaming.

#14: There is also a One Piece Gacha Game title as well

Yes, you read that right. One Piece, the longest running manga series of all time, and also one of the longest running anime of all time has a Gacha adaptation as well. 

Ofcourse, there are other long running Gacha games too!

gacha game image 7

#13: Hand-to-hand combat

Or the beat em up genre of mobile gaming, which also has a distinct arcade feel, has come to Gacha and there are many titles including at least two One Piece adaptations to choose from in this genre.

#12: Identity V is Gacha Games’ foray into horror

Gacha Games also have at least one title that is a horror Battle Royale survival game. So there is something from everyone in the format, even for horror-heads!

#11: Lots of puzzle games

Puzzles are also a big part of childhood nostalgia and can be a great way to keep your brain occupied. I recommend Puzzle & Dragons, because it has puzzles and dragons, both always awesome. 

#10: Rhythm Gacha

This is one of the more unique genres and has titles such as BanG Dream, which was so popular that it later had an anime spinoff series made. It will keep you playing and grooving at the same time!

#9: There is a Naruto Gacha as well!

If you’re into Gacha at this point, but prefer Action RPGs, Naruto Shippuden is totally worth your money! After all, like One Piece, Naruto Shippuden is from a beloved anime franchise and is action-packed and awesome to spend time on.

#8: Gacha games have cute characters

Visual novel Gacha games have very cute characters designed to get the gamer invested in them and their plot lines, and of course to make in-game purchases. This includes cute dresses for them and accessories. So, if that’s your thing, there are a number of titles for you too!

#7: The fantasy worlds are designed to draw you in

Hence are extremely elaborate. This includes the sheer variety of stuff that you can purchase in the game to customize your character teams and fantasy worlds. And, of course, given the pity mechanics, you are bound to end up with rarer and more awesome swag if you keep at it.

#6: And you can do city-building as well

Especially in a much beloved franchise such as Cookie Run at that! The possibilities are endless!

#5. Gacha Games often endorse and sponsor YouTube content

Titles such as Raid: Shadow Legends are known to be willing sponsors of a variety of YouTube channels, which is always great for newbie content creators looking to expand their investor portfolio. 

#4: You just need a smartphone

Brand/price range doesn’t matter: most Gacha games run on any iPhone or Android smartphone, require a single download and can be played for a long time.

#3: Gacha Games have amazing characters

Not just in variety, but also with regard to format appropriateness, Gacha Games have awesome interactive characters that will keep you and your friends engaged.

#2: Gacha Games have awesome graphics and visuals

Especially with some of the more popular gaming titles, the graphics are quite formidable considering this is a mobile-predominant format of gaming.

#1: Genshin Impact

Saving the best for last, this title is just plain amazing to play. It debuted with $250m revenue and has already crossed the $3bn mark.

Thanks to Sensor Tower data which reveals that it averages $1 billion every six months!

genshin impact crosses $3 billion
Image credit Sensor Tower

It has surpassed the likes of classics such as Counter-Strike, Honor of Kings, and PUBG in revenue, and is currently the #1 mobile game out there. It is action-packed, ambient, and will keep you hooked for days! And, of course, it will continue to be updated in the coming years, so the sky’s the limit really!

In closing

That’s quite a list.

To summarize, here are the most important reasons why Gacha Games are becoming the new trend.

  • Free-to-game format
  • Concept of rewarding microtransactions
  • No learning curve
  • Anyone can become a gamer
  • Almost all types of anime games available in Gacha

Now I’d like to hear back from you.

Which reason from the list did you like the most? Are there any other reason you want to mention?

Either way comment below and let me know now.

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