How to Know if Your Computer Has Bluetooth|5 Stunning Ways

Today I am going to show you exactly How to know if your Computer has Bluetooth in 5 Stunning Ways.

These are the ways I used to check for Bluetooth on my PC.

Excited to know?

Read on!!


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For your computer to use Bluetooth, both hardware and software are required.

Bluetooth adapters provide the necessary hardware, but even if your PC does not come with this hardware installed on it out of the box, you can easily find a compatible dongle to purchase and install onto your computer’s USB slots.

This how-to article will guide you through how to know if your computer has Bluetooth.

Some of the ways to check if your computer has Bluetooth is as follows:

1. Check Using Windows Start Menu

2. Use Windows Taskbar

3. Validate Using Windows Device Manager

4. Check the Manufacturer’s Website

5. Use the Keyboard

6. How to Determine if Your Computer has Bluetooth

7. FAQs

#1 How to Know if Your Computer Has Bluetooth: Windows Start Menu

a. Click on the “start” button and then go to the Start menu

b. Go to “Settings”

c. Tap on “Bluetooth & other devices.”

d. Tap to see how your Bluetooth is enabled.

#2 Windows Taskbar

Step 1: Open the “Taskbar” and Search for the Bluetooth Icon on the Tray.

If an icon of two arrows crossing around a small blue circle doesn’t appear, then turn to Step 2.

Step 2: On the Start Menu, open Control Panel

Type “Bluetooth” (no quotes) into the search text box and click on the result labeled Bluetooth Devices or something similar depending on how Windows 7/ Vista/ XP renamed it.

If there’s a red X over the Bluetooth icon, that means it’s disabled.

You need to enable it.

How To Enable Bluetooth on your Computer

Right-click on the Bluetooth icon on the tray or open up settings; however you prefer.

Go down to “Show discoverable devices” and click/tap on it.

Go back to the device manager and click/tap on the Bluetooth icon to select the device you want to enable.

#3 Windows Device Manager

a. Go to “Control Panel”> “Hardware and Sound”> “Device Manager” in Windows 10/8 or 7.

If you are using Windows Vista, then go to “Control Panel”> “Hardware and Sound”> “Manage Bluetooth Devices.”

b. Click on “Bluetooth” and check if any devices are listed.

c. Right-click on the Bluetooth device that you wish to enable/disable (enable if it’s disabled).

d. Click “Uninstall,” and then click “OK” to confirm the action ( Of course, if you want to disable this particular device).

e. Go back to the Device Manager.

f. From here, you can check which Bluetooth item is enabled or disabled by right-clicking on it.

The fourth way to check if your computer has Bluetooth is to check the Manufacturer’s website and look for information if the PC model does support Bluetooth.

Often, manufacturers will provide this information on their “Specifications” or “Features” page. (Usually the first one you’ll see.)

You can also look for a “Bluetooth” section that usually comes after it lists all of the computer’s ports and slots. It will list how many devices are supported by how many USB 2.0 ports or how many internal Bluetooth radios the PC has.

If you don’t find any details there, check other sections that are more likely to have information like “Key Features,” etc.).

#5 Using Your Keyboard

The easiest way to turn on Bluetooth is by using the keyboard.

First, you’ll have to find out if Bluetooth is enabled, which can be done by pressing Windows + A on your keyboard. 

Press Tab until one of the Quick actions appears, and then use the arrow keys to highlight “Bluetooth.”

Click on it, and Bluetooth will be enabled. (Note: Check how to enable your Bluetooth in Windows 10/8 or 7 if you’ve got an older version of Windows.)

Now that you know if your computer has Bluetooth, you can find out the different ways in which you can turn on Bluetooth without a mouse on Windows 10.

How do I determine if my PC has Bluetooth capability?

Windows Vista allows you to connect to Bluetooth (BT) through a Control Panel. The wireless signal icon from Windows’ notification center is used to do all kinds of BT activities.

If the computer does not have Bluetooth software, an external USB dongle can be purchased and installed.

To enable Bluetooth in Windows 10/8 or 7, you will need to have the USB dongle that plugs into a USB port and acts as a transmitter.

Frequently Asked Questions: About Bluetooth

How do I turn on my Fn key for Bluetooth?

To turn on your Fn key for Bluetooth, you need to press: “Fn + F3” or “Fn + F4.”
Press the Fn and an arrow key at the same time. Then activate Bluetooth to turn on the Bluetooth setting successfully. For example, if you wanted to change this setting from Bluetooth off (it is the default), click on enabled and proceed with the setup by following the directions provided.
You will have a new screen that says “Bluetooth Setup.” The next steps will guide you through any questions or issues. If not, follow through with directions before clicking next until setup is complete successfully!

How can I find out if my PC has Bluetooth?

To find out if your computer has Bluetooth hardware installed, you need to check the name of it. The majority of motherboards that have built-in Bluetooth also feature stickers with the name of the technology. You can also use Belkin’s F5U-007 Bluetooth USB dongle, which is readily available as plug and play. It works in conjunction with most Windows operating systems without any additional drivers or applications needed.

How do I install Bluetooth on my computer?

Your computer may be equipped with a Bluetooth card that is built-in. The steps to install Bluetooth on the computer are:
1. Delete old driver
a. Go to Start > Control Panel > Device Manager window.
b. From the View Menu > Select “Show hidden devices.”
c. Select the Bluetooth driver you want to Uninstall.
d. Right Click > Uninstall device> Confirm OK.
2. Download the Bluetooth driver from the Manufacturer’s website.
3. Extract all the files
4. Open the extracted folder > Remember to choose the correct bit file :
Windows 10 32 bit: Win732bit
Windows 10 64 bit: Win764bit
Right-click on the bit file > Properties> Compatibility > Check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode” for Windows 10>Apply > OK
5. Install the Win64 bit file by Running as an administrator
6. Restart your computer
Your Bluetooth should have been installed correctly.

Does Windows 10 come with Bluetooth?

Yes. Windows 10 comes with built-in Bluetooth capabilities.
Go to Start > Control Panel > Device Manager.
If your computer has Bluetooth, it will be listed under the header “Bluetooth.”


In today’s high-paced technological world, knowing if your computer does support Bluetooth is of utmost importance.

Do let us know which of the ways you used to check if your computer has Bluetooth or not. If you know of any other way to check if your computer has Bluetooth, I would love to hear back.

Either way, let us know in the comments below.

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