Introducing: The Best Outdoor Speakers Google Home Edition for 2022

Google Home speakers (or, Google speakers) are commonly used device in many homes nowadays. If you're planning to buy one, it is important to know what goes into choosing the best sounding speaker. In this blog on best outdoor speakers (Google Home), I cover the following:

  • What works best for you: A deep-dive into how to choose your best google assistant speakers.
  • The best Google Assistant speakers for:
    1. Basic multimedia usage
    2. Sound quality
    3. Price tags
    4. Soundbars
    5. Smart display
    6. Google assistant
    7. Most durable google assistant speakers

And, as always, a lot more...

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Google Assistant is based on the concept of a virtual butler, an electronic device (just like your own version of Jeeves) which can perform household tasks for you.

Some of the few cooler tasks you can use your Google Assistant for, include:

  • Switch lights on and off/setting different light modes
  • Play music on speakers
  • Access streaming services
  • Receive calls and notification alerts anywhere in your house
  • Check news and weather forecast

Google Assistant speakers are designed to listen to your commands and perform a number of tasks without you moving a muscle.

outdoor speakers google home
iStock@Essentials : Google Assistant speaker

You can stream music, control other smart devices such as lights and television, order food, set up a home communication hub, and so on.

So, first of all, before we get into the preshopping research, there is something that needs to be explained first. This is the concept of Google Assistant Built in” vs “Works with.”

This is particularly pertinent for our discussion as this kind of labeling is often seen in many smart speaker models.

Google Assistant Built in vs Works with

So, as the name suggests, certain smart speaker models just support Google Assistant or are labeled as “Works with” Google Assistant. There are a second variety of smart speakers that come in-built with Google Assistant.

What is the main difference when it comes to the functionalities of these two types of smart speakers?

Well, devices like the Google Nest Audio comes with Google Assistant by default (in built), which means you do not need a separate smartphone in order to connect to the Internet to use Google Assistant via your voice commands.

Whereas, a smart speaker like a Sonos Move or JBL Link comes powered with Google Assistant (“work with”), which basically means you need your smartphone and a Bluetooth connection in order to use a voice assistant.

And, the latter benefit can be achieved through most Bluetooth speakers with a microphone.

So, how do you choose your Google Assistant speakers? Well …

This decision would take into consideration factors such as the desired audio quality, voice recognition, Google Assistant support, affordability, desired usage, etc.

Many models also provide features like stereo sound, long battery life, etc., which can also influence your ultimate buying decision.

However, as discussed, a smart speaker with built in Google Assistant would allow you to use voice assistant from your speaker itself, and help you forgo the need for a separate phone and Bluetooth to do this.

On the flip side, most Bluetooth speaker models with microphones will help your smartphone access voice assistant.

And of course, the most important factor in any buying decision is budget. I have tried to keep the list fairly diversified in terms of company, budget, and sound.

Read on to know the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker/Best google assistant speakers along with in-depth reviews of each in terms of their category.

Best Google Assistant Speakers: For Basics

My recommendation: Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation)

About the product

This speaker comes in-built with Google Assistant, and is a technological successor to the original Google Home Mini. And, at the surface, at least design- and make-wise, you won’t see much difference between the two puck-shaped devices.

However, there are some important changes over the original Google Home Mini:

  • Improved audio quality
  • Enhanced voice recognition
  • Stronger bass
  • Wall-mountable

Pros or what I liked about this product

  • Made from sustainable fabric and the external body is made out of 35% post-consumer recycled plastic, and the top is 100% recycled plastic bottles.
  • Volume controls light up as you approach the Google Nest Mini.
  • The most affordable smart speaker, and definitely a good investment for people who like to travel and are not fussed too much about louder sound.

Cons or what I didn’t like about this product

  • Low quality, intensity, and loudness of output.
  • Its bass, though great in comparison with the Home Mini, fades out in comparison to most Bluetooth models.
  • Not much of an improvement over the original Google Home Mini.

My Verdict

If you’re just trying out Google Assistant for your home for the first time, this is a good starter model. Just don’t keep much expectations of being blown away by the audio quality.

Although, it is a great option for a portable speaker, while additionally enabling you to fix it up as well.

