6 Hacks on How To Make Bluetooth Speakers Louder (The Easy Way)

Given how common and popular Bluetooth speakers have become if you own one yourself, it is obvious that you want to know how to make Bluetooth speakers louder & sound better.

And, if you're looking to enhance your Bluetooth speaker performance in natural ways, you are at the right place.

I'll cover the following things in this blog:

  • Why you should buy a Bluetooth speaker?
  • How to make a Bluetooth speaker louder?
  • The loudness you should expect from your Bluetooth speaker.

And, much more.

So, let's dig into it!


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Overview: Why should I buy a Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are common and come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. And, the technology is easy-to-use and handleable for almost all users. However, the biggest pro in favor of buying Bluetooth speakers is that it gives you a good sound experience in a wireless, and often portable, form.

Besides, thanks to Bluetooth, you can connect and amplify your music volume from any device, be it a smartphone (your Android phone or otherwise; most manufacturers offer Bluetooth support), laptop, PC, etc. And, this combined with the fact that most ports and devices have compatibility issues with each other, wireless Bluetooth speakers can almost accommodate anything.

And, additionally, Bluetooth speakers, especially in their sleeker and lighter avatars, are very portable pieces of technology, and can be the difference between a pool party with good music, and one without! And, they come in all prices, literally.

However, every great piece of technology comes with its fair share of cons as well, and Bluetooth is no exception. The benefits that a portable Bluetooth speaker can provide, such as portability, compactness, and wireless speaker sound, are balanced by the fact that Bluetooth speakers compromise on sound quality a lot. Wired speakers are much louder and normally have an amplifier or some equivalent volume boost. On the other hand, most users use smaller Bluetooth speakers that considerably cut down on amplifier tech to accommodate a smaller chassis.

So, the question arises then, if you buy a Bluetooth speaker, especially a portable Bluetooth speaker, how do you make it louder? How do you get loud sound and better clarity from your Bluetooth speaker?

Well, read on and refer to the following sections to know more on how to make Bluetooth speakers sound better.

How To Make A Bluetooth Speaker Louder?

A speaker, by principle, converts the electrical energy it obtains from its power source into amplified sound waves, which enable listening to music out loud. Now, a wired speaker sounds louder as it has a bigger and more consistent power source. Whereas Bluetooth speakers and other kinds of wireless speakers have batteries (mostly chargeable) that are quite small, in comparison with wired power sources, and hence cannot amplify your source device’s sound waves too much.

how to make bluetooth speakers louder

This is the primary reason why Bluetooth speakers are not as loud as good wireless speakers. However, there are some simple hacks and tricks that can help you get more sound and better clarity and volume from your Bluetooth speaker. These hacks will not just make your Bluetooth speaker sound louder, but might just make them sound better overall!

Here you go!

Hacks on How To Make Bluetooth Speakers Louder

Let’s get into these methods straight away.

#1. Use multiple Bluetooth speakers

The simplest answer is sometimes the best: One of the reasons why your Bluetooth speaker does not meet your loudness expectations is because it is too low in power consumption, or just too small to offer significant amplification. Depending on your room size, or the venue where you want to play music on your speaker, you can opt for multiple devices, that is, multiple Bluetooth speakers.

Using two speakers can not only make your sound quality better and louder but also lend your Bluetooth speaker more sound clarity. And besides, depending on your crowd too, your setup might just be lacking in power with a single speaker unit.

#2. Adjust Bluetooth volume/Audio settings

Another no-brainer when it comes to achieving louder Bluetooth speakers: Double-check if your Bluetooth speaker volume is maxed out. Additionally, check the audio settings on your music player, and even your source device, on which you are playing the track.

#3. Set your speakers against the wall

Simple hack: To make your Bluetooth speaker louder, just position it at approximately 12 inches/1 foot away from a wall or corner in your room.

Depending on your room size, and Bluetooth speaker quality, you should get an artificially amplified sound, as the sound waves would bounce off the wall/corner before reaching you. However, before you play music, ensure you are not placing the speaker any closer, as that would give you a reverb distortion or an echo.

#4. Position your Bluetooth speaker correctly

To make your speaker louder, the positioning might be an issue. Positioning any kind of an audio source correctly can significantly enhance sound quality as many factors like room area, room acoustics, interference from other speakers, etc., are also calibrated for, then. And, this of course, is best done by trial and error, and carefully experimenting with things like the distance between the source device and speaker, speaker height, the amount of background noise in the room at a given moment, etc.

Besides, sometimes, adding a support or platform to the speaker can make a speaker sound louder, by cutting down on reverb from the floor or stage itself. This is why some users like suspending their wireless speaker from a height, to ensure equal distribution of sound waves and hence a more consistently great sound!

