Help! My Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting from Google Home

Google Home speakers and smart displays have been playing music from Bluetooth devices for years, but there has recently been a problem with disconnecting.

Google has finally acknowledged the issue where Bluetooth keeps disconnecting from Google Home after it was reported by various users over time.

Read on for more details!


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Google Home is a very good Bluetooth speaker and voice-activated control for your home, but sometimes it doesn’t work.

In case you didn’t know the Google Audio Entertainment check this video from Google Nest.

Courtesy Google Nest

It’s a known problem that the Bluetooth device will disconnect from Google Home over time, making it unusable.

We’ve found the only solution so far is to reconnect the Bluetooth on your phone or other device and then connect it again with Google Home. This can be very disappointing if you don’t know what the problem is.

Google Home has been experiencing this issue since 2018, but the real solution is not yet known. Thankfully, the company has acknowledged the problem and is working on getting this fixed.

bluetooth keeps disconnecting from google home

Some users mentioned that their iPhone disconnects from Google Home speakers within 60 seconds while searching for a song to play.

Not only that, it disconnects midway, too, while the music is playing!!

After almost one year, a Google Nest official has finally replied on the Official Google Nest support thread that their team is working to fix this issue.

“We are aware of the problem and our engineering team is working on a solution.” “Stay tuned for updates!” – Nest Support.

This doesn’t help much, though! All Google Home users want to know when they can expect it fixed.

It’s one thing if it takes a few days or weeks, but this has been going on for more than one year!

A quick update would be greatly appreciated, so we know what’s happening with our Bluetooth device that keeps disconnecting from google home speakers every time we try to use them!!

Try this workaround till Google finds a solution.

Factory Reset Your Google Home Speakers

To factory reset your Google Home :

  1. Go to the back of your device.
  2. Look for the microphone mute button and then press and hold it for about 15-20 seconds.
  3. Wait for the message “You are about to completely reset Google Home”.
  4. Press it till the reset starts.
  5. Power back after two minutes.

With the factory reset, all pairing with your other devices will be lost.

The only other recourse is setting up your phone as an AirPlay speaker using the Apple Music app instead of Bluetooth connection from Google Home Speaker with all these connection issues, defeating the whole purpose.

Still, we will have to do it until the “Bluetooth keeps disconnecting from Google Home” issue is fixed.

Still have Questions about Google Home…

How to connect Bluetooth speaker to Google Home?

You have two options.
One is by pairing the speaker with your phone, and the other one is connecting via a Wi-Fi network. The first option is easier but not as secure, while the second alternative gives you more security for your data.

Adds a Bluetooth speaker to your Google Home.
Go into the Google Home app, and then tap the Devices button (in the top right corner). The Google Home app will scan for speakers-when it finds yours, tap it to pair.

How do I connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to Google home?

Steps to pair Bluetooth speakers with Google Home:
Go to “More” (three vertical dots) on the top right of the Devices screen.
Tap “Settings.”
Go to the “Paired Bluetooth devices” option, and this will list all available speakers that your Google Home device can connect to.

How do I reset my Google home Wi-Fi?

Go to “More” (three vertical dots) on the top right of the Devices screen. Tap Settings and then go to the “Wi-Fi” option. You can reset your Google Home device from there.

How to Factory Reset your Wi-Fi Router with the Goggle Home app?

You can reset your Wi-Fi router with the Google Home app by following these steps :
1. Fire up the Google Home app
2. Tap Wi-Fi
3. Go to “Settings”
4. Tap “Factory reset network.”
5. If you want to reset your Wi-Fi router, then a warning message will pop up. To proceed with the process, tap “OK” This will delete all personal information from your Wi-Fi router. 

Key Takeaway: Nest Official Support has acknowledged this problem, but there is still no release date for when they will have it available. All users are advised to stay tuned by following @Nest Support

Hopefully, this post will help other people with the same problem! What kind of other issues you face with Google Home? How did you resolve it? Either way please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I find that unplugging my Google hub and then plugging it back in allows the Bluetooth connection to be seen once again so I can cast and connect from my android. It’s frustrating though cause I have to unplugging it a few times a week now. Whereas before it would just be once in a great while.

  2. I had the same problem. Then I examined some of the settings from Home app from Android. The default setting of speaker delay was 0ms. I changed it to 2ms and the problem has not appeared yet. Perhaps some delay introduces buffering, preventing overflow.

  3. I had this problem and I just now had my nest connected for 12 hours prior to writing this:

    *Open the google home nest app on your phone or whatever device your connected from.

    *Make sure its completely loaded and it has the volume control panel showing along with speaker name.

    *You dont have to keep this app up but it has to be running in the background. In layman’s terms, you can use other apps while playing bluetooth but just make sure your google nest app isn’t exited out of.

    I’d known about this trick for awhile but was just searching up why it does that. I was curious because my friend who has an iPhone 11 never has issues with it, he doesn’t even have the app downloaded. While I have a Samsung Note 8 and it seems to do this every other song. I hope this helps!


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