3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy A Digital Photo Frame

In this digital photo frame review, we will answer three questions that will help you when shopping for digital picture frames:

  • What features should I look for in a digital picture frame?
  • How do these digital photo frames benefit me?
  • What are some tips and tricks when using digital picture frames?


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Digital photo frames are everywhere these days.

Not all digital photo frames are created equally. There are many digital photo frame manufacturers, and you should take some time to learn more about them before buying one for yourself or as a gift.

What features of the digital photo frame matter most to you?

Do they have what you need in terms of size, memory capacity, Wi-Fi features? These questions will help guide your buying decision regarding digital photo frames, especially if you’re shopping for elderly individuals who may be looking for ease of use or people who want to give a digital photo frame as a precious gift.

Are you looking for a new photo frame?

Digital photo frames are great gifts and can be used to display photos of your family, friends, or pets. They’re easy to use and don’t require special software or cables. You plug them in, and they start working!

Plus, the digital photo frame is a perfect way to show off all those pictures that have been sitting on your phone. No more scrolling through endless screens of selfies – now you can see every picture at once with one simple click!

The digital photo frame makes it easy for everyone in your life to enjoy their favorite memories from anywhere around the house.

It’s also an excellent gift idea because it shows how much you care about someone without spending too much money on something fancy like flowers or chocolates. And if you want even more customization options, there are tons of different designs available, so no two frames look alike!

It’s never been easier to give a thoughtful present that will last forever.

Read on to know the features before buying yourself a digital photo frame today!

What is a Digital Photo Frame?

The digital photo frame is a digital device that can show digital photos stored on digital storage media, such as computer hard drives, digital cameras, memory cards, digital camcorders, or mobile phones.

Video Credit : auraframes.com

Screen Size

The most popular sizes of digital frames are 3 x 5 to 10 x 12 inches. The finest digital frames have dimensions of up to 7 and 8 inches. LCD photo frames, like televisions and computer monitors, are measured diagonally.

Benefits of Larger Photo Frames

Larger digital photo frames are becoming more popular because they offer several benefits. For example, they can often hold more photos than smaller digital frames and display photos in a higher resolution.

This means that you’ll be able to see your pictures in greater detail, which can be especially important if you want to print them out or use them for other purposes. Additionally, larger digital frames often come with built-in stands, making them easier to display on a table or countertop.


A digital photo frame’s resolution can affect how clear your photos look – different levels of resolution produce different results. Hence, you want to be careful when buying a digital photo frame or selecting where to display your photos.

The resolution comes in two formats: ‘x’ and “y” ratings-x being horizontal, y being vertical pixel count; a popular example would be a standard 720p HDTV which is considered 1080 x 720 pixels.

There are also various other standards outside of these parameters that have been introduced or have improved over time, such as WQXGA (2560 x 1600) monitors that help reduce eyestrain in digital devices.

Benefits of High Resolution

When considering digital frame resolution, the most crucial factor is picture quality. Photos should appear life-like, with realistic colors and no pixelation. A digital frame with a high resolution will ensure that your photos look their best.

Aura Mason has photo frames that are 9 inches and carries a high resolution of 1600 X 1200. It has a variety of frame selections as well as digital storage capabilities.

Aura Mason makes it simple to get and pleasantly share pictures.

  • You get free storage for all your photos and videos.
  • Share memories with friends and family on social media anytime, anywhere. 
  • Set up a slideshow of your favorite pictures in seconds, ranging from 15 seconds to 4 hours
  • The Aura frame automatically rotates your images to fit the frame’s orientation, whether it is landscape or portrait. The technology used by Aura places the photo so that it does not have to be cropped and distorted.
  • You will never forget those special moments again.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is a significant factor to consider in digital photo frames. This is because digital photo frames with the wrong aspect ratio can cause your photos to look distorted or stretched out.

The most common aspect ratios for digital photo frames are 4:3 and 16:9.

4:3 is the traditional aspect ratio used for older television screens and digital photo frames.

At the same time, 16:9 is the new widescreen aspect ratio used for most high-definition televisions.

If you’re unsure which aspect ratio your digital photo frame should have, it’s best to go with 16:9.

This is because it will be more compatible with high-definition TVs, and it will also allow you to view digital photos more clearly, without looking stretched out.

Built-in Wi-Fi & App to Upload Photos

If you want to give someone a unique gift this year, consider giving them the ability to send photos and videos straight to your family’s living rooms, privately – wherever they are – via the Nixplay iOS or Android Mobile App, Desktop Web App, Email, Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram.

Check for manufacturers with their app through which it is straightforward to share photos and videos instantly.

Many digital photo frames also come with apps that allow you to wirelessly control your digital photo frame using your smartphone or tablet. This makes sharing photos and videos instantly.

Memory Cards Slots & Internal Storage

Digital photo frames come with either internal storage or a memory card slot. A digital frame with internal storage will store the digital photos and videos on the digital frame itself. The digital frame with a memory card slot will allow users to insert a memory card that holds their digital images and videos.