#5. Get a good internet connection

Let’s understand this better with a small scenario: When you play music off the internet or stream something, your android phone (for example) decodes the information to play the track, using your internet connection. When you’re streaming and playing the track on your external Bluetooth speaker, sometimes, because of a slower connection, your phone might not be able to process the track properly, rendering less louder sound or sometimes, less clear sound.

So, especially if the volume of your Bluetooth speaker varies with streaming and offline music, try and get a better quality Internet connection just in case.

#6. Put it on the floor

In case you use your speaker on your bed or couch, positioning it on or slightly above the floor on a short stand can help significantly make your speaker louder. This method enables the sound output of your Bluetooth speaker to travel unhindered by softer material like bedding.

Bonus mentions

Here are two bonus mentions, two more hacks that might just make a Bluetooth speaker louder.

Removing Sound Absorbing Material

Your speaker’s sound quality varies also with the nature of the surrounding media. This means, that things like felt, cotton, sponge, wood, etc., can absorb sound, thereby rendering them with less loudness. Ensure your room does not have such material, especially not close to your speaker.

Checking equalizer settings

Fiddle with the equalizer settings on both your music player and music device. This can not just help you make your Bluetooth speaker sound louder, but also improve the overall quality of music.

Additionally, ensure the file or track you are playing has a high bit rate and is of as high quality as possible. Sometimes, with smaller files and less versatile formats, the sound intensity of a track played on your Bluetooth speaker can vary quite a bit.

How loud can Bluetooth speakers be?

Normally, the range of sound intensity and loudness that Bluetooth speakers offer falls within 50 decibels to 90 decibels. However, there are premium Bluetooth speaker models that are louder, reaching up to 95 decibels.

The loudness of a Bluetooth speaker can be influenced by many factors, such as:

  • Distance between the Bluetooth speaker and the source device
  • Room size and crowd size, along with the level of background noise in the room
  • Source device’s battery level
  • Bluetooth speaker battery level
  • The default audio settings on your Bluetooth speaker/android phone/other source devices
  • Your music player’s equalizer settings
  • Other variables such as the position of the speaker, and the presence of sound absorbent materials in the space, and internet connection (if streaming)

How to make Bluetooth Speakers stereo

Unfortunately, this must be determined when choosing your model. If you want a Bluetooth stereo speaker, it should ideally have two amplifiers in built, instead of the single speaker amplifier in most mono Bluetooth speakers. As discussed before, Bluetooth speakers compromise on the stereo functionality for the sake of a compact, smaller chassis, and portability.

A good marker for determining if your speaker is a Stereo speaker is the presence of two speaker cones in it. These two outputs help blend the final rendered output in stereo. And, visually, stereo Bluetooth speakers will be much larger than their mono equivalents.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions from most users who were dissatisfied with the sound intensity and volume offered by their Bluetooth speakers. Read on to know how to make Bluetooth speakers sound better!

Why won’t my Bluetooth speaker play louder?

Most users cite this issue, and this may be happening because the preset audio settings might have lower volumes. Most commonly this issue can be solved by ensuring the volume settings are maxed out in both the Bluetooth speaker and the source device playing music. Sometimes, it can be helpful to check the music player’s settings as well, as many presets have lower volume.

How do I increase the volume on my Bluetooth speaker?

You can make your Bluetooth speaker louder by either placing it on the floor, at an approximate distance of a foot away from the corner of the room. Also ensure that volume settings are maxed out for every device, and that the speaker is big enough to produce a “big enough sound” for your space (what works for your living room might not suit a big hall or patio). Besides that, ensuring that no sound absorbent material is present nearby can also boost your Bluetooth speaker’s performance and volume.

How do you fix low volume Bluetooth speakers?

Low quality sound can be caused by many problems, when it comes to a Bluetooth device a like wireless speaker. Some of the most common fixes include:
1. Positioning the speaker properly, so that the sound is not muffled by any other surface.
2. Removing all sound absorbent materials from around the speaker.
3. Maxing out volume settings on all devices, including your music player and Bluetooth speaker.
4. Getting a bigger model/multiple speakers if the room and crowd requires so.

Why are my Bluetooth speakers so quiet?

The most common reason is unknowingly leaving the audio settings at low volume on either your Android phone or any other source device, your music player, or your Bluetooth device (wireless speakers) itself. Ensure audio settings are set at full volume and position your speaker so that there’s no interference from any surface; these should help your speaker achieve its truest potential!

From here …

These were my favorite hacks to get the most out of a Bluetooth speaker. Let me know in the comments below if these worked out for you, and if you know any other methods that I missed out. Till then!

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