We Analyzed the PS5 Bluetooth Headphones Interference Issue:

Here's What We Learned About Interference Issue

What is the PS5 Bluetooth Headphones Interference Issue? Well, here's my take:

PS5 is the brand new obsession for all gamers. And, obviously, who wouldn't want to use their new console with awesome game audio quality—something that a good wireless headset can provide.

This is the perfect blog for you, if you want to learn how to:

  • Connect Bluetooth headphones to PS5.
  • Choose a new wireless headphone for PS5.
  • Connect Apple AirPods Max and AirPods.
  • Pair Samsung Galaxy Buds to PS5.
  • Connect unsupported Bluetooth headphones to PS5 using a Bluetooth transmitter.

So, let's get started on the quest for a great audio experience!


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PS5 Bluetooth Interference Issue—Your Know-How

The PS5 Bluetooth Interference Issue seems to be something that’s challenging almost every new user of PS5. Here’s an overview of what it is:

First of all, PlayStation has another hit on its hands with its new PS5, an upgrade to the direct line that gave the gaming world the PS4, one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world.

To support the hyper-realism of PS5 games, they need an equally great sound or audio experience to take their gaming to a different level.

PS5 Bluetooth Headphones Interference Issue

Wireless headsets are always a great choice, for PlayStation, PC, laptop, or any other devices, and they allow the gamer to enjoy a high quality gaming experience, with freedom of movement, while not compromising on their sound.

Since wireless Bluetooth headphones are the most popular option, when it comes to getting seamless audio from almost every device, let’s explore this issue in depth and look at a few of the solutions.

How to connect unsupported Bluetooth headphones using a Bluetooth adapter?

This is the same issue with gaming headsets that plagues many PlayStation users: Your PlayStation wireless headset is either not recognized or has only intermittent connection with console, resulting in subpar sound quality, and a meh gaming experience.

This can happen because of Four reasons:

  • When trying to connect Bluetooth headphones, your Bluetooth headphone is out of range of our console, resulting in faulty connections; or
  • Your wireless headphones are facing signal interference from your other devices, like WiFi or even human obstruction between your Dual sense controller and console.
  • There is latency being produced in your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Device not fully charged.
bluetooth headphones not connecting
Reasons for Bluetooth headphones not connecting @Techie Trickle

Bluetooth Support in PS5 and Xbox series X

Well, unfortunately you cannot connect natively on either of these devices.

So, why do these high tech consoles not support something as basic and old school as Bluetooth, where almost every PC, cell phone, or laptop can?

And, does this mean that users have to compromise with USB C cables or other connecting wires with their USB port, or even a wired headset?

Take Microsoft’s Xbox series X for example:

Microsoft has its own wireless signal for its consoles, which allows multiple wireless devices to be connected with minimal latency and interference.

However, Bluetooth being old school can cause significant signal interference and latency, which although okay if you’re listening to audio stories and podcasts, hampers audio quality quite a bit in a multiplayer game, causing lag and latency.

And, similarly, most users of Bluetooth headphones (e.g., AirPods max and earbuds, etc.) will attest that their seamless use depends on many factors like distance between the devices, interference from other wireless signals from WiFi, or even other Bluetooth devices.

Since both Sony and Microsoft have their own proprietary wireless headphones, it is a good business strategy to get their users to try out their own gear.

So, saving the answer for the last—No, users can still connect their preexisting Bluetooth headphones to their PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

All you need is one extra push (Read on to know more).

How do I connect my wireless headphones to PS5?

You need a single, affordably priced, piece of hardware that will solve your problem in a jiffy, and works for both gaming consoles in question, i.e., the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

If you already have wireless gaming headphones and just need to know how to connect them to your PS5, well, just get an USB Bluetooth Signal Transmitter, also known as a Bluetooth adapter. Because of its use, many prefer the simple term USB dongle.

Both consoles have plenty of USB C or USB A ports available for you to plug in your USB dongle, making it compatible for and a great choice for both consoles. Besides, almost all USB C or simply USB audio gear are compatible for both PS5 and Xbox series X.

Using the Bluetooth headphones with the Bluetooth signal transmitter is also easy—Just use the pairing button on the transmitter to establish a Bluetooth connection with your headset and use!

While the quality of the audio output is good when it comes to listening only, the same seamless experience is not replicated when you want to use your microphone. Almost every user has complained of some serious lag and interference whenever they wanted to talk to the other players.

While seamless connectivity is a feature every gamer wants in their Bluetooth headphones, this is also a factor to keep in mind when shopping for Bluetooth signal transmitters.

“What if I want a new wireless headset?”—Well, I recommend these awesome products …

All of which are designed to give utmost great audio output and audio quality when used with PS5 (Read on for brief reviews of each).

Sony Pulse 3D (Wireless gaming headsets)

Worth noting is that if there’s one wireless headset in the market that was meant to give seamless audio quality on PS5, this is the one. Sleek, and modern, the Sony Pulse is made ready to play!

