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7 BEST Ways to Turn On Bluetooth Without a Mouse on Windows 10

Today's Most modern tech devices include Bluetooth as a basic connectivity function, allowing users to connect to other Bluetooth devices, such as a Bluetooth-enabled mouse. Unfortunately, most Windows 10 users either don’t know how to turn on Bluetooth without a mouse or turn it off accidentally while pressing random keys on their keyboards.

If you still haven't figured it out, keep reading this tutorial. We'll cover the following topics:

  • How to turn on Bluetooth without a mouse on Windows 10 in 7 Ways.
  • How to turn on other Bluetooth devices, like Macs, Android TVs, Xbox, Tablet, etc.
  • The most frequently asked questions by users.

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7 Ways to Turn on Bluetooth without a Mouse

  1. From Quick Actions
  2. From Bluetooth Settings
  3. From Airplane Mode Settings
  4. Using Cortana
  5. Using Function Keys
  6. Using the ‘Run Command’
  7. Using Arrow Keys
How to turn on bluetooth without a mouse windows 10
Turn on Bluetooth without a mouse windows 10

Check this video first.

1. From Quick Actions

One of the easiest ways to enable Bluetooth without a mouse is by accessing Quick Actions on the Action Center. Here’s how you can access it:

Step 1

On your keyboard, press the Windows key + A.

Step 2

From the list of options on the Quick Actions window, press the Tab key to reach the Bluetooth button and press the Space Bar to turn it on.

If you’re using a touch-enabled device, you only need to tap on the button.

Enabling Bluetooth from Quick Actions

You can add the Bluetooth button by customizing the Quick Actions from the Actions Center in Settings if the Bluetooth button is hidden.

2. From Bluetooth Settings

Another way to enable Bluetooth is from the Settings app on Windows. You don’t even need a USB or wired mouse for this purpose. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1

From your keyboard, press the Windows key + I.

Step 2

Once you have opened the Settings tab, press the Tab key to select Devices which will grant you access to the settings page for Bluetooth.

Enabling Bluetooth from Devices

Step 3

Once you’re in, you can enable or disable Bluetooth according to your requirement.

Turning on Bluetooth from Devices

3. From the Airplane Mode Settings

Windows 10 has another Bluetooth switch on Airplane mode settings for users. Here are the steps to access it:

Step 1

From your keyboard, press Windows + I to open settings.

Step 2

Once you’re in, use the Tab key to reach the Network & Internet open and press Enter to access it.

Turning on Bluetooth from Airplane Mode

Step 3

From the Airplane Mode tab on the left, you should see the Wireless Devices section with the option to turn Bluetooth on.

Here, you can also see all the other devices connected to your computer.

Turning on Bluetooth from Wireless Devices

4. Using Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant

Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, can make it easier if you’re having trouble accessing the settings or following multiple steps to enable Bluetooth without a mouse.

As long as Cortana can hear you, you only need to say one of these phrases or any phrase that closely resembles these:

  • “Turn on Bluetooth,”
  • “Start Bluetooth,”
  • “Activate Bluetooth” or
  • “Enable Bluetooth.”

Even if your laptop or computer doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth chip, you can connect a Bluetooth adapter to operate a Bluetooth device like a USB mouse, headset, Bluetooth keyboard, or stylus by using Cortana.

Here’s how you can access the virtual assistant using a keyboard shortcut:

Step 1

Press Shift + Windows Key + C from your keyboard to turn on Cortana’s hearing mode.

Step 2

Simply speak the command to enable or disable Bluetooth.

Turning on Bluetooth Using Cortana

5. Using the Function Keys

Traditional Windows users are accustomed to quick shortcuts to enable or disable different functions using various key combinations.

Here’s how to turn Bluetooth on using a single function key:

Option 1

If you have a conventional keyboard attached, press F7 to switch on Airplane mode, which will enable Bluetooth automatically

Option 2

If you use a smaller laptop or Bluetooth keyboard, press Fn + F7 instead.

6. Using the ‘Run’ Command to Enable Bluetooth

Another popular way to turn Bluetooth on without a mouse on Windows 10 is by using the ‘Run’ command. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1

Press your keyboard’s Windows key + R to open the ‘Run’ command.

Step 2

Type in ‘devmgmt. msc’ and hit enter to enter all device settings, such as your wired keyboard, speakers, drivers, etc.

Step 3

Look for Bluetooth and press enter to enable it.

