(Jasper) Formerly Jarvis.ai Review: Is it the EASY Button for Content Marketing

This is the ultimate review of Jasper formerly known as jarvis.ai. If you’re a fellow content creator, long-form editor, or digital marketing agency owner you will surely love it.

If you are new to copywriting tools, or even experienced with tools other than Jarvis, this will help you make an informed decision.

In this Jarvis.ai review, I go over, among other things:

  • The pros and cons of Jarvis.ai
  • Jarvis.ai subscription plans
  • Features, including in-depth descriptions of the 50+ templates
  • How Jarvis.ai helped me speed up and enhance my creative process

Let’s dive into it.


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Income Disclosure: I recommend products that I have experience working with. I may earn a commission on items purchased from links in this guide.

Note: The company has changed its name to Jasper. So any reference to jarvis or jarvis.ai should be referred to as Jasper

Jasper (formerly Jarvis.ai)—the most amazing tool in the market—combines human creativity with technology and turns every copywriter into a search engine optimized creative head.

This tool comes from the makers of UseProof, a software that massively helped digital marketers. Using that skill set and training GPT-3 on various creative content templates makes Jarvis.ai one of the best tools in the market for marketers who want to make their content more engaging and effective.

But don’t think that this tool can replace a content writer you employ. Jarvis.ai does not claim to do so itself. 

There is a learning curve with Jarvis.ai as with any other software, and adapting takes a bit of time. And, copies written on Jarvis.ai will need an editor’s eye for fine-tuning. Having said that, Jarvis.ai is the best ai copywriting tool if you just want to rid yourself of writer’s block.

I hope this extensive review will help you to take the next step.

Why do you need Jarvis ai Copywriting Tool?

jarvis.ai review

Jarvis streamlines your creative writing process and speeds it up significantly. You can use it to write every form of digital content from video scripts to Google Ad headlines, blog articles, Facebook ads, product listings, and more. 

Create Content in Multiple Languages

It produces high-quality SEO content in 24 languages including English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, etc. So, for writers who are not fluent in English, or are non-native speakers, this is especially helpful as they can enter the content in their preferred language and get the output in English. 

jarvis supported languages

Along with this if you want to build content in other languages it is very much possible. Once you configure the Input and Output language correctly from Workspace-> Language defaults, you can get an output like this.

The Jarvis.ai community is a tight-knit one, aiming to assist content creators across languages. The community has three main channels for copywriters and users to get the most out of Jarvis. 

  • Customer support ([email protected]): You can hit them up anytime on their help mail ID for technical support. 
  • Private Facebook group: Get the tips, tricks, and advice from over 30,000 seasoned AI copywriters sharing their know-how.
  • Bootcamp: Apart from writing copy, Jarvis ai offers skills you can learn and excel at, much like using any SEO tool, WordPress, and so on. The Jarvis.ai Bootcamp is a comprehensive program offered by the company to teach new users how Jarvis ai works. Topics covered in the Bootcamp:
    • Getting started
    • The basics
    • How Jarvis thinks
    • How to use templates
    • How to use documents
    • Account management 

Here is my Jarvis badge !!

Learning Jarvis is not just beneficial for your content, it is an additional skill for writers of all kinds with a legitimate and acceptable certificate and a LinkedIn badge that is awarded to them. 

To claim an account click the image below:

Jarvis.ai pros and cons


  • Best-in-class: Truly one a great AI copywriting tool, Jarvis.ai generates quality content with high SEO ranking articles. 
  • Templates: Templates on Jarvis ai work in over 50 styles for PAS framework, AIDA, blog post intro (for people suffering from writer’s block, creating long-form content, blog post ideas), etc.
  • Long-form copy: Jarvis can aid you in writing content of long-form content, such as sales pitches, blog post titles, blog post conclusion paragraph, style blog posts, newsletters, etc.
  • Accessible UI: The idea is to simplify your work, and it begins with the tool’s easy, accessible, and user-friendly interface for producing large-scale content, even in your vernacular, with just a ‘hi’. 
  • Originality of content: Jarvis.ai is not just any other artificial intelligence-driven text generator; you can expect 99.99% original content with Jarvis every time. 
  • Content enhancement: Not only can Jarvis re-write your content and make it more engaging using Content Improver, it runs grammar checks, summarises your content to a short précis, and expands short sentences.  
  • Boss mode: Boss mode plan is by far my favorite and most recommended feature on Jarvis.ai. It gives you more control over your AI and can upscale your entire process manifolds. The boss mode plan has helped me produce over a 100 articles in one month! 


