Ranking The Top 5 Most Popular Idle Games On Kongregate

Idle games are a type of Game where the player's main objective is to build up their resources or progress even while they are away from the Game itself.

Kongregate, an online gaming platform, hosts some of the most popular and widely-played idle games.
This blog post will look at five of the most popular idle games on Kongregate and rank them based on user reviews and ratings.

We will discuss their features, selling points, current user reviews, tips, and tricks on each Game, and much more.


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Here are the top 5 Idle games on Kongregate based on popularity level:

GamePopularity Level (1-100)
Idle Miner Tycoon77
AdVenture Capitalist63
Clicker Heroes58
Hands of War67
Egg Inc.65

High popularity only sometimes equates to the best user feedback. While overall popularity is one metric to judge a game’s success, it is not the only one. User reviews are just as critical, if not more so.

To get an accurate look at how players feel about Idle games, we conducted a private survey and ranked the top 5 Idle games on Kongregate based on their popularity level.

But this doesn’t necessarily reflect how users score these games – for example, Hands of War may be popular.

Still, user reviews may rank Egg Inc. higher due to its better UX, usability, speed, and storyline. So here are the top-rated Idle games based on user reviews:

top rated idle games based on user reviews
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Features and Selling Points

Let us now breakdown and review the games’ features and selling points:

  • Idle Miner Tycoon: This Game puts you in the shoes of a miner as you attempt to build an empire by mining for resources, hiring helpers, and growing your business. Its incremental nature allows players to become powerful industrial magnates over time. It offers 3D visuals, various fun upgrades and rewards, and an offline mode.
  • AdVenture Capitalist: AdVenture Capitalist offers players the opportunity to be capitalist tycoons who start with a humble lemonade stand. As you make profits, you can reinvest to earn even more money. If you decide to reset your progress, there is an Angel Bonus reward waiting, which boosts all products’ revenue and gives you a head start with your following timeline. Since the Game was released, new areas of business have been added, such as property on the Moon and Mars – giving you an even more significant challenge with higher rewards!
  • Hands of War: Hands of War is an epic online RPG adventure with a unique tower defense game. Players embark on quests, forging alliances with different factions to find the broken pieces of the Hearts. On their journey, players must battle enemies, choose allies wisely and earn favor with one section to find a special knife. No friends come without enemies, and no victory without risk – this Game puts you at the center of an action-packed live-action RPG experience!
  • Clicker Heroes: Players must click away to defeat waves of monsters while earning gold that can be used to purchase upgrades for their heroes. The Game features hundreds of levels, making it easy to come back day after day. Additionally, there’s a wide selection of characters ranging from mythical creatures such as dragons to real-world beasts like the Sphinx.
  • Egg Inc.: A simulation-style game focusing on farming eggs from chickens in diverse biomes in outer space using evolving technology tools like drones or robots. It has several unique elements like particular egg types or six difficulty levels that allow for continuous progression and collectible bonuses throughout the map for those looking for a more significant challenge than just hatching eggs and reaping profits.

Comparison Of The Five Games Across Different Genres And Types-

Idle Miner TycoonIncremental/IdleBusiness Simulation
AdVenture CapitalistIncremental/IdleClicking
Hands Of WarCard GameStrategy
Clicker HeroesCrawling/ArcadeClicking
Egg Inc.Farming/SimulationFarming & Building   

#1. Idle Miner Tycoon

Let’s take a look at the reviews.

Summary of User Reviews and Ratings 

Game NameChannelUser Reviews/Ratings
Idle Miner TycoonGoogle PlayPositive reviews with 4.6/5 rating
Idle Miner TycoonApp Store-ApplePositive reviews with a 4.7/5 rating
Idle Miner Tycoonuptodown.comPositive reviews with a 4.9/5 rating
Idle Miner TycoonCrazyGamesPositive reviews with 4.4/5 rating
Idle Miner TycoonSteamMostly positive reviews with 3.2/ 5 rating
Idle Miner TycoonMEmu  Mostly positive reviews with 3.6 / 5 rating

Playing Idle Miner Tycoon is highly recommended for an exciting and addictive gaming experience. Players have enjoyed the graphics, challenging gameplay, and complex game levels, leading to positive reviews across multiple channels, including Google Play, App Store-Apple, uptodown.com, and CrazyGames.

The worst reviews primarily mention waiting for resources to replenish or some issues related to bugs in the Game. However, overall, the user reviews suggest that Idle Miner Tycoon is a great game to play!

Idle Miner Tycoon – Tip

For Idle Miner Tycoon, one of the best tips is to hire a supervisor for each mine shaft, elevator, and transporter. Supervisors have unique abilities, and it’s essential to utilize them wisely – they can boost work speeds and movement speeds or reduce upgrade costs.

To maximize your savings on upgrades, assign a manager with the skill that reduces upgrade cost, activate it, then confirm the promotion. This tip could save you up to 80% of your idle cash!