Turning on Bluetooth from the Run Command

If you type in ‘squirt’ in the dialogue box in Run Command, you’ll directly access the transfer wizard or the Bluetooth file exchange app.

7. Using the Arrow Keys

If you accidentally turned off your Bluetooth and don’t have a USB mouse on standby, you can use your keyboard’s arrow keys to enable it.

The idea is to navigate the dialogue boxes to access the buttons when the panel and space bar don’t work.

You can use the Shift key+Tab key combination or Ctrl and Shift modifiers to move the cursor with the arrow keys when mouse clicks aren’t possible.

Many users have experienced issues while adding or removing devices from Bluetooth. Sometimes, the solution is to turn it off and back on.

How to Turn On Bluetooth on Other Devices

1. How to Enable Bluetooth on Mac

On your Mac, hit the Command key + Spacebar. Once you see the spotlight, type in “Bluetooth File Exchange” and hit Return.

This command will launch the Bluetooth app on your Mac or Mac mini for you to check if it stopped Bluetooth.

Press the “Turn On” button using the Spacebar or Enter key (Fn + Return).

2. How to Turn on Bluetooth on a Tablet

Tap and hold the Bluetooth Icon after swiping down from the top on your touch-enabled Windows PC or Tablet.

Tap the ‘On’ button and click “Add Bluetooth Devices” to connect to other devices.

3. How to Turn on Bluetooth on Android TV

An Android TV functions similarly to a tablet or smartphone running Android OS. You can use the supplied remote or connect a USB mouse.

Scroll down to the Settings option, which will open the Settings menu. Now, select Network & Accessories from this menu.

Under Bluetooth settings, click on the “Turn On” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Turn on Bluetooth Without a Mouse?

There are several ways to turn Bluetooth on without a mouse. One easy method is to press F7/Fn+F7; the combination depends on whether you’re using a conventional keyboard or not.

2. How Do I Turn Bluetooth Back On Windows 10?

If you accidentally turn off your Bluetooth, you can quickly turn it on by accessing Bluetooth settings via Cortana, Quick Actions, the Run command, or the Task Manager.

3. How Do I Connect a Bluetooth Mouse to a Laptop Windows 10?

Most modern Bluetooth mice are plug-and-play. You must plug in the mouse’s Bluetooth adapter and allow your Windows PC or device to install it automatically.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my iMac without a mouse or keyboard?

Turning on Bluetooth on an iMac without a mouse or keyboard can be quite challenging, as these are the primary input methods for most computers. However, there are some workarounds you could try:
Voice Control/Siri: If you’ve previously enabled Voice Control or Siri, you can use vocal commands to navigate your computer and turn on Bluetooth.
Remote Management: If you’ve set up remote management or screen sharing, you can control your iMac from another device and turn on Bluetooth.
Smartphone App: Some apps can turn a smartphone into a remote control for your iMac, assuming you’ve set this up beforehand.
USB Mouse/Keyboard: If you can borrow a USB mouse or keyboard temporarily, you can plug it into your iMac to navigate to the Bluetooth settings.
Automator Script: If you had set up an Automator script or a similar automation method to turn on Bluetooth, running the script could solve the problem.
Resetting Bluetooth Module: Sometimes, a simple restart can help, or you can try resetting the Bluetooth module during startup, although this usually requires at least a keyboard

What is the shortcut key to turn on Bluetooth?

Windows 10: There is no built-in keyboard shortcut to turn on Bluetooth directly. However, press Win + A, open the Action Center, and navigate to the Bluetooth button using your keyboard arrows.
MacOS: Similarly, there’s no built-in keyboard shortcut solely for Bluetooth. However, you can navigate to the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar using keyboard commands if it’s already been enabled. You could use Ctrl + F8 to focus on the status menus, then use the arrow keys to navigate to the Bluetooth symbol and press Enter.
Linux (Ubuntu): Shortcut keys enabling Bluetooth can vary among different distributions. In some cases, you may be able to customize a shortcut through the settings.
Chrome OS: Use Alt + Shift + S to open the status area and navigate to the Bluetooth icon using the arrow keys.

Most modern Bluetooth mice are plug-and-play. You need to plug in the mouse’s Bluetooth adapter and allow your Windows PC or device to install it automatically.


Windows has an incredibly versatile user interface and list of functions, making accessing different files and applications simpler.

So, don’t worry if you don’t have a mouse or pointing device. You can carry out nearly any task using your keyboard besides turning on Bluetooth.

For more how-to guides on Windows PCs and other devices, visit Techie Trickle.

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