Grand Order Fate: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Free Play in 2023

Playing Grand Order Fate on the mobile platform has become incredibly popular the past few years. With its mix of strategic gameplay and team building, players find it endlessly entertaining. But what if you don’t want to invest money into the game?

Is there any way to still make the most out of your free play experience?

Absolutely! In this guide, we will talk about how players can maximize their results without spending anything by exploiting potentials that were not explored before.


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We’ll look at how you can use different strategies, challenge yourself with hidden quests, upgrade your skills without paying and get ahead of others no matter what level they are playing at. There are also tips and tricks for maximum efficiency in Fate Grand Order (FGO) so that all players can enjoy playing with friends who paid for their upgrades and beat them in tough challenges without putting any money down. Finally, we will discuss whether it is worth investing time and money into FGO as a free player or not. Ready to get started? Let’s dive right in!

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Fate Grand Order, commonly abbreviated as FGO, is a popular Japanese mobile RPG released in 2015. Developed by Type-Moon and supervised by Kinoko Nasu, who also penned the original Fate/stay night visual novel, Fate Grand Order is set in a world based on the Nasuverse franchise. The game features millions of words of original story and is a gacha game.

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Players take on the role of Masters and command Servants in battle against enemies. As Masters progress through the game, they will be able to level up and customize their Servants to match their play style. FGO also offers players a chance to experience an exciting story filled with intense battles, mystery and adventure as they explore the lore of this fascinating universe.

5 Strategies to Maximize Your Free Play Experience in Grand Order Fate

5 strategies to maximize free play in grand order fate
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1. Leverage Event Quests for Bonus Rewards: Use the limited-time events to access exclusive quests that offer unique rewards, like FGO Tickets and High-Level Craft Essences.

2. Upgrade Your Servants’ Skills: The Master can use their skill points to upgrade the different skills each servant has, enabling them to become more efficient in battle.

3. Focus on Strengthening Key Characters: Establish a core team of characters to ensure they’re always at full strength when battles get tough.

4. Set Aside Time for Crafting: Take advantage of downtime and craft powerful items like Craft Essences and Command Spells, which can significantly improve your Servant’s performance in battle.

5. Utilize Story Content for Greater Rewards: Dive into Fate Grand Order’s expansive story content and challenge yourself with harder difficulties to reap greater rewards – including rare 5 Star Servants!

How to challenge yourself with hidden quests

Unlocking hidden quests in Fate Grand Order can be a great way to challenge yourself and reap greater rewards. Hidden quests can only be found by progressing through the story content of the game, so it’s important that you take your time to complete all available story missions before searching for these secret events. Once you’ve located a hidden quest, you’ll need to defeat all its enemies in order to gain access to very rare Servants and other rewards. However, since these quests are significantly more difficult than regular missions, make sure that your team is prepared before attempting them!

Hidden quests in Fate Grand Order are some of the toughest challenges the game has to offer, and rewards for completing them are well worth the effort. They often require the player to have very strong Servants, Craft Essences, and Command Spells in order to stand a chance against their powerful enemies.

Crafting these items can take time, but it is essential for any aspiring Master looking to challenge themselves with hidden quests. Furthermore, because these missions tend to be significantly more difficult than regular story content, you’ll need to make sure that your team is strategically prepared before attempting them – try experimenting with different setups and strategies until you find something that works. Good luck!

Upgrade your skills without paying

If you’re looking to get ahead of the competition without spending any money, here are some steps that you can take to upgrade your skills:

1. Focus on improving your in-game strategies. Try reading guides and watching videos on effective tactics and strategies that can help you become more competitive in Fate Grand Order.

2. Upgrade your Servants through Limit Break and Ascension. Raising their levels and stats will give you an edge against tougher enemies in difficult content.

3. Spend any extra Mana Prisms or activity points in the “Shop” section of the game, as these rewards allow you to purchase powerful craft essences and Servant upgrades for free!

4. Participate in daily events for additional bonuses, such as bonus EXP and Skill Stones which can be used to enhance your Servants’ abilities even further.

Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself quickly rising above the competition without having to spend a penny!

