Amazing Facts About How to Connect Phone with PS3 via Bluetooth

Today we are going to see how to connect phone with PS3 via Bluetooth.

(Amazing facts that you should know)

Sometimes it might get a bit confusing with the steps.

So in this article, I will EXACTLY show you all the possibilities Step-by-Step.

Read how to set up and use this function below!


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The PlayStation is a great gaming console that has many features and options.

One of these features is the built-in Bluetooth option. This enables you to connect your phone, headset, or computer via Bluetooth.

As long as you have another device with a Bluetooth feature, you can sync it with your PS3 or PS4.

How do I Connect my Phone to PS3 and watch movies?

Follow these steps to activate Bluetooth on your PlayStation :

  1. Startup Playstation Network and go to “Settings.”
  2. Select “Network Settings” then “Bluetooth Device List.”
  3. Check that the Bluetooth device list has all of the devices displayed as they should be. If not, select them one by one until this happens.
  4. Once everything is shown correctly, click on the “[X] Pair New Devices” button, which can be found at the bottom right corner of this window.
  5. Now pair your mobile phone with PlayStation’s Bluetooth by selecting it from a pop-up screen that appears after pressing the button mentioned above. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Finally, enter a password for pairing or allow the Sony Entertainment Network account to log in automatically.

Wow, you are Done!!!

You can use a USB cord to connect the mobile phone to another device, such as the phone charger or Xbox.

We suggest a wireless connection because it’s simple and easy.

Once we understand how to control the ps3 from an Android-connected device, it only makes sense that adding this feature will help us better accomplish this action.

how to connect phone with ps3 via bluetooth
Infographic showing how to connect Android phone to PS3 with Bluetooth

How do I Sync a Phone to a PS3 with a USB cable?

Here are the steps to make the PS3 console sync with Android Phone :

  1. Connect the PS3 console to your Android phone with a USB cable.
  2. First, tap on the ‘USB icon’ in the top-right of your Android home screen.
  3. Tap on the ‘Mount option‘ to get the phone into USB mode.
  4. Navigate to the main menu on the PS3, also called Cross-Media Bar.
  5. On an android, navigate to the ‘Removable Device‘ icon and tap the ‘Triangle’ button.
  6. Finally, select the ‘Show all‘ option so that you can view media files of different types on the android device.

How do I Mirror my Android Phone to my PS3?

The PS3 system has a built-in Bluetooth feature.

This enables to connect other Bluetooth devices, including cell phones, headsets, and computers.

As long as you have another Bluetooth feature device, you can sync it with your PSX or PS Vita.

  1. Power on your PS3 console and select Settings from the Cross-Media bar.
  2. Select “Accessory Settings.”
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select “Remote Play via Bluetooth,” which will appear as a blue-coloured option.

Remember, remote play settings are essential!!!

The PlayStation can support up to four devices at once, but you’ll need to pair each device manually for it to work correctly.

To do this, plug in your phone or another compatible Bluetooth device with its charger running so that PSX/PS Vita is searching for available devices.

You should see how there are blank spaces next to the names of those already paired – now name your new device what you want (e.g., Sony Xperia Z), then press Triangle on the PSN controller when prompted to confirm pairing.

That’s all!

Your smartphone will be connected wirelessly and ready for streaming games.

How to Connect the Phone to PS3 via Bluetooth?

If you want to connect your phone with PS, then

  1. Go to the Settings and click on Devices.
  2. Now choose Bluetooth Device Connection or Controller Connections. The device that is connected will be shown in a list of devices, select it and press the X button for connection confirmation.
  3. It should take less than 30 seconds before both devices are connected.
  4. If you want to disable the connection, go back to Devices and then choose Disconnect Device or Controller Connection.

You can also connect your PS with other Bluetooth devices such as headsets and computers by following these steps.

BlueputDroid is the first app to allow a smartphone to pair with the PS3, functioning as an input device. XDA Developers have listed all the Supported devices.

How do I Connect my Phone?

Make sure both the Bluetooth enabled devices have a strong signal before connecting them together (preferably within 15 feet).

Is it possible to Disable the Connection anytime?

Yes! To disconnect your phone from the controller just head over to Settings > Devices > Disconnect Device or Controller Connection.