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to open up new mine shafts as soon as you can afford it, and be sure to use the x2 boost button when available – this will double any active or idle gold/cash earned.

Lastly, remember that returning after an idle period will give you a 2x bonus on all your offline incomes!

Next on the list is AdVenture Capitalist.

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#2. AdVenture Capitalist

Game Name Channel ReviewsRatings on Channels
AdVenture CapitalistGoogle Play: “This game is great if you need something to play without a lot of thought”  4.5/5 rating
AdVenture CapitalistApp Store-Apple: “A fun and addicting idle game that requires little effort from the player.” 4.7/5 rating 
AdVenture Capitalistuptodown.com: “It’s quite slow, but addictive and entertaining all the same.”4.7/5 rating
AdVenture CapitalistCrazyGames: “The economy system is interesting and makes for an engaging experience.” 3.9/5 rating
AdVenture CapitalistSteam: “The visuals are nice and the gameplay is simple but satisfying.” 9 / 10 rating  
AdVenture CapitalistMEmu: “Not a fan of clicker games, but this one has pretty neat mechanics”3.8/5 rating

AdVenture Capitalist has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from various platforms, including Google Play, App Store-Apple, uptodown.com, CrazyGames, Steam, and MEmu.

Players have praised its exciting storylines, varied objectives, and smooth controls. Ratings on all channels ranged from 3.8/5 to 4.4/5 – making it perfect for those looking for an engaging strategy game without requiring too much effort!

AdVenture Capitalist Tip

To make the most of AdVenture Capitalist, keep an eye out for upgrades, especially those listed in the Unlocks section.

Each firm requires a certain number of upgrades to increase its speed or earnings significantly, and you may even unlock new criteria as you go. Remember that you have plenty of upgrading to do – The Lemonade Stand can be leveled up to 6,000!

Third on the list is Hands Of War.

#3. Hands Of War

Hands Of War is a thrilling action-adventure RPG with an immersive world, stunning graphics, and engaging characters.

Players have praised its controls, soundtracks, and exciting quests, with ratings of 4.5/5 on Google Play, 4.2/5 on App Store-Apple, 3.7/5 on uptodown.com, 3.9/5 on CrazyGames, 4.3/5 on Steam and 4.1/5 rating on MEmu – making the Game a must-play for anyone looking for an exciting gaming experience.

Game Name Channel ReviewsRatings on Channels
Hands Of WarGoogle Play: “A great combination of action and adventure, with an exciting storyline!” 4.5/5 rating
Hands Of WarApp Store-Apple: “The game really immerses you in its unique world, and the graphics are amazing.” 4.2/5 rating 
Hands Of Waruptodown.com: “The controls are simple to learn yet there is a good depth to the gameplay here.” 3.7/5 rating 
Hands Of WarCrazyGames: “It’s a solid action-adventure RPG with many fun quests and engaging characters.” 3.9/5 rating 
Hands Of WarSteam: “It has some great graphics and the combat system is really well done. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an RPG experience.” 4.3/5 rating
Hands Of WarMEmu: “The visuals look great and there are plenty of interesting side quests to keep you busy.”4.1/5 rating

Tip to Bring down the final Boss in the Hands of War

To take down the final Boss in the Hands of War, start using Shield Bash followed by a stab. When Shield Bash stops working, keep stabbing and press “E” to heal yourself (you may need up to fifteen healing potions). Let us know if this worked for you!

#4. Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes has been widely praised, with gamers loving the addictive and challenging game mechanics and its graphics and art style. Players have commended the controls, soundtracks, and rewards system of Clicker Heroes, giving it a rating of 4.7/5 on Google Play and 4.6/5 on App Store-Apple.

With uptodown.com at 4/5, CrazyGames at 4.2/5, Steam at 4/5, and MEmu rating of 4/5, Clicker Heroes is an enjoyable game for everyone that wants to challenge themselves in an exciting gaming experience.

Game Name Channel ReviewsRatings on Channels
Clicker HeroesGoogle Play: “It’s a great game with easy-to-learn mechanics, lots of grinding, and achievements.” 4.7/5 rating
Clicker HeroesApp Store-Apple: “The game has plenty of content and the controls make it a lot of fun to play.” 4.6/5 rating 
Clicker Heroesuptodown.com: “It’s a challenging but rewarding game. The graphics are quite good too.” 
4/5 rating 
Clicker HeroesCrazyGames: “Fun and addictive Game. The soundtrack is really nice as well.” 4.2/5 rating
Clicker HeroesSteam: “A great time sink – it’s been a while since I’ve played something that keeps me hooked for so long.” 4/5 rating  
Clicker HeroesMEmu: “Really nice presentation, visuals, and art style. I’m looking forward to playing more levels!”4/5 rating

Clicker Heroes Tip

If you’re not in the mood to manually click through Clicker Heroes, you can use Gary’s Hood Automatic Clicker. This free program is designed specifically for Clicker Heroes and allows you to set up a customized speed and position of clicks.

All you need to do is download and activate the software – this will help you progress quickly in the Game!

