Food Fantasy: Yay or nay? … Here’s what you need to know!

Released in 2018, Food Fantasy is a role playing (RPG) adventure management game. Plus, it uses the gacha format, that is, you can make in-app micro-purchases and there is a lot of chance involved as well.

If you want to know more about the game Food fantasy, you are reading the right blog, as here, I will cover:

  • Food Fantasy: A cooking game with unique elements
  • What are Food Souls?
  • Summoning food souls
  • Food recipes and stats
  • Answers to some common user questions ... and as always, much more!

So read on till the end, and with that thought, let's cut into Food Fantasy!


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A cooking game with unique elements: A glimpse of the Food Fantasy world!

Food Fantasy is an easy-to-play game that supports a fantastical story revolving around cuisines from around the world, and enables the gamer to role play as a restaurateur cum battle hero: The saga involves interacting and capturing various “food souls” or the personification of various world class restaurant dishes and using them to:

  1. Battle it out with other food souls (à la Pokemon or Yu Gi Oh!) as well as collect food souls; and
  2. Create a world class restaurant using the Food souls you have and their unique personalities to forge your own menu and food combos and earn money. This includes choosing things like different furniture and other game items, for example, to make your restaurant more swanky. Your tasks include making take out orders, develop recipes, and DIY management of customers as well.
Food Fantasy

You can download Food Fantasy on Google Play Store as well as Apple app store. To know more about food souls on Food Fantasy, read on!

Currently, according to Sensor Tower, Food Fantasy is ranking at 106 in the month of October’22 in the US iPhone charts. Here’s an info-graphic that shows the recent rankings of the game.

What are Food souls on Food Fantasy?

In short, they are the main story driving force in the Food Fantasy world of “Tierra,” literally food personified. They were once dormant spirits who inhabited different kinds of food, and were awakened by scientists who bring life to them in the game universe.

The player has to collect food souls to build an arsenal. After all Food Fantasy is a food story-driven game, so the focus in on different kinds of ingredients, cuisines, cooking styles, and everything else food-related, making it one of the most unique and bizarre games out there!

And as you collect food souls, in this gacha game, there are more common ones, along with rare and ultra rare food souls that can be collected.

There are more than 100 reasons why gacha game is excellent!

Best part is, you can not only collect food souls that are foods, but there are various drinks including alcoholic (beer, gin, red wine, etc.) and non-alcoholic ones (cola, Earl Grey tea, Oolong tea, etc.) that you can find as you collect ingredients to build your team.

The different characters come in tiers or levels depending on rarity and are food personified or carry the names of the food/drinks they represent. The categories, along with examples include:

Specials: B-52 (the layered cocktail liqueur), Beer, Black tea, Boston lobster, Peking Duck, Pizza, and Rice.

Ultra rares: Bibimbap (The now-famous Korean mixed rice), Apple Pie, Blue Cheese, Bouillabaisse (a kind of French fish stew), Chocolate bar, Croissant, Cookie, Dragon’s Beard Candy (the world’s earliest cotton candy, now quite an internet sensation), Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu, among others.

Super rares: American cord bread (a literal “soul food”), Burrito, Caesar Salad, Century egg (a Chinese preserved egg, now quite an internet sensation), Lollipop, Marshmallow, Red Velvet cake, Spaghetti, Shawarma (RIP Tony Stark), etc.

 Food Fantasy Caesar Salad
food fantasy super-rares; Image Courtesy@techietrickle

Rares: Dorayaki (the stuff Doraemon eats), Crepe, Instant Noodles, Macaron (specialized almond flour-based desert cookies; now an internet sensation thanks to Buzzfeed), Sashimi, Omurice (Japanese egg rice), etc.

Food Fantasy Instant Noodles
food fantasy rares; Image Courtesy@techietrickle

Manager: Cheese, Bagel, Popcorn, Toast, etc.

Food Fantasy Bagel
food fantasy manager; Image Courtesy@techietrickle

Summoning Food Souls

To fight the main antagonists in the game, the Fallen Angels, you have to collect food souls and battle them. Your main move is to summon various characters or food souls using in-game currency in the form of Soul embers and magic crystals (use up soul embers first as they have no other use than summoning food souls).

If you summon already collected food souls in the game, Food Fantasy gives you shards which you can use to ascend/evolve your food souls (much like Digi-eggs in Digimon adventure) or perform Shard Fusion that is basically raring up your food souls.

While playing Food Fantasy, there are some Food souls including Toast, Spaghetti, Black Truffle, etc., that cannot be summoned. They can be acquired permanently, however, but not acquired through summoning.

Food Fantasy game

Food Fantasy Recipes

Recipes are the chief way of driving the story forward as they help increase the fondness of the Food souls you have. Additionally you complete take out orders, deliveries, fill airship crates, etc.

There are four kinds of cuisines from which you try out recipes, which are:

  • Gloriville: Involve meat, deep frying, and stewing techniques.
  • Sakurajima: Involve simple cooking, but gets knife skills to the test.
  • Light Kingdom: Stir-frying and steaming, among other techniques.
  • Lost Recipes: From forgotten cuisines such as Calamari skewers, grilled prawns, etc.

