How to Fix Hulu Error 94: 7 NEW Methods

If you are a Hulu streaming service subscriber and facing Error 94 frequently on your device, then you have landed on the right page. Our detailed guide on Error 94 for Hulu will explain what error code 94 means when it appears on your screen and how to fix it.

For those confused about Error 94 with Hulu, let us tell you that this error code shows up when you tried to stream a video or start the app or website. The error code indicates an issue with the device's internet connection being used to stream videos from Hulu.

The code name for this Hulu loading error, "94," is usually a result of an internet connection interruption. We'll show you how to fix the Hulu error 94 on your Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, or computer with our step-by-step guide.


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So if you’re looking for something new to read, give this list a chance.

Common Symptoms of Hulu app “Load Issues”

  • Frozen on the Welcome page
  • “No way out” with a black or blank screen
  • A standard app load error like “Hulu was unable to start” or “We’re having trouble loading this right now.”

This indicates that you are faced with error 94.

hulu error 94

Let’s take a few minutes to understand…

What this Hulu Error 94 means before going over possible Resolutions

If you search what it means on google, you will find numerous results about the causes that trigger Hulu error 94.

They are :

  • Internet Connection: It is essential to use a stable internet connection with enough upstream and downstream speed to stream. If the link is not good, then it can make the application disconnect from its servers.
  • Corrupt Cache: A common cause of error 94 is a fault in the launch configuration cached by your streaming devices. The configuration settings might get corrupted for one or more devices, and they could show the error 94 on the screen. To fix this problem, clear the cache to take less time to load Hulu when you use it. When I did this, I had a better experience with Hulu than before clearing my cache. But sometimes, these configurations can get corrupted again and end up messing up the app.
  • Server Unavailable: A good practice is always to ensure that Hulu is up and running and there is no outage. This way, you will never experience error 94 on the app. Downdetector provides real-time status and outage information for services that are vital to everyday life. It is recommended that you check if the Hulu service is down using this service.
  • VPN: Due to the way a VPN works, your VPN might be interfering with Hulu or the ISP and result in error 94 – this problem can usually be solved by disabling your VPN.
  • Outdated Application: Hulu error code 94 can be an indicator of an outdated Hulu application. Streaming on the Hulu app may be hindered by an outdated version of the app. The servers are constantly updated to accommodate the latest enhancements. However, if the Hulu application has become obsolete and is not up-to-date with its current software, there will be issues in the streaming process, and you will see Hulu error 94 as a playback issue.

Now that we know the causes, let’s do the Fixes;

#1 Inspect Internet Connection

To fix Hulu error 94, the first thing you need to do is check your internet connection by going into the settings and accessing Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Ensure that it is appropriately connected with a good signal strength; If not, then try restarting the streaming device.

#2 Changing Locations

The next step in fixing Error code 94 on Hulu is by changing locations.

If possible, move to another area with no obstructions for wireless signals like walls or other devices.

This can cause interruption of streams without affecting any particular app. Change channels on TV if interference occurs when streaming from an antennae source such as cable box or satellite TV service provider like Dish Network.

You might also consider unplugging power sources before plugging them back in and checking the connection between the power source, antennae, or satellite TV service provider.

#3 Perform Hard Reset of Devices

As the next troubleshooting step, hard reset the devices involved in streaming videos to get rid of any corrupt cache with these steps:

  • Power down and unplug the device on which you are getting the Hulu Error 94.
  • Unplug and plug the router and modem.
  • Hold down the power button on your device and wait for 30 seconds.
  • After completing step three, plugin the device to a power source.
  • Turn it back on, relaunch the Hulu app or website, and check if videos are streaming successfully.

#4 Cancel Your Subscription & Reactivate it back

If you’re reading this, then it looks like there’s a good chance that your Hulu app didn’t load.

Don’t worry; we can help!

The first thing to do is deactivate the device and reactivate it so that all of the caches get cleared out and reloaded again – meaning no more error 94s (we hope).

