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Xbox Console Companion App is a free, downloadable Xbox app for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The App lets Xbox Live members play together across consoles and mobile devices, send messages to friends, and use their smartphone or tablet as a second screen in games that support this feature.

Xbox Controller Companion App is an application that allows you to control your Xbox from your phone or tablet using the following features:

  • Messages – Send text messages to other players on the same gaming network
  • Friends – View your friend’s status & recent Activity
  • Profile – Change settings like gamerpic & privacy settings
  • Party chat – Make voice chats with up to 8 people at once from anywhere in the world
  • Live TV – See what’s on live TV & control your Xbox One over the network
  • Game DVR – Record Xbox One games & screenshots, or use an Xbox camera to record yourself

What is Xbox Console Companion App? And What does the App do?

The Xbox Console Companion is a game utility application that allows users to find possible teammates easily.

xbox companion app

Through its “Looking for Group and Club” features, you will be able to join co-players who enjoy playing your favorite games on the same console as yourself – no matter where they are in their own home!

It also can create communities based around shared interests or hobbies, making this software perfect when it comes down to finding friends online over video chat services like Skype.

A free all-inclusive Microsoft Xbox App brings us one step closer to revolutionizing multiplayer gaming by connecting people worldwide through social interactions such as collaborative exploration via Minecraft!

The Xbox app enables you to keep track of your friends, games, and achievements across your Xbox One and Windows 10 devices.

Minimum System Requirements to start Game Streaming on Xbox Console Companion app

Xbox Console Companion App System Requirements to Start Game Streaming:

  • On your Xbox One Console, Enable Game Streaming under Settings
  • Next, sign in to the Xbox Console Companion App on a Windows 10 PC with the same Gamertag as on your Xbox One console.
  • Check whether your Windows 10 PC and the Xbox One are on the same home network for network accessibility.
  • According to Microsoft’s recommendation, a Windows 10 PC should have at least 2 GB of RAM and a 1.5 GHz CPU.

How do I Install Xbox Companion app on PC?

  1. From Start, scroll down till you get to Xbox. Usually, Windows 10 comes with this App.
  2. If the Xbox Companion app is not visible then, Go to Microsoft Xbox Companion App page to download it.
  3. Now Create an account choosing your Online name and the profile image visible to other gamers.
  4. Online name can be changed by clicking the Pencil icon and an image can be chosen from the below grid.
xbox companion app to create account

Here are the various options available on the App-

xbox companion tool bar


Get all the Activity feeds that provide essential information along with top deals that you might be interested in.

My Games

List of all your games and Xbox One games that you can purchase or play.

The Club

Like the club in Xbox Live, this section allows you to add friends and interact with them via Gamertags or profiles. You can Join a Club if it is open for applications or create one yourself.


A list of Xbox Live game Achievements with Xbox Game DVR clips, Xbox One game clips, and Xbox screenshots.


Easily share game clips and screenshots and get notofications from your phone or tablet.


Top trending games that you need to be aware of.


Microsoft Store

Xbox store where Xbox live users can purchase Xbox Games and Xbox Live items.

microsoft stores for apps and games


Xbox will help you find Xbox console games, Microsoft Store games and offers. For example, when I search using “xbox”, it gives me all games available for Xbox as well as Microsoft games. Now if I wanted to get Minecraft for Windows, I can click it to View in Microsoft Store and then choose to get the free trial.



Connect to your Xbox One by adding your console’s IP address on Windows 10 if the device is not listed.

Open the App, go to Connection (on the bottom left corner) & select Xbox One as your preferred console. Click Connect.

Now you will be able to send messages or see your friends online.


Here you get to change anything related to your account, kind of notifications you want to opt for, streaming quality and details about your Network status.

xbox companion app Settings
Settings Options

xbox companion app network status
Network Status

You will see your Friends list, Parties, Messages, and Activity alerts on the right panel.

Benefits of using the Xbox Console Companion app

There are some benefits of running the Xbox Console Companion app while playing a game on Windows 10, such as :

  • Your Xbox activity appears in the Xbox app taskbar on your PC
  • You can use Xbox chat with Xbox Live users
  • You can connect to Xbox using Xbox live from any Windows 10 device
  • Use Xbox One Smartglass to control Xbox functions with a mobile device
  • Additional content for games running on Windows 10 is accessible from Xbox Companion App
  • Using game streaming to play on another device
  • Get another Windows 10 device in the living room with Xbox streaming
  • Using capturing to take photos or make movies of your game

How to Run Xbox Console Companion on Mac

To operate the Xbox companion on a Mac, you must first verify that you can run Windows 10.

Here are the possible two ways to do it.

Option 1: Using Bootcamp

The Apple Boot Camp software is a utility that comes pre-installed with most Apple computers and laptops that allows Mac users to install Microsoft Windows on their Mac computers.

The Xbox Console Companion app can also be run in Boot Camp mode.

Option 2: Using VMWare Fusion

VMWare Fusion, virtualization software allows you to create a virtual machine using a .exe or .iso file of the Xbox Console Companion app, which enables Console Companion App on Mac even if you do not have a Microsoft Xbox.

FAQ: More Questions asked about Xbox Companion App

Is Xbox Companion app going away?

Microsoft has started promoting the new Xbox app inside the older Xbox Console Companion app, noting its availability to Xbox Game Pass, marketplace, and more. Thanks to Microsoft, you can now take your console games with you wherever you go.
You may play console games on your Windows PCs by streaming Xbox Game Pass titles from the cloud and, alternatively, playing games right away with Xbox remote play.
In addition, Windows 10 users in 22 countries can now play Xbox Game Pass directly from the cloud thanks to Ultimate memberships.

What is the Xbox Companion app for PC?

The Xbox Console Companion app for PC is a free, downloadable Xbox app that lets Xbox Live members play together across consoles and mobile devices, send messages to friends, and use their smartphone or tablet as a second screen in games that support this feature.

Do I need Xbox apps on my computer?

If you want to use the Xbox Console Companion app on your PC, you must first verify that you can run Windows 10. In case you have Mac, you can do this by using Apple Boot Camp or VMWare Fusion.

How can I display my Xbox on my laptop?

Type Xbox in the search bar.
Check if it displays Xbox Companion app. In case it doesn’t display, you need to download the app and install it.
Click on Xbox Companion app.
Open the Xbox app on your laptop and select the “Connection” option from the bar on the left.
The Xbox app will now search for available Xbox consoles on the home network.
Select the console you want.
The connection has been established when new options, such as streaming, appear in the window.

How do I stream from PC to Xbox One?

To stream from your PC to Xbox One, open the Xbox Console Companion app on your PC and select Xbox One as your preferred console.
Then, in the Xbox Console Companion app on your PC, go to Connection > Add a device
Provide the console’s IP address and hit Connect.

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