  • Internet-dependent: The GPT-3 AI used the Internet to create its content—hence, it will always produce better content when you choose trending or common topics. But, niche content writers take note, if you are writing on obscure topics, there’s a possibility that it will be too much for Jarvis to handle.
  • Fact-checking: Jarvis is not the most reliable tool for providing factually correct information, as evident from the previous point. Due to its heavy reliance on the Internet, the obscurer your topic the less accurate it gets. This is one of those aspects of this otherwise great ai copywriting software that requires significant human intervention. 
  • Content duplication: When using a long-form assistant for creating blog posts, for example, considerable chunks of text are often duplicated when the user clicks compose consecutively. 

Watch my experience with this copywriting robot while I review Jarvis.ai.

I have discussed this in detail further in this review. Read on for more on this. 

How does Jarvis work?

So we already know what Jarvis.ai does, but I still have not explained to you how exactly this tool works. Apart from learning the basics of operating this tool, this part is the most important step to add Jarvis.ai to your skillset. 

To put it technically, Jarvis uses GPT-3 technology to churn out high-converting content in bulk. The GPT-3 technology is an autoregressive language model that helps produce content that mimics human tone and language.

A typical creative content writing process carried out on Jarvis has three main steps irrespective of the format of the content.   

  • Template selection
  • Data input
  • AI content generation

Your Jarvis dashboard will give you information like activity and last use, etc. 

Create a New Document

The Jarvis Documents are clean and very user-friendly. Find them on the left panel of the writing tool and just hit the “+” sign to start building your first content. 

Now that you know how to create the document, there are just a few things to keep in mind for Jarvis to spit out the content you desire.


This is the document’s name. Jarvis will take the title into account while writing, so be careful what you call it. If you don’t want Jarvis to reference this title while writing, simply toggle it off. You may turn it on and off as needed to provide additional context during composition.

Content description / brief

This is the place where you provide Jarvis instructions on what to write on. The more accurate you make it, the better the content is delivered.


If you want Jarvis to include any keyword in the content, then this is the field where you can ask Jarvis to do so. However, it is not guaranteed that it will be added.

Wow!! You are all set to Compose your first content. Just hit the Compose button (or CMD + J on Mac, CTRL + J on PC).

The Jarvis Editor modes

jarvis editor modes

Apart from the Focus mode which is basically the mode where you write your content, there are two more modes that Jarvis has to offer for added functionalities.

Power Mode

Within a document, you have the option of switching to Power mode, which allows you access to all of the templates that Jarvis has to offer. It is a good practice to use the templates as required for Google to find your content better.

SEO Mode

This gives you the opportunity to integrate with SEO Surfer to optimize your writing for specific keywords you want to include.

Content and Copywriting Templates on Jarvis.ai

Skills: This resonates with the fact that writing great, no awesome, copies on Jarvis is a skill that the writer has to pick up. Besides, every different content form is a different skill that the AI offers as a service to you. 

Besides, these skills of Jarvis can be much cheaper for your business than the services of an ad/copywriting agency, now that Jarvis has slashed its pricing plans as well.

Jarvis offers you 50+ templates or content types (comparatively larger than Peppertype.ai, for example. I cover this comparison in detail later) for you to choose from.

Although you will find the terms used interchangeably, I have stuck to “templates.”

jarvis templates
Jarvis Templates

Here are the major templates offered by Jarvis.ai. 

  • AIDA – The short form stands for “Attract/Attention—Interest—Desire—Action,” referring to the stages through which the customer is funneled, translating to high-converting articles and write-ups. 
  • Amazon product descriptions (Paragraph) – Create engaging and high-quality content, detailed product descriptions, or creating long-format content, for your Amazon listings using this tool. The output is a descriptive paragraph that gives your customers all the insights they need to want the product.
  • Amazon product features (Bullets) – Generate the features of your products for an insightful intro section for your listings. The bullets will be exactly what you want.
  • Before-After-Bridge – To put simply, position your potential customer at a crossroads, by giving them the problem (before) and the solved state (after), while adding your product/service as the “bridge” that allows for the transformation.