If you need any help during this process, just contact the PlayStation Service Center team for any queries related to how games on ps works etc.

How do I Connect my Phone to my PS Vita via Bluetooth?

To sync your phone to your PlayStation, you need a Bluetooth connection.

  1. To connect the devices, turn on both of them and make sure they are within Bluetooth range (30 feet).
  2. Open up Settings from the home screen in order to find how to activate this feature.
  3. You will then be prompted with how often it should automatically search for other nearby devices.
  4. The next step is pairing these two different devices together by following each device’s instructions on how to pair with another device.

In order for your phone to work with the PlayStation system, it needs to be compatible.

You will want to look at how many devices can connect simultaneously in order to determine how many you need; this information should be listed in the manual for both of these items or found online prior to purchase.

There are various models that have different ranges so check which one would suit your needs best before purchasing a device.

How do I Connect my Phone to my PlayStation via Bluetooth? 

Connecting your smartphone wirelessly with other consoles like Xbox and PlayStation is a convenient way to use controls and make gameplay more realistic.

  1. To connect your phone, start by plugging it into an AC adapter.
  2. Then select “Yes” when prompted to turn on the console so that you can get started with connecting Bluetooth devices.
  3. Next, access the PS Vita’s Near Mode to search for compatible wireless devices within range of your system.
  4. You should see how there are blank spaces next to other names already paired. Now name your new device what you want. Then press Triangle on your controller when prompted for confirmation and wait as they sync together wirelessly! 

How do I use my Smartphone as a Remote Control?

  1. Tap the “PS” icon on your phone
  2. Select “Remote Play Settings”
  3. Turn Remote Control ON and choose how much data you want to use for streaming. The less amount of data, the better quality connection it will have.


How do I Connect my PS Controller?

It is easy to connect your PS controller with a computer or other device that has Bluetooth.

  1. On the PS controller click “Settings” and then press “Bluetooth Connection Settings.”
  2. Click on the arrow next to “Paired Device List,” which will display how many devices are connected as well as how much battery life they have left.
  3. To switch between these connections, simply choose one from this list by clicking on it.
  4. Finally, make sure you’re not in any game mode before proceeding to pair up another device because it’s possible for connection interrupts while playing games if you do so.

Once all of these steps are complete, you should be able to play wirelessly with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

How do I Display my Phone on my PS3 via Bluetooth?

This is how you can do it:

  1. Connect your phone to a Bluetooth device.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your PS system and find the device that has been connected with it.
  3. Follow the guide for how to connect another wireless controller by turning it off then turn it back on, but press the “O” button when you are prompted for a name before selecting “New User.”
  4. You will be able to type in any nickname of up to eight characters long.
  5. Doing this will sync both controllers together which saves time if they are not already paired via Bluetooth settings beforehand.
  6. Once synced, select another user’s profile from the Main menu screen or hold down the R trigger and go into the friend’s tab while signed in as a guest (not logged in) and choose sign-in to another user’s account.
  7. Select how you want the controller to function – whether it will act as a mouse and keyboard or just with its buttons, then click “Yes.”
  8. Click on your PS system’s Bluetooth icon in the top right corner of your screen once you are taken back out into the main menu.
  9. Allow pairing by pressing the X button on both devices when prompted for confirmation. This is how many people have been able to display their phone onto their TV via Bluetooth without any difficulties!

The only downside would be that there might be some lag time between what happens in-game and how it displays on your device. This is due to signal interference from walls etc., but it should not affect gameplay too much unless playing something that relies heavily on timing.

With Blek, you can use your Android device as a remote keyboard and mouse for your Bluetooth-ready Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, or Android TV.

How to Pair Bluetooth Devices to a PlayStation 3?

To successfully pair a Bluetooth device with your PlayStation 3, follow the steps :

  1. Go to Home menu
  2. Select Settings > Accessory Settings
  3. Select Manage Bluetooth Devices
  4. Press X to select the device you want to pair
  5. Select Pair Device
  6. Now enter a name for your newly paired device and press Triangle on your controller when prompted. 

Pairing is now complete!

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Let us know how you connected your Phone’s Bluetooth with PS3 and if you have any questions in the comments below.

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