The first three are given as choices for you to learn, while lost recipes can be uncovered as and when you progress through different story lines in the games over the normal and hard stages of Food Fantasy.

Depending on the cuisine you choose first, you have to learn to make all the different game items in that, and that automatically gives you the ability to make everything from the other two cuisines as well.

You can acquire the requisite ingredients by playing Food Fantasy through the Normal and hard levels, but users are able to have brought Food Fantasy from the Market. Each recipe has an exquisite or gourmet counterpart that will be unlocked while you cook.

To develop on a Food Fantasy recipe, all you need is to have all the ingredients at hand and wait for the recipe to be unlocked.

Each recipe has 5 different attributes or aspects, which give the gamer different ability. These are:

  • Flavor: increases fame
  • Texture: increases extra Gold
  • Aroma: increases customer flow
  • Appearance: makes the dish cheaper to make
  • Eating time (for the customer to eat each particular food fantasy item): Static attribute

The more frequently you make a dish, the better you get and higher its attributes get too.


Seasonings are used to increase specific attributes of a dish, and various kinds of seasonings from black pepper to condensed milk are available. These do not include exquisite versions of seasonings including crystal sago, diced scallions, fresh garlic, etc.

Hundreds of Recipes to choose from … and here are some stats

Recipe statistics are the specific attributes that each recipe has. Knowing these beforehand can help you make informed decisions about the ones to choose when playing in your restaurant. Here are some examples from each cuisine that will help you bring your culinary skills to the test:


#1. French Fries
  • Flavor: 972
  • Texture: 1800
  • Aroma: 506
  • Appearance: 722
  • Eating time: 60
#2. Smoked salmon
  • Flavor: 888
  • Texture: 1700
  • Aroma: 705
  • Appearance: 707
  • Eating time: 70
#3. Roast beef
  • Flavor: 607
  • Texture: 984
  • Aroma: 1800
  • Appearance: 609
  • Eating time: 180

Light kingdom

#1. Egg fried rice
  • Flavor: 556
  • Texture: 2000
  • Aroma: 907
  • Appearance: 537
  • Eating time: 60
#2. Risotto
  • Flavor: 504
  • Texture: 938
  • Aroma: 1900
  • Appearance: 658
  • Eating time: 180
#3. Kung Pao Chicken
  • Flavor: 607
  • Texture: 984
  • Aroma: 1800
  • Appearance: 609
  • Eating time: 90


#1. Salmon sashimi
  • Flavor: 771
  • Texture: 1500
  • Aroma: 910
  • Appearance: 819
  • Eating time: 70
#2. Fried chicken
  • Flavor: 808
  • Texture: 2200
  • Aroma: 397
  • Appearance: 595
  • Eating time: 150
#3. mango smoothie
  • Flavor: 1700
  • Texture: 750
  • Aroma: 800
  • Appearance: 750
  • Eating time: 180

Lost Recipes

#1. Calamari skewers
  • Flavor: 771
  • Texture: 910
  • Aroma: 1500
  • Appearance: 819
  • Eating time: 180
#2. Grilled prawns
  • Flavor: 1500
  • Texture: 707
  • Aroma: 992
  • Appearance: 801
  • Eating time: 210
#3. Spaghetti
  • Flavor: 725
  • Texture: 813
  • Aroma: 1500
  • Appearance: 962
  • Eating time: 210

Now that you know some of the recipe stats, use these numbers wisely in the games to increase the fondness of food souls and create great food combos.

Another plus of this beautiful game is that it has world renowned artists and voice actors working for voiceovers of the various characters, which takes playing food fantasy to a whole different level altogether.

The cast of voice actors making such amazing voiceovers includes: Larissa Gallagher, Kat Cressida, Brianna Knickerbocker, Faye Mata, Greg Chun, Zach Holzman among many more talented actors.

Read on to know answers to some common user questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What genre is food fantasy?

Food Fantasy is, as the name suggests, a fantasy story-driven RPG Gacha game.
There are two main elements to this game: a battle, in which you summon and battle various food souls (whose voiceovers are done by some of the most famous Japanese voice actors) and a Restaurant management aspect, where you open a restaurant and create its own unique menu to earn in-game money.

Can you play food fantasy PC?

Yes, you can enjoy Food Fantasy, the story-driven RPG Gacha adventure on a PC, but only after you download and use an Android emulator software, as the game is created for Android/cellphone platforms. You can download food fantasy on both Android and apple stores.

Is Food Fantasy a good game?

Yes, Food Fantasy is a great game, with excellent graphics and a very engaging storyline that has echoes of more popular games such as Pokemon (you can capture and use Food souls to battle) while also giving you an interesting “management” style gacha game: you have to literally open and manage a restaurant of your own using your food souls to create unique dishes and menus and earn money. So definitely go for a spin on this one.

In closing …

This free game is an excellent game for both battle lovers, Pokemon nostalgia fans, as well as gamers who love fantasy. And, if you’re a foodie like me, you’ll find the journey quite worthwhile as you explore flavors and tastes like never before.

If you’re hooked to this and if this game is your new obsession like it is mine, let me know in the comments below, as well as your favorite recipes to make.

Till next time …

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