Plus, it’s fine-tuned for 3D audio output on PS5!

One feature especially loved: Noise-canceling hidden microphone; and easy access control for audio and game settings.

It has a great battery life that lets you play for 12 straight hours (built-in rechargeable batteries). Comes with a 3mm jack (compatible with mobile devices) and adapter for your gaming console and PC and Mac.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core (Wireless gaming headsets)

This wireless gaming headset is the second on my list because of its great build and great audio quality. It is also a great comfortable fit and has great on-ear cushioning and steel sliders for getting the fit right (something that I missed in the previous product).

It also comes with noise canceling, swivel to mute microphone for easy access (and getting it out of the way) while gaming. And, most importantly, it is lightweight and its battery can keep going for about 17 hours. Compatible with your consoles and PC, and comes with an adapter as well.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 (Wireless gaming headsets)

Another great wireless gaming headset, which worked very well for me on my PS4, is the Turtle Beach Stealth 700. This can deliver the realistic audio output you would expect from a console of the caliber of the PS5. And, its immersive audio gives lifelike sound quality even in 3D.

If you want nuance in your gaming audio output, no other device can give you the sound quality of the Turtle Beach. And, this is backed up by the Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing study conducted by Real Industry in May 2021, which stated that the headphones allow you to hear such subtle sounds (that normally go unnoticed in games) that let your character survive 20% longer and win more.

And it supports Bluetooth calling as well, so that even when you play, you’re always connected! And besides, its microphone (and its controls) allow you to adjust your own voice in the multiplayer chat so that you don’t overpower the other players.

It’s memory foam gives the best fit out of almost all gaming headphones, enabling you to play long and hard (backed by a 20-hour battery life)!

How to connect Apple AirPods Max and AirPods to PS5?

AirPods Max are the next gen of Apple’s wireless earpods line, and if you’re looking to find solutions to the challenge of connecting them to your PS5—well, for your ease—Here’s a step-by-step guide along with a list of things that you will need in order to connect your AirPods Max to your PS5.

What do you need to connect your AirPods Max to your PS5?

To connect your earbuds, there are two ways, each of which requires one additional bit of hardware:

  • Wireless: Bluetooth signal transmitter.
  • Wired: Apple Lightning 3.5mm cable.
Connecting AirPods Max via Bluetooth transmitter/USB dongle for Bluetooth

Follow the same pattern as you did for connecting Bluetooth headphones to your PS5, using your Bluetooth signal transmitter. For more details on this, please refer to the section entitled “How do I connect my wireless headset to PS5?” for not just a short how-to but also one of the problems with using a Bluetooth adapter.

How to pair Samsung Galaxy Buds to PS5?

Simple, now that you know how to connect your unsupported Bluetooth headsets to your PS5 gaming console, as the same process is reflected for both Apple AirPods Max and Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Once your earbuds are charged and ready to use, open the charging case—This should enable pairing mode for your buds. Then using the pairing mode for your Bluetooth adapter, establish a connection between the two.

There, you’re ready to play!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PS5 compatible with Bluetooth headphones?

No, PS5 does not allow third party Bluetooth products to connect natively to the PlayStation 5 console. Instead, they have their own proprietary wireless signal for their devices and consoles. As a result, if you want to connect your third-party Bluetooth headsets, you’ll need a Bluetooth adapter/Bluetooth signal transmitter/or a USB C dongle for Bluetooth. That should enable your headset to pair with it, and in turn be used for sound on PS5.

Why does my headset keep cutting out PS5?

There are three possible explanations:
1. Your device might be out of range.
2. Your device might be facing Bluetooth interference, thanks to other wireless signals like other Bluetooth-using products, or even WiFi.
3. Your wireless or Bluetooth headphones are not Sony-compatible. In case it’s the third issue, I can help you find solutions. Please refer to my blog that goes in depth and recommends many answers to the question, “How do I connect my wireless headphones to PS5?

How do I fix my Bluetooth on my PS5 controller?

PS5 like most Sony consoles does not support Bluetooth out of the box. Instead, it uses its own proprietary wireless signals to connect many kinds of wireless devices with its console. So, in case you’re wondering why your Bluetooth device (headphones, ear pods, earbuds, Bluetooth keyboards, etc.) are not working with your PS5, this is the same issue that all Bluetooth users face on two of the best gaming consoles out there: PS5 and Xbox Series X.

To fix this Bluetooth interference issue with your PS5 controller: use a Bluetooth signal transmitter to connect your Bluetooth devices to your PS5 seamlessly.

Now it’s Your Turn

PS5, from the direct line of consoles that gave us legends like PS3 and PS4, is the next gen and most exciting console in the market right now, with stocks continually getting delayed as more and more gamers join the buying queue.

Which method did your try out today? Did you try something different? Either way I would love to hear about your experience.

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