Supercell’s Best Farming Game: Hay Day… and its Slowdown

In this blog post, we take a look at the most common reasons why one of the most popular mobile games, Hay Day runs slow for reasons like overloading devices to high-risk tasks. and provide a range of tips and techniques to help reduce wait times and lag during gameplay.

In this article we're going to unpack:

  • what a farming game is
  • the causes of the slowdown
  • how to get the best speed out of the game.

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The Premise of Hay Day

A highly anticipated premium game, with its global launch the news of much excitement.

The player fulfills an assortment of tasks, running their very own trading game. Players have a farm to run. They bread animals, create cute outfits, fill delivery truck orders, fulfill town visitors orders and so much more.

Your gameplay is literally that of a trading game and farming experience all wrapped up in one. You can even attend weekly derby events. The world is super immersive full of quirky animals and set up your very own roadside shop.

Because the player’s uncle is no longer able to care for his farm, he delegates responsibility to the player. The game begins with a scarecrow teaching the player how to farm. The user earns money by selling crops, the player is to harvest seeds, harvest crops, trade crops… etc. which may be used to purchase production structures, produce eggs, and décor items.

They also win rewards and gain experience points (XP), which they use to level up. This can be achieved when you replant seeds and even a build fishing lake.  As they continue, the player meets Angus, a friend of the player’s uncle who delivers a fishing lesson.

An NPC named Greg, either appear at the player’s farm asking for supplies or places stuff in his “roadside shop” for players to purchase. It’s a full-blown business game placed within family farm places. The business aspect is ever at play as the more you expand the more opportunity you have to plant crops, bake delicious cakes, raise animals, and produce sugar mill crops, it gives the player his own slice of a family farm experience.

This farming simulator download adds a layer of interaction and social aspects to the game. Players join local “neighborhoods” where members may help one other out when they need it (for example, by requesting items) and speak with one another. Players can also exchange their items with their buddies or neighbors in game. You can soon have your own slice of a dream farm.

Supercell game developers excel at this farming genre, alongside the likes of Brawl Stars, and Boom Beach. Its success lies in that it creates engaging free-to-play games that reel you in and most non-paying players take forever to level up and are constantly enticed to expedite their progress.

Why Is it Slowing Down, and What Does it Mean?

Hay Day features are plenty.

A slowdown is inevitable as it has a lot of high-risk tasks and the game designer has packed features. The slowdown is defined as the slowing down of the game’s performance, which can be caused by a range of factors such as high-risk tasks, overloading devices, incompatibility issues, and poor optimization. This leads to frame rate drops, lag, and low FPS causing your game to hang.

hay day image 1

Top Five Things That Lead to Slow-downs

Slowdowns in gameplay can be caused by a ton of things but narrowing down which ones, can be quite difficult. Here are some of our picks, see which best fits your situation.

1. High-risk tasks: Playing Hay Day on a low-end device, that doesn’t run the latest version of software may cause the game to run slowly. The game designer, while pretty amazing has worked into its world a substantial amount of processing time.

2. Overloading devices: Pushing a device beyond its performance capabilities by running too many applications simultaneously can overload processors and result in poor performance in-game. It’s best to close all apps running in the background so you get the most out of every game (Tramadol).

3. Incompatibility issues: Ensuring that both the game and device are up to date with the latest software versions can reduce bugs that may be causing the slowdown itself.

4. Poor optimization: Older versions of the game can also cause lag and slowdown in Hay Day, as these often lack the optimization necessary to run smoothly at higher frame rates. Events play out way slower and the number of players played falls.

5. Lack of storage space: Now this, is a huge issue—sound crazy as I might, low storage space on mobile devices or PCs is the most common cause of poor memory usage causing slowdown during gameplay.

Let’s take a closer look at these problems.

#1. 7 High-risk tasks that cause slowdown on Hay Day

Here is a list of high-risk tasks that can cause slowdowns on Hay Day:

1. Playing in game graphics-intensive levels that rely heavily on spells may have a higher latency rate

2. Running multiple applications simultaneously

3. Using cheats or hacks—similar games have the same characteristic

4. Too many players logged into a match at once or a server is too crowded leading to an overloaded server

5. Playing round after round without restarts. Your device will need a break after one point

6. Performing long-term calculations or physics operations

7. Engaging in other activities which push the device hardware and software

Let’s try to understand each of these.

Why high-risk tasks can often slow down performance

It’s possible that your graphics settings are causing lagging when you launch Hay Day. If your settings are too high for your computer hardware, try lowering them and restarting the game. This should help to alleviate any lag you’re experiencing.

High-risk processes frequently stifle performance since they need intensive computational power and tax the device’s hardware and software resources. They may strain the gadget to its limitations, resulting in overheating or other issues that cause slowdowns.

High-risk jobs also consume a substantial amount of RAM or CPU time, causing the system to become clogged with too many processes operating at once.