When it comes to blogging, Jarvis has all the templates to take care of every challenge you face at each stage of the writing process. They are:

  • Blog post topic and title ideas – The best cure for blogger’s block—if you are looking to get your creative juices flowing again, this is a game-changer! Brainstorm new and more innovative blog post topic ideas and blog post title ideas and let Jarvis do the heavy lifting. Same for a catchy blog post title!
  • Blog post outline – Especially recommended if your blog post topics are list or bullet-heavy (e.g., charticles, listicles, persuasive bullet points, top 10, etc.) or of a more instructional nature, such as self-help blogs on tech issues. This template will help you get a basic skeleton going.
  • Blog post-intro – Once you have your structure going, it is important to draw the reader in with a comprehensive and full-bodied blog post intro paragraph. This can be taken care of by Jarvis, using this template.
  • Blog conclusion – Using this template can differentiate a good blog from a high converting piece of content. Use Jarvis to find the perfect cherry to put on top of your cake, and leave your readers convinced.
  • Business/Product Names – If you have an idea for an awesome business/product but haven’t been able to come up with an engaging name that really resonates with your audience, this nifty tool can be quite useful. 
  • Company Bio – If you think your startup has the expertise to help clients but aren’t able to inspire their confidence and earn their business, a compelling creative bio or about section might help. A well-written bio with Jarvis should help users understand your mission and resonate with it, resulting in higher conversion into sales.
  • Content Improver – Content Improver is one of the more common features of ai copywriting software. This basically lets you ask Jarvis to recompose a chunk of text.
  • While Peppertype has this feature too, Jarvis’s improvement edits are superior significantly.
  • Email Subject lines – Especially helpful for email marketers, this tool will get more prospective clients to open your emails by creating gripping and attractive email subject lines.
  • Engaging Questions – In modern marketing, compelling and insightful questions help make content interactive, drawing your reader in, converting to enhanced sales.
  • Explain it to a child – Similar to Reddit’s “Explain it like I’m 5” (ELI5), this tool helps simplify your content to a lower reading level.


  • Facebook Ads Headline – If you want your prospective social media customers to stop scrolling social media posts and buy your product, Jarvis can help create ad headlines for Facebook ads that will convert these Facebook ads to sales increases.
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text – This is the most important part of the Facebook ad as it is the first thing the scroller sees in the ad. With Jarvis, writing gripping Facebook ad primary text or ad copy is the greatest challenge for social media writers or digital marketing agency/ies.
  • Feature to Benefit – You have to make your customers understand how your product can influence and better their businesses, how they benefit from it. Jarvis.ai allows you to do this with a simple-to-use template.
  • Google Ad Headlines -This is the first title you see on your Google search results. This is the first thing your potential clientele see on even searching for a broad category of products or services under which you fall.
  • Google Ad Description -This is the snippet you see at the top of your Google search result, with the word “Ad” written. This short bit of text can help draw readers into your main website/blog post/page, thereby converting to sales. 

Google My Business

  • Google My Business Event post – The Even Post template helps generate posts that highlight events related to your business. This is especially helpful for new and small businesses to attract the attention of prospective clients. 
  • Google My Business Offer post – The Offer post-template generates posts that highlight current offers, discounts, sales, etc., of your business. This helps gain the attention of clients looking for similar offers online. 
  • Google My Business Product Description – Product descriptions are tricky to write. Eliminate challenges with this template that will churn out high-conversion content in seconds! 
  • Google My Business What’s New post – Use this fantastic and easy template to create content related to updates of your business or website. These posts solidify the affinity of the client towards your posts, thereby boosting your business. 
  • Long-Form Assistant – This template is probably the most helpful one, help you write long-form content ranging from scripts, to blog posts, to books, sales pitches, and more! This is only included in Boss Mode and is worth every penny. 
  • Marketing Angles – If you find yourself stuck and unable to come up with a good marketing plan or campaign, don’t worry. The Market Angles template helps you brainstorm fresh and exciting marketing angles to boost your online reach.
  • PAS Framework – This is one of the most common marketing/copywriting techniques used by copywriters. The main format is to break the content into three main sections: (1) Problem/Pain: Posit a common challenge faced by your user; the implication should be that this problem area should be solved by your product/service. (2) Agitate: Make the user concerned about this problem and resonate with what they are facing.(3) Solve/Solution: Posit your product or service as a solution for this problem

Jarvis Artificial Intelligence can generate ai content, compelling, and high-converting PAS articles, blog posts, marketing copy, and product descriptions. 