Advantages of Internal Storage:

Digital photo frames with internal storage save you from purchasing a digital frame and buying any additional memory cards that may be necessary for your digital frame to function properly. They also do not require much space, unlike laptops and desktops, and most importantly, they do not need any Wi-Fi.

Drawbacks of Internal Storage:

The drawback of digital photo frames with internal storage is that they have limited storage space. If you want to store a large number of digital photos and videos, you may need multiple digital photo frames with internal storage.

Another drawback is that digital photo frames with internal storage must be plugged in, so users cannot access their digital photos and videos without being near a power outlet.

Advantages of Memory Card Slots:

Digital photo frames with memory card slots are very flexible because digital photo frames with internal storage do not have to be purchased.

Users can insert any memory card into digital photo frames with memory card slots, depending on the size of the digital photos and videos that they want to store.

Drawbacks of Memory Cards: 

The drawback of digital photo frames with memory card slots is that digital photo frames with memory card slots are not as flexible because digital photo frames with internal storage do not have to be purchased.

Users can only insert a memory card compatible with their digital photo frame. Suppose the digital photo frame’s manufacturer does not have a memory card compatible with the digital photo frame.

In that case, users will not be able to store their digital photos and videos on the digital photo frame.

Frames with 16 GB memory can store up to 40k photos. Choose a frame that will allow you to read the files and export the acquired photographs and video clips for better album management.

Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame has all of these features and more! It supports SD/SDHC cards, USB drives, and cloud storage.

You can even listen to music or watch videos on it! The only thing to note is that if you are looking for instant wireless sharing over a Wi-Fi network, it can only work with 2.5 GHz.

Share Photos by Email

There are two ways to share pictures remotely to a digital photo frame- email or through the app.

Most frames that support this feature come with a unique email address for your frame. Email photos to the frame’s email address, and they will appear instantly!

Isn’t that easy??

Skylight Frame seems to have this feature and fits the bill comfortably.

And of course, if you are not on social media, Skylight can be a life-changing new way to connect with family.

What are some Tips and Tricks when using Digital Picture Frames?

Digital photo frames are easy to use, but a few tips and tricks can help make using digital photo frames even easier.

Here are a few digital photo frame tips:

  • Check if your digital photo frame has internal storage or a memory card slot. This will determine how many digital photos and videos you can store on your digital photo frame.
  • If your digital photo frame has internal storage, make sure to check the amount of storage space before purchasing the digital photo frame. If you want to store a large number of digital photos and videos, you may need multiple digital photo frames with internal storage.
  • If your digital photo frame has a memory card slot, make sure the type of digital photo frame that you are purchasing is compatible with the memory card type.
  • Most digital photo frames come with a digital user manual or quick start guide explaining how to use the digital frame’s features, such as sharing digital photos by email, using the digital clock, editing digital photos, videos, etc.
  • Most digital photo frames have a built-in calendar and clock. The digital calendar can be used to store digital photos and videos from special events, such as family vacations or holidays. The digital clock can be used to set a digital photo frame to display a new digital photo or video every day or week.
  • Some digital photo frames come with software to edit digital photos and videos.
  • Some digital photo frames can be connected to Wi-Fi networks, allowing users to remotely view digital photos and videos on the digital photo frame from a computer or smartphone.
  • Most digital photo frames have a power button and a digital photo frame stand. Use the photo frame stand to display the digital photo frame in landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Some digital photo frames come with a remote control to control the digital photo frame’s features, such as playing digital photos and videos, adjusting the digital photo frame’s volume, etc.
  • Most digital photo frames have built-in rechargeable batteries that need to be charged before using the digital photo frame. Batteries can be recharged by either using an external power adapter or connecting the digital photo frame to a computer via its USB port.
  • Digital photos and videos on digital photo frames can be password protected. This is a helpful feature to protect digital photos and videos from others who may have access to the digital photo frame.
  • To prevent digital photos and videos from being accidentally deleted from a digital photo frame, make sure to back-up digital images and videos on an external storage device, such as a USB drive or digital photo frame’s memory card.

FAQ: What to Look for when Buying a Digital Photo Frame

Is it worth buying a digital photo frame?

Some digital photo frames produce digital photos with higher quality than others. Digital photo frames with high-quality digital images can be worth the price, but the cheaper ones may not be worth the price.The features of digital picture frames are very different, so make sure to find one that has features you like and would use.

What is the best type of photo frame?

The best type of photo frame depends on each person’s personal preference, but most digital photo frames come with digital photo editing software. Along with this, it should have the capability to share photos over Wi-Fi, App, Email, Wall Mountable, and Auto-rotate.

How long do digital photo frames last?

For approximately 1,000 hours, a digital photo frame’s screen may be continuously shown the same image before any screen burn-in or damage to the LCD occurs.

Do you need Wi-Fi for a digital photo frame?

Wi-Fi isn’t always required if the digital photo frame has internal storage and memory card slots.

Can you leave a digital photo frame on all the time?

Most digital photo frames come with a power button to turn the digital photo frame off and on. Some digital photo frames also have a sleep mode that will turn the digital photo frame off after a certain amount of time.

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