Finally, high-risk actions are typically long-term activities that require more power than the device is meant to provide, leading in a decline in performance over time.

Here is an analogy I want to share…

#2. Slowdowns on Hay Day: The Risk of Overloading a Device

Jim was an enthusiastic Hay Day Team gamer. He’s got his very own country paradise, feed mill, production building and the whole nine yards!

He was continually experimenting with amazing farms, small-town farm, with his own roadside shop, mergers, and awesome in-game characters as well as other tactics he had devised. Every time he fulfilled one of his gaming goals, he felt a sense of success that kept him going back for more. But suddenly everything changed.

Jim saw that his device was performing significantly slower than normal and was perplexed as to why. He then discovered that his attempting to accomplish too many things at once and had overloaded his device’s limits. He resorted to disabling various background processes, but nothing appeared to help.

hay day image 2

When Jim finally understood what had occurred, he opted to make some adjustments. He decreased the number of tasks he performed simultaneously and only used the most critical ones at any one moment. He also increased his RAM and improved his cooling system by getting fans and a little liquid cooling to avoid overloading his hardware in the future.

In the end, Jim’s device began to perform more efficiently than ever before, and he was able to enjoy Hay Day without experiencing any slowdowns or crashes. Jim learned a vital lesson about the risks of overloading devices with too many tasks – something that any tech-savvy person should remember.

It’s better to be safe and steady, executing only the most crucial tasks than risk your computer dying or worse, your phone overheated and hanging like crazy!

Impact on memory and other resources

When a device is loaded with too many tasks at once, memory and other resources might become overburdened as well. This results in decreased performance as the device tries to process all of the demands that are made of it.

Furthermore, higher CPU time and RAM utilization might cause certain operations to take longer than usual when they are placed on wait by other jobs that require more attention. Optimal weather or temperature is also something to consider as in hot summers, your device tends to work harder to stay cool at optimum levels. 

hay day image 3

Finally, if the system has a bottleneck, such as insufficient cooling capacity or power supply, this might be worsened when dealing with high-risk jobs that need greater computational power.

#3. Poor optimization

Poor game optimization can lead to serious performance concerns, particularly in the case of Hay Day. Frame rate dips, latency, and low FPS can be caused by a variety of factors, including inefficient coding, excessive data transmission over a network connection, or simply not enough hardware resources for the game to perform effectively.

As a result of these slowdowns, players may have to wait longer than normal for their commands to take effect. Additionally, users may experience stuttering and/or dropped frames which can reduce the quality of the gaming experience significantly.

To combat this issue, developers should ensure that their games are optimized properly and that they are using only essential assets while running in production environments. By improving optimization techniques, developers can help ensure users have a smooth and enjoyable experience playing their game.

hay day image 4

Furthermore, players may encounter stuttering or lost frames, which can substantially degrade the quality of the gaming experience. To address this issue, game developers should ensure that their games are optimized and that only needed assets are used while operating. Game developers may assist guarantee that users have a seamless and pleasurable experience while playing their game by enhancing optimization strategies.

#4. System compatibility issues

hay day image 5

System compatibility is a key factor when running games such as Hay Day. Issues can arise if the game is run on incompatible hardware or software configurations, leading to performance issues such as lowered framerates, lag, and poor visuals. Additionally, users may experience all kinds of issues due to incompatibility including unstable gameplay, freezes, and crashes.

To prevent this from happening the game designer must make sure their games are properly tested to ensure they’ll be able to run on various systems without any major problems. By paying close attention to system compatibility, developers can help ensure that their players have an enjoyable gaming experience with minimal technical issues.

#5. Advanced techniques for unpacking maximum speed out of Hay Day gameplay

There are various clever ways you may take to minimize delays and wait times to get the most out of your Hay Day gaming experiences.  Make sure to tweak your game settings to ensure you’re enjoying the best performance possible. You may also uninstall any unwanted applications or programs that are using processing power and memory.

hay day image 6

Also, it is essential to fix any damaged or corrupted files on a regular basis, since these can quickly create performance difficulties when gaming.  Players may substantially lessen delays and wait times and get more fun out of their Hay Day gaming experience by taking the time to change settings, uninstall unneeded programs, and restore any damaged files.

I think we’ve sufficiently discussed everything, so I leave you with my final thoughts…

So we’ve discussed a lot about this game.

You can create amazing farms and production buildings, to scale farm production buildings, and build a train station the likes of which can be described as the American dream farm.

This is definitely a game as enduring as Facebook games like candy crush and is loved and played by many. You can level up by completing trades and its a game which requires an intellectual progressive perspective.

Now its Your Turn

We love hearing from you so sound off in the comments below about what you like about it, or dislike about it.

Do you enjoy the push notifications, lending itself to the recall factor?

The new feature that is added with every update? Game items you can make? Lets us know!

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