Cancel your Hulu Subscription

1. Go to the Hulu Account page on a pc or mobile browser

2. Choose Cancel under “Your Subscription.”

3. Next, Hulu might give you an option to Pause – but we suggest selecting “Continue to Cancel” for this fix.

4. Complete the following few on-screen prompts as they appear. You Cancellation should be complete.

Reactivate your Hulu Subscription 

1. Hopefully, you have the Hulu app already launched.

2. Choose “Activate on a computer” from the login screen.

3. Copy the Activation Code

4. Go back to the Account page and check for “Watch Hulu on Your Devices.” 

5. Now enter this code, and within the next 20-30 seconds, you should be logged back in.

Restart your computer & streaming device and try to check if your Hulu error code 94 has been fixed or not.

High chance you will be able to enjoy your streaming videos on Hulu once again!

Tip: Before you perform this step, ensure that your Hulu subscription allows for reactivation back.

  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Comcast Xfinity
  • Disney
  • Roku
  • Spotify
  • Sprint
  • Verizon

#5 Completely Close the Hulu App

Hulu finds the best entertainment for you. But what happens when it’s not so entertaining?

Simply exiting out of Hulu may leave some features running in the background, and these idle processes can drain your battery life quickly.

To ensure that all components are turning off, we recommend closing the app and restarting it.

fully close Hulu app
How to close Hulu apps on different streaming apps

Here are the steps how to fully close the Hulu app on these streaming devices :

Android Phone and Tablet

To force stop the Hulu app, hop on to Settings > Apps > All apps > Hulu > select Force Stop.

Android TV

To force stop the Hulu app, go to Settings > Applications > Hulu > select Force Stop.

iPhone and iPad

Bring up the multi-task tray on your device and swipe up on Hulu’s preview to force stop it.

Nintendo Switch

To force stop, return to Home Menu> Select Hulu and press the X button > select Close.

PlayStation 4

To close the Hulu app, navigate to TV & Videos from the main dashboard and highlight Hulu. Press Options on your controller and select Close Application.

Xbox One

Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide, search for Hulu and highlight it before pressing the Menu button. Press Quit

Apple TV (4th generation or later)

Double-tap the home button and swipe upwards on your trackpad to close the app.

Fire Tablet

Go to More > Applications > Installed Applications, select Hulu, and press Force Stop by simply sliding down from the top of the screen.

Fire TV Stick

Tap on Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > click on Hulu and select Force stop.

#6 Ensure app Updates are Current

Check your device’s app store to see if there are any available updates. You can also check the settings menu for any system updates that may be necessary.

#7 Uninstall/Re-Install Hulu app

If your streaming device permits, it is recommended to uninstall and install the Hulu app anew wholly.

Frequently asked questions about Error 94 on Hulu

How do I fix Error 94 on Xbox One Hulu?

To fix Hulu error 94 on Xbox One, follow the following steps :
1. Check your Internet Connection
2. Change Locations where there are no obstructions for wireless signals
3. Perform power cycle of devices
4. Cancel your subscription and reactivate it back
5. Clear the cache

 From the Xbox home menu, 
1. Select My Games and Apps > select Apps 
2. Highlight the Hulu word
3. Click the Menu button on your controller (three parallel lines) to bring up More options 
4. Choose Manage App > Clear the Saved data.

How do I fix Hulu Error 94 on PS4?

To fix error 94 on PS4 on Hulu, follow the following steps :

1. Inspect your Internet Connection
2. Change locations as the wireless signal in its location might obstruct physical obstacles such as walls or other objects.
3. Perform a power cycle of devices
4. Cancel your subscription and reactivate it back
5. Clear your device’s cache

To clear the Hulu data, 

1. Open the Settings menu from the top of the dashboard
2. Select Storage System Storage 
3. Tap Saved Data > highlight Hulu and press Options 
4. Choose Delete.

Why is my Hulu saying error94?

The most common reason for this is a wireless signal that’s being blocked by something. Inspect the area around you to see if any physical objects obstruct your router and change locations accordingly, but also try changing channels on your device too! Perform power cycles of all devices; clear out the cache from time to time. Lastly, cancel Hulu subscription and then reactivate back to ensure error 94 is not troubling you anymore.

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