  • Review Responder – The review responder is super helpful for replying to reviews in bulk. All you need to do is enter the review and the AI tool automatically generates a response for it.
  • Sentence Expander – A super handy tool for times when you really are lost for words. This tool helps expand a few words into fleshier ones without adding redundancies. This has helped me every time I found myself grappling for ways to complete a particular sentence. 
  • Search Engine Optimization – Write articles with catchy and optimized titles and meta descriptions with the search engine optimization capabilities of Jarvis.ai to drive more traffic to you.
  • Text summarizer – Summarize your content for short-form copies like ads, descriptions, titles with the text summarizer option. This ensures the keywords and SEO text is highlighted for better ranking.
  • Unique value propositions – Make your products and services stand out, especially on social media platforms, with unique propositions that add value to your customers’ lives. 


Now, this is something that has helped me greatly to navigate the saturated YouTube space. This tool particularly can help create the framework for a complete, high-ranking YouTube video. The different templates and enhancement tools you can fund under the larger YouTube umbrella are:

  • Youtube Topic generator – Sometimes you need the question to know how to present the answer. Use the topic generation tool to brainstorm high-ranking topics for your next YouTube video.  
  • YouTube Script outline – Writing a script can be a daunting and nuanced process. But don’t worry anymore, because the script outline generator will put you out of your misery and provide a skeleton script you can fine-tune to your liking. I know I have! This works best for listicles and instructional videos. 
  • Video script hook and intro – With the script’s framework out of the way, it is important to remember that even an informative topic might not translate to views without a compelling video script hook to keep your viewers from watching on. 
  • Video title – Now that the topic and script are out of the way, you can come up with a catchy and optimized title, similar to a blog post title to drive traffic your way with Jarvis.ai. 
  • Video description – Writing a concise yet comprehensive video description can be challenging and technical as it contains many details such as tags, links, and a blurb of your video. Summarizing the topics you cover in your video to improve its ranking with Jarvis. 

How to Write Content 5X Times Faster with Jarvis?

My favorites 

Now that I have more or less covered the various features of Jarvis.ai, it’s time to give you a sneak peek into some of my favorite features of this AI writing tool. I have been using Jarvis.ai since April 2021 and generated roughly 200,000 words of ranking content. 

I can tell you from my personal experience that Jarvis.ai has greatly benefitted my written and video content over these past months. Using this tool I have been able to significantly improve my ranking on Google and YouTube, streamline content, and generate ideas. 

My favorite templates can be broadly categorized as:

my favorite templates
My Favorite Templates that I Often Use

Text enhancement tools

These include the various blog post templates, Long Form Assistant, Content Improver, Creative Story, and SEO tools. These have significantly improved the quality and ranking of the content I have produced since I started using Jarvis.ai.

YouTube video tools

I cannot emphasize what a gift the YouTube tools are! These simple and easy-to-use tools are absolutely worth the money and with a little training, you will be able to amp up your YouTube content leaps and bounds. I have already explained how to get the most out of these tools in the previous section. 

Jarvis.ai has helped me generate more catchy hooks and intros, and write articles that rank higher in searches.

Jarvis.ai Boss Mode

Find my detailed demo and review video of Jarvis Boss mode here.

This is my preferred way of using Jarvis. This mode, as the Jarvis.ai website says, “lets you be your own boss and the boss of Jarvis” by enabling you to literally order Jarvis around!

I mean it. Type a command, and see Jarvis generate quality content like long-format content, blog post outline,  persuasive bullet points, the right tone of voice for you.

One of the many features that this mode offers you is increased lookback.

So, when you use a long-form assistant repeatedly, Jarvis looks back to only a few lines of the text for context to compose the next few lines. However, with Boss mode you get 3-5X more lookback, making your arguments flow better.

The second most important feature that is unlocked in Boss mode is the “Compose” button. Without boss mode, whenever asking Jarvis to compose, you would have to bridge the pieces of content by adding 10-15 words of text yourself. With Boss mode, you don’t have to anymore.

You can keep hitting generate and Jarvis.ai will generate text continuously.

I’m 99% sure you’ll say “WOW” within 5 minutes of using the tool. The bots are here, and they want to write your content. – Dave

Jarvis Command

I had to include this particular feature under a separate header here. This is the most comprehensive upgrade on the software yet. This tool allows you to literally tell Jarvis what you want it to do—just write an instruction like, “Write a blog post on how to use ai copywriting tools,” and watch Jarvis.ai do your bidding.

But, since the team is continuously improvising and the tool is being perfected, sometimes you might have to run your idea on Jarvis Command before you get the content standard you are looking for.