7 tips and tricks for maximum efficiency in Fate Grand Order (FGO)

Optimizing your time and resources in Fate Grand Order can be difficult, but with these seven tips and tricks, you’ll be able to maximize your efficiency and get the most out of your gaming experience.

1. Utilize command spells and Craft Essences to turn even the toughest of fights into a breeze.

2. Make sure you’ve got the right team combination for each fight; do your research beforehand to ensure that all roles are being fulfilled so you don’t get wiped out!

3. Take advantage of free events such as Login Bonuses or Daily Missions to maximize your rewards.

4. Be judicious about when and how often you use gems – saving up your currency for high-value items pays off in the long run!

5. If a particular fight is proving too difficult, take a break from it – come back with fresh eyes and a fresh strategy that can help you progress further in the game.

6. Level up Servants through Limit Breaks or Ascension stages – these options can improve their stats significantly without using any extra material items.

7. Make sure to keep an eye on the Recent News page for details about upcoming events or updates – this will help you stay one step ahead of everyone else!

Is it worth investing time and money into FGO as a free player?

Whether or not it is worth investing the time and money into Fate Grand Order as a free player depends on the individual. For some, the opportunity to play with no monetary investment might be appealing, allowing them to try out different strategies without worrying about the financial repercussions. However, for those who are more competitive and seriously looking to progress and win battles quickly, investing some money may be necessary for upgrades and powerful Craft Essences that will give you an advantage in battle. Ultimately, it comes down to what type of player you are, but either way there’s plenty of content available to both free players and spenders alike in Fate Grand Order!

According to recent surveys, over 6.2 million people in the US are playing Fate Grand Order on a regular basis. Of those players, approximately 44% are free users, whereas the remaining 56% have invested money in upgrades. This shows that Fate Grand Order is a popular game not only among those who invest real-world money into it but also among those content with playing for free.

Fate Grand Order is one of the most successful mobile games in the world, generating an estimated revenue of over $2.5 billion worldwide. This game has grown exponentially since its release in 2015 and continues to draw in new players who are eager to explore and join the world of Fate Grand Order.

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The player base has grown to a staggering 80 million as of 2020 and it seems there’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon! Businesses continue to benefit from this highly popular game, making it one of the most successful and profitable gaming companies on the market.

What is the order of the anime Fate grand order?

The order of the anime series based on the popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order is as follows:
1.Fate/Grand Order: First Order
2.Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Battlefront Babylonia
3.Fate/Grand Order – Camelot
4.Fate/Grand Order – Wandering; Agateram
5.Fate/Grand Order The Movie Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot – Wandering; Agateram
6.Fate/Grand Order The Movie Divine Realm of the Round Table: Paladin; Agateram

Is fate Grand Order connected to fate?

Yes, Fate/Grand Order is a spinoff of the popular Type-Moon franchise Fate. Developed by DelightWorks and published by Aniplex, Fate/Grand Order is a role-playing game released for iOS and Android in July 2015.
It follows the story of Masters and their Servants, who are summoned from across human history to fight an unknown force known as “The Humanity Declaration”. It also features characters from other entries in the Fate franchise, such as Saber from Fate/Stay Night and Caster from Fate/Extra.

Can a 12 year old watch Fate Grand Order?

While Fate/Grand Order is suitable for players from all ages, parental discretion is advised due to some of the more violent and mature content. The game contains images and themes not appropriate for younger viewers and any player under the age of 12 should be supervised while playing. Additionally, there is a “Night Mode” setting that can be activated to change certain offensive words or images in the game, making it more suitable for younger players.

Is grand order fate a gacha?

Yes, Fate/Grand Order is a gacha game. In gacha games, players summon new characters or equipment with the use of in-game currency or real money. Gacha can also refer to a type of video game where the aim is to collect as many characters or items as possible by participating in events and obtaining rewards from random draws. In Fate/Grand Order, players summon powerful Servants and obtain new weapons to help them fight their way through the story mode battles.


All in all, Fate Grand Order is a great game that appeals to both free players and those willing to invest money into it. Whether you decide to invest time and money or simply play for free, the goal remains the same: have fun and enjoy conquering the enemies of FGO!

If you’ve been considering whether or not to take your gaming experience up a notch by investing in upgrades, why not give Fate Grand Order a try today and see what amazing adventures await?

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