How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4—The Ultimate 2022 Guide!

The PS4 gaming experience is best enjoyed without the hindrance of wires. If you're a gamer who wants the Bluetooth headphone experience on your PS4, this is the guide for you. Here, we'll delve deep into:

  • Checking the compatibility of headphones with PS4;
  • What you need to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your PS4;
  • How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4; and, of course
  • The various other methods you can try if you hit a bump.

So let's cut into it.


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Overview: Connecting Headphones and Audio Devices to Gaming Consoles

Sound and music or game audio has always been a big part of the gaming experience, and over the last few decades, with the rise and domination of console gaming, it is not surprising that game-makers and gaming console companies are constantly adapting their games and adding to the more auditory gaming experience.

Besides, gaming playlists are quite prevalent as well, enjoyed by millions of gamers all around the world, whose stereo music adds a whole different dimension to gaming.

And, we all know that gaming requires intense concentration and reflexes—things that wired headphones really hinder.

In this context, Bluetooth headphones offer the finest solution—pair and connect them to your consoles to not only enjoy the full immersive gaming experience but also have no wires to hinder you.

Although you can connect any wired headset or earbud to your PS4 controller, realistically speaking, a quality Bluetooth headset is the way to go.

So, let’s get started on how to connect them to your PS4.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Your PS4 Directly (Supported Bluetooth Devices)

Firstly, let’s get one question out of the way—does PS4 support all Bluetooth audio devices?

Simply put, no.

PS4 uses a different variety of Bluetooth, and does not have in-built Bluetooth itself. Hence, you need to have a Bluetooth headset that is compatible with your PS4. So, how do you check if your Bluetooth audio devices are PS4-compliant?

how to connect bluetooth headphones to ps4

Well, it must be branded as PS4-compatible. Nowadays, most headphone makers cater to gaming demands and make their devices are often designed with consoles in mind.

However, there are many Bluetooth headphones that are compatible with PS4. To check if your headset is compatible or not is simple as well, all you have to do is follow the steps to pair and connect them to your PS4.

Here are the steps to connect Bluetooth headphones to your PS4 directly.

Step 1: Ensure your Bluetooth device (Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth earphones, headsets, or other audio devices, etc.) is in its particular “Pairing” mode or just ready to connect. Once your devices enter pairing mode, move on to “Step 2.”

Step 2: Access “Settings” on your PS4 home page. This should give you a drop-down menu. Select “Devices” from this list, and then from there, select “Bluetooth Devices.”

Step 3: This should yield another drop-down device’s menu, that will give you a list of compatible Bluetooth devices.

If your headset is compatible (that is, it’s branded as PS4-compatible), and it still does not appear on the “Bluetooth devices” menu, restart both console and headset, and retry.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4 if Not Supported

It is possible that the above method can not work, if yours are unsupported Bluetooth headphones.

In that case, there are some other alternatives you can try to connect your PS4 unsupported Bluetooth headphones to your PS4.

How To Connect Your Bluetooth Headset to Your PS4 Controller

One of the most simple and straightforward ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to your PS4 is through its PS4 controller.

ps4 controller and dualshock video game console

Just follow these simple steps to set up a seamless Bluetooth connection to turn your gaming session into an immersive experience.

Step 1: Connect the headphones to the PS4 controller with the assistance of the audio cable and then switch it on.

Step 2: Go to “Settings” at the top of the PS4 menu home page, and click on it.

Step 3: Go to “Devices” and select “Bluetooth Devices.”

Step 4: A list of nearby Bluetooth devices will appear, from which you need to select your headphones and activate it. The headphone’s audio cable should be connected meanwhile.

Step 5: After this, go to the “Devices” menu and click on “Audio Devices” and select “Output Device.”

Step 6: Select “Headset Connected to Controller” and select “Output to Headphones” and choose “All Audio.”

To adjust the volume of your game audio, please use the volume control option on your Bluetooth devices.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones and Bluetooth Devices to Your PS4 Using USB Adapter

As we mentioned, PS4 uses a different form of Bluetooth in its out-of-the-box state. So, if you don’t have the audio cable, you cannot connect your headset to your PS4 controller.

However, we still have a workaround for this!

All you need is a USB adapter. The rest can be achieved by following these steps.

Step 1: Insert the USB adapter into an available USB port in your PS4.

Step 2: Go to “Setting” on your PS4 homepage, as directed before.

Step 3: Select “Devices” and then, “Audio Devices.”

Step 4: From there, select “Output Devices” and then choose “USB Headset” as the output device.

Step 5: Select “Output to Headphones” and then select, “All Audio.” That should enable the USB adapter connection with your PS4.

How To Connect Your Bluetooth Headsets to Your PS4 Using a Dongle 

Many wireless headsets and other Bluetooth Devices are “made” PS4-compatible, with some external hardware help—in this case, by connecting the Bluetooth device via PS4-compatible Bluetooth dongle.

Many Bluetooth headset-makers often even include such additional dongles, if their product is targeted toward a gaming audience.

So, firstly, check before you invest in Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth headsets. And, if you hadn’t checked, you can check the packaging/user manual now to know how to procure a Bluetooth dongle that works for your headset.

But, you’ll need a wireless microphone as well, and unless your headset comes with one, you might need to buy one separately.

If you have a dongle, just go ahead and follow these steps.

Step 1: Connect the mic to your PS4 controller, and insert the dongle into a USB slot on the console. Then, turn on the dongle.

Step 2: Connect the Bluetooth headset to the dongle by keeping the Bluetooth devices in close proximity, and wait for a few seconds for the process to complete.

Step 3: After a Bluetooth connection has been established, select “Settings” from your PS4 homepage menu, and follow the steps in the previous sections, till you get to “Audio Devices.”

Step 4: From “Audio Devices,” go to “Input Device,” and select “Headset connected to controller.”

Step 5: Then, go to “Output Device” and choose “USB Headset,” as the output device; and from there, go to “Output to Headphones,” and “Select All Audio.”

Bonus Guide—How To Connect Compatible Wired Headphones

Let’s get another question answered—can you connect wired headphones to your PS4?

Simply, yes. PS4 should support almost all kinds of wired headsets and headphones.

PS4 follows Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) standards when it comes to jacks for audio devices like headphones; this means, even some wired headphones and headsets might require some mild modifications or third-party devices to work.

How To Connect Unsupported Wired Audio Devices to Your PS4

However, you can still connect your Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) wired headphones to your PS4, simply by procuring an OMTP-to-CTIA convertor.

How To Connect PS4-Supported Wired Headsets

First, connect your headset jack to your PS4 controller, and then, simply follow the rest of the steps from the section, “How To Connect Your Bluetooth Headset to Your PS4 Controller.”
That should enable you to use your wired headphones to PS4.

Now It’s Your Turn

I think we’ve covered quite a few scenarios when it comes to how you can connect unsupported  Bluetooth headphones and supported ones as well; and, if you still haven’t invested in a good quality gaming headset, don’t worry.

Follow the methods and connect your supported/unsupported wired headphones for now, and well, wait for this space.

We might have something useful for you soon.

And till then, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends, and do let us know which methods worked out for you in the comments below!

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