Another major con I noticed with Jarvis’s SEO, in general, is a small UI-related challenge:

With tools like SEO surfer, you can paste your content, get your keywords, and then send that link across to others (maybe your content team) for finalizing. However, Jarvis.ai doesn’t allow that yet.

Jarvis Recipes

Just like a cookbook recipe, Jarvis recipes are preset workflows that the AI copywriter can follow. This includes common template content types that Jarvis can generate with a few basic commands from the user. In this situation, you won’t be presented with a blank page like the one shown when you open all the other templates.

A feature of Jarvis’s Boss Mode, you can not only use Jarvis’s own preset recipes, but also write, save, and share your own.

Each recipe has a few variables that you need to enter for Jarvis to base the generated content upon. You can write commands for Jarvis using “>”.

For example, the Jarvis Help Center gives you a step-by-step tutorial with a generic example of creating a blog post. I have included a demo of using Jarvis recipes in my video. 

Additionally, there is another cool feature I can’t wait to share before I dig into the latest updates.

Voice Dictation

You may also communicate with Jarvis by speaking directly to it. To utilize voice commands in Jarvis, you must first ensure that it is enabled on your computer. 

Yes, it’s quite simple to enable on Mac and PC !!

Latest Updates..

The best part of using Jarvis.ai is that the company works to constantly improve and innovate, adding new features to their vast interface. The team makes it a point to send personalized emails to users, explaining each update in-depth. 

jarvis floating toolbar

The latest one includes a floating toolbar with H1, H2, H3 features. Similarly, the Re-phrase, Fix Grammar and Explain It To A 5th Grader options have also been added to this toolbar. Now, these commands are visible automatically instead of appearing as a pop-up only when the text has been selected.

You can additionally add links and images to your articles from the command shortcuts present on the same toolbar. Additionally, they have also added a very helpful guide to keyboard shortcuts on this toolbar as well.

Do I find the Outputs Useful?

I found Jarvis to be similar to a skill that I could add to my CV rather than something that is just an AI tool. Working on Jarvis not only gave me great ideas when I needed them but also helped scale my content production by a significant margin.

It is quite complicated and can seem daunting initially, especially if this is your first time working with an ai copywriting tool. So, a good place to start is the 7-day free trial (risk-free signup) which lets you generate 20,000 words, during which you can really find your sway if you concentrate.

While Jarvis’ factuality has not been up to the mark earlier, the team is consistently working on it and trying to improve it. However, the accuracy of content is always backed by good research. 

So, always take a hands-on approach with good research. With or without AI tools, factuality really separates good content from drivel. And that really depends on the user’s integrity and meticulousness.

I am Jarvis Certified and I can say with confidence that if you start using Jarvis, you will never look back. Take the bold step and sign up!!!

It’s not just me, read reviews from hundreds of Jarvis customers what they have to say in Trustpilot, Capterra and G2.

Jarvis Payment Plans

There are two distinct pricing plans/levels that Jarvis offers, each differing on the basis of the number of words you can generate per month and access to premium features. 


This plan allows the tool to generate 20,000 words and costs $24 per month. I recommend first-time users to test out the waters with the 7-day 20,000 words Jarvis ai free trial. If you still need more time to learn how to effectively navigate this tool, then this pack is a good option to start with. You can use this pack to write short-form copies across 50+ ai templates.

You get an additional 10,000 words with my exclusive link.

Boss mode

The Boss mode costs $59 per month and it is worth every penny. This, at least for me, is the ideal way to get the most out of Jarvis.ai as it gives you access to Jarvis Command that lets you directly communicate your needs with the AI and add additional users for $50/user per month, a lifetime deal.

Of course, with unlimited words too.

Each of these plans on Jarvis.ai comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How does it Compare with Peppertype.ai

In my experience using and reviewing both Peppertype and Jarvis, the former has 30 templates vs. Jarvis’s 50, and although both ai writing tools have certain common features (I go over them extensively in my videos on Boss Mode and Peppertype), the Jarvis mode makes content creation seamless and speedy. Everyday team Jarvis is aiming for higher accuracy rates than Peppertype. However, Peppertype is recommended for content within a range of 200-400 words, whereas, Jarvis Artificial Intelligence tool is a great tool for long-form content as well, including blog posts.

Just remember, content untouched by human eyes will always need some work on your part—and besides, Jarvis really lightens your load, enabling you to further enhance your writing content that suits your customer’s base the best.

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