Top 8 Easy Fixes For the Chrome Error ‘err_cache_miss’

Google Chrome is a popular browser for Windows PC users. Similar to any other browser, Chrome is also not immune to one or other kind of error messages. If you are on this page reading this article, you are probably staring at the error Confirm form submission - err_cache_miss in Google Chrome.

This Chrome error usually occurs when submitting an online form or loading a website. This can also happen when opening Developer Tools. It's not a surprise that you're looking for an easy solution to this problem. Here are some steps in 2021 on how to solve it swiftly!
A summary of what you will learn in this article:

  • Resetting network connection and settings 
  • Updating your browser
  • Using the clean up tool and resetting the browser
  • Uninstalling problematic extensions 

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Reasons for the Confirm Form Submission – err_cache_miss error in Chrome 

The err cache miss bug in Chrome can occur due to several reasons. Some of the common causes of the error include:

  • Misconfigured and unstable internet connection 
  • Third-party extension conflict 
  • Corrupt browser cached data 
  • Broken DNS cache 

How to Fix the Confirm Form Submission – err_cache_miss Error in Chrome?

1. Check the network connection and reload the page 

At times, the err_cache_miss can occur if your system is experiencing network connection issues. In such a situation, quick reloading of the page can help you resolve the error.

On your browser, click the reload button on the top-left corner or press the Ctrl + R shortcut key on your keyboard to reload the page. After reloading the page, if the error persists, proceed with the next set of troubleshooting steps below.

2. Update Chrome browser 

1. Launch Chrome browser on your Windows PC.

2. Click the menu icon (three dots) from the top-left corner.

3. Go to Help and then choose About Google Chrome.

4. Google Chrome will scan for pending updates. If available, proceed to download and install all the pending updates.

Once the update is installed, close and relaunch the Google Chrome browser and check if the err_cache_miss error is resolved. Google Chrome installs all the updates automatically; however, at times, the browser may fail to install some updates.

Manually checking and installing the updates can help as new updates include bug fixes and new features. 

3. Clear browser cache and site data 

Browser cache data are files and other multimedia entities that are stored on your computer after opening a web page. Stored cache helps in loading the frequently accessed web pages load faster.

However, the corrupted cache can create issues with specific websites resulting in the err_cache_miss error. One way to resolve problems occurring due to corrupt cached data is by clearing all Google Chrome Browsing Data. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open Google Chrome browser and click the menu icon.

2. Choose Settings from the context menu.

3. Scroll down to the Privacy and Security section on the Settings page.

4. Click on Clear browsing data.

5. Choose a Time Range.

6. Check Browsing history, cookies and other site data and cached images and files option.

7. Click the Clear data button. Click Clear data one again to confirm the action.

8. Close the Chrome browser. Launch the browser again and check if the errcachemiss error is resolved.

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4. Check for an extension conflict 

Chrome extensions enable you to expand the browser functionalities. However, unmaintained, insatiable and corrupted Chrome extensions can cause issues with the browser functionalities. 

Disabling or removing conflicting plugins can help you fix issues triggered due to the extensions. 

1. Launch Chrome browser and click the Menu icon.

Confirm form submission - err_cache_miss

2. Go to More Tool and then choose Extensions. This will open the Chrome installed extensions page.

3. Click the slider next to each extension to disable them. Do this for all the extensions.

4. Once all the extensions are disabled, close and relaunch the browser.

Check If the Confirm form submission – err_cache_miss error is resolved. If yes, you may have a third-party extension creating conflict. To find the troubling extension, enable the extensions one by one.

5. Reset network settings 

A misconfigured internet connection is among the reasons why you may be encountering the err_cache_miss error in Chrome. Broken DNS cache can prevent the browser from sending and receiving data to a web server resulting in the error. 

To make sure you have no issues with the network settings, try resetting the network settings using PowerShell. 

1. Press the Windows key + X to bring up the Start options.

2. Click on Windows PowerShell (Admin) to open PowerShell with administrator privileges.

3. In the PowerShell window, type the following and hit enter to execute:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset

4. Executing all the commands above will reset your network configuration and DNS cache.

Once the commands are executed, your connection will be reset to default. Unless there is a bigger underlying issue, this should allow your browser to send and receive data without any issues. Launch the browser and check if the error is resolved. 

6. Disable Chrome caching 

If the error persists and the aforementioned solutions did not help, you can bypass the error by disabling cache memory in Google Chrome. While this is more of a workaround, it should help till you find a permanent solution to this error.

1. Launch Google Chrome and click the Menu icon.

2. From the menu, go to More Tools.

Confirm form submission - err_cache_miss

3. Choose the Developer Tools option.

4. In the Developer Tools menu, open the Network tab.

Confirm form submission - err_cache_miss

5. Check the Disable cache box. This will disable caching on Google Chrome.

Once you have disabled the caching feature for Chrome, reload the web page. The error message will not show again. However, you may have to resubmit the data, if any, to complete the task again.

7. Reset Chrome to factory default 

1. Launch Chrome and open Settings from the menu.

2. In the Setting page, scroll down and expand the Advanced section.

3. Open the Reset and clean up tab.

4. Click on the Restore setting to their original default option.

5. Click the Reset button to confirm the action.

Once the restore is complete, relaunch the browser and check if the error is resolved. If not, run the clean up tool to remove malicious code from your computer that affects the browser functionalities.

8. Run the Clean up tool 

1. Go to Chrome Settings.

2. Expand the Advanced section and click on the Reset and clean up tab.


3. Click on Clean up computer.


4. Click the Find button. Chrome will scan and find harmful software on your computer and remove it.

If the Clean up tool did not find any issues with the system, try reinstalling the browser. A fresh installation will resolve issues that may have occurred due to corrupted program files.

If the issue persists, run the built-in Windows Internet troubleshooter. To do this, click Start and open Settings. Go to Update & Security. Open the Troubleshoot tab from the left pane.

Windows Internet troubleshooter

Click on Internet Connections and then click Run the troubleshooter. Wait for the troubleshooter to scan for internet issues and apply any recommended fixes.

Some of the Questions You Might Have

What is err_cache_miss ?

The error_cache_miss error is a Google Chrome specific that can occur when accessing Chrome settings or loading a specific website.

What does err_cache_miss mean?

This error means that the website requires data submission from the user. Even if you have entered the data already, the browser may fail to detect the input resulting in this error.

How to fix error_cache_miss error?

To fix error_cache_miss error in Google Chrome, reload the web page, troubleshooting internet connection, reset network settings or reinstall the browser.

Troubleshooting Chrome issues 

Following the steps in this article should help you fix the Confirm form submission – err_cache_miss error.  

Begin by refreshing the page and then try to clear the cache and browser data to resolve the error. 

If that does not help, try resetting your internet connection settings using PowerShell. 

Additionally, disable problematic Chrome extensions, use the clean up tool, reset the browser or reinstall Chrome to fix the error.

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