So this is what you have been waiting for.

(the best-reviewed game)

#5. Egg Inc.

Egg Inc. is an addictive and engaging mobile game that provides players with a unique and immersive gaming experience.

With stunning graphics, exciting storylines, varied objectives, smooth controls, and excellent sound effects, Egg Inc. has garnered rave reviews from a variety of platforms, including Google Play, App Store-Apple, uptodown.com, CrazyGames, Steam, and MEmu with ratings ranging from 4.2/5 to 4.6/5 – making it an absolute must play for strategy-lovers everywhere!

Game Name Channel ReviewsRatings on Channels
Egg Inc.Google Play: “A great game with lots of strategy and fun! Highly recommended” 
4.6/5 rating
Egg Inc.App Store-Apple: “The graphics are great and the egg collecting is really satisfying.” 4.4/5 rating 
Egg Inc.uptodown.com: “It has an interesting storyline, satisfying levels, and plenty of challenges.” 4.3/5 rating 
Egg Inc.CrazyGames: “The objectives are varied and the gameplay is highly addictive. A must-play!” 4.2/5 rating
Egg Inc.Steam: “The controls are very smooth and the animations are excellent.” 4.6/5 rating
Egg Inc.MEmu: “The sound effects add to the enjoyment, making it a truly enjoyable experience.”4.4/5 rating

If you are looking for the best farming game and to read about its slow-paced style, then check out Hay Day.

3 Egg Inc Tips to Help you grow your egg farm

Check out these tips to help you grow your egg farm!

  • Take advantage of the basics: Understand the whereabouts of the different features and click the red button with a chicken image to generate eggs. Upgrade your hen houses and delivery trucks as you progress to accommodate more eggs efficiently.
  • The perfect time to prestige: Reset your farm from scratch or back to a basic one to multiply your earnings while keeping your piggy bank earnings, epic research, soul eggs, and golden eggs.
  • Use Egg Inc Cheat Engine: Get an Egg Inc Cheat Engine for this Game with the Panda Auto Clicker for maximum income in the Game.

Is the Idle Game good or bad?

According to this study, AdVenture Capitalist is an ideal game as it has been highly praised for its interesting storylines, varied objectives, smooth controls, and high ratings across all channels.

  • AdVenture Capitalist has captivating storylines that players find entertaining and keeps them engaged.
  • Objectives are varied, with plenty of opportunities to pick up rewards and build a virtual business empire.
  • The controls are smooth and intuitive, allowing for a streamlined gaming experience.
  • Hidden elements provide an exciting challenge that encourages exploration and problem-solving skills.

Quick Summary

Idle Miner Tycoon has been praised for its graphics, challenging gameplay, and complex levels, leading to positive reviews across multiple channels with ratings ranging from 3.2/5 to 4.9/5.

AdVenture Capitalist offers players the opportunity to become a capitalist tycoon and is highly rated (3.8-4.7) due to its exciting storylines, varied objectives, and smooth controls.

Clicker Heroes has also received overwhelmingly positive feedback (4-4.7) due to its addictive game mechanics as well as graphics and art style.

Hands Of War is an action-packed RPG adventure that has earned rave reviews (3.7 – 4.5), thanks partly to its immersive world, stunning visuals, and engaging characters.

Egg Inc., with ratings ranging from 4 – 4 .6, provides players with a unique gaming experience through stunning graphics, exciting storylines, varied objectives, smooth controls, and excellent sound effects.

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FAQ: Idle Games

What are the top 5 most popular idle games on Kongregate?

The top 5 most popular idle games on Kongregate are:
1. Adventure Capitalist
2. Clicker Heroes
3. AdVenture Communist
4. Crusaders of the Lost Idols
5. Cookie Clicker

What is an idle game?

Idle games, also known as incremental games, are a great way to enjoy gaming without keeping a constant eye on your progress. With simple actions like clicks and tasks, you can earn rewards that help you advance further in the Game. This type of gameplay requires no monitoring from the player; it’s easy and enjoyable to play and progresses even without any interaction from the user.

What are the benefits of playing idle games?

Idle games, also known as incremental games, offer several benefits, such as stress-free, enjoyable play and minimal input from the player. They can run even when a player is sleeping or doing other tasks and do not require constant attention to earn rewards or progress. This makes them perfect for players with little free time or wanting a break from action-based gaming.

How do I get started with playing idle games?

Getting started with playing idle games is easy and accessible. Most idle games are free to download on popular apps like Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You can also find many browser-based idle games online, which are free to play. Once you’ve found the Game, you want to play, download or open it in your browser and start exploring! Read through the instructional tutorial if provided and acquaint yourself with gameplay mechanics. Many idle games also offer helpful tips and tricks to get you started.

Now It’s Your Turn

So, there you have it. The five best idle games of 2020 – all of which are sure to provide you with hours of fun, excitement, and challenges. So what are you waiting for?

Pick one and get started today! And be sure to let us know how you fared in the comments below.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know which idle games you love to play!

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