Best Google Assistant Speakers: For Sound Quality

My recommendation: Sonos One (Gen 2)

About the product:

Sonos is one of the most popular and dependable brands when it comes to audio equipment. The new Sonos One (Gen 2) is preferable for users who do not want to compromise on good sound quality despite being on a low- to mid-range budget.

And, it does have some cool features too:

  • Capacitive touch screen controls with smart lights, including a mute switch for privacy
  • Alerts you on Google Assistant activation with a pleasant musical tone, so you’re aware that your butler is listening!
  • Seamless Bluetooth connection with Sonos multi-room stereo system, and especially if you have a running Sonos setup with multiple speakers.

Pros or what I liked about this product

  • Good audio quality, especially in comparison with the more expensive (but quite great) Sonos Move.
  • Wide selection of streaming services to stream tracks from.
  • Voice commands are smooth and seamless.
  • Super portable.

Cons or what I didn’t like about this product

  • Complex/convoluted setup procedure.
  • No threaded mounting insert
  • LED and tone sound cannot be disabled when the mic is on, or the wake word (“Hey Google”) is uttered, respectively.

My verdict

If you have a preexisting Sonos speakers setup at home, this is an excellent device that gives you good audio quality and comes at half the price of Sonos Move.

And, although made specifically for Alexa (with which is it as good as the Amazon Echo Dot), it has good support for Google Assistant as well.

Best Google Assistant Speakers: Most worth it for the price

My recommendation: Google Nest Audio

About the product:

The Nest Audio is Google Home’s mid-range and mid-size product. It replaced the original Google Home line of products in 2016, and has been lauded for its sleek design and highly portable make.

A definite improvement on Google Home, it comes with some cool features that include:

  • Despite being larger than the original, its versatile size makes it easy to fit into a variety of spaces in your home.
  • Sleek and ergonomic design and five color options gives it an automatically smarter appearance and amps up your entertaining space.
  • It has a faster response to voice commands and high-quality sound, which allows vocals on bass-heavy tracks to sound through clearly even and is the perfect speaker for ambient music.

Pros or what I liked about this product

  • Significantly improved sound quality
  • Performs multiple functions
  • Affordable

Cons or what I didn’t like about this product

  • Size limits the bass and volume output
  • Unreliable multi-room voice controls

My verdict

Overall an all-round good product that delivers mostly what it promises and is a definite improvement on the Google Home Mini.

For people looking to upgrade their Google Assistant speaker without the risk of spending more than you bargained for, this can be a good option.

Best Google Assistant Speakers: Best Soundbar

My recommendation: Sonos Arc Soundbar

About this product:

If you don’t like settling for less or small, this is a good alternative for Sonos One.

A bit on the pricier side, this soundbar will out-shadow most smaller speakers, especially with regard to loudness and sound quality.

And best of all, it comes with built-in support for Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

Some of its cool features are as follows:

  • Has four far-field microphones can pick up your voice command over other noises, and you can ask it to do things like mute the TV.
  • It is the only soundbar in the market with built-in Voice Assistant features (Alexa features as good as Echo Dot, same with Google Assistant and any Google Home speaker).
  • It supports Dolby Atmos surround sound and will receive updates for a long time to come.

Pros or what I liked about this product

  • Excellent sound output for music and TV
  • EARC-supported, ensuring technological relevance
  • Does not require a subwoofer
  • TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus

Cons or what I didn’t like about this product

  • Single HDMI input
  • High-end
  • Lacks Bluetooth streaming
  • Trueplay Tuning is only compatible with iOS

My verdict:

If you are looking to upgrade your music system to a soundbar-driven set up, this is a good option to go for, especially since it has in-built Google home.

However, at its price, it’s not worth getting just for the sake of getting a Google assistant.

Best Google Assistant Speakers: Best Smart Display

My recommendation: Google Nest Hub Max

About this product:

Another Google Assistant powered smart speaker, the Google Nest Hub Max one gives you the added effect of not just great sound, but also great smart display, which allows you to do things like watching YouTube videos while washing the dishes.

Just use the voice assistant to summon your favorite shorts and reels on Google’s 10 inch screen, on your Nest Hub Max.

Here are some of Google Nest Hub’s cool features:

  • Doubles up as a digital photo frame, when the screen is not in use. It will automatically sift through Google Photos for photographs to display.
  • Perfectly manages video calls through Google Duo and Google Meet.
  • People identification, which enables personalized calendars for every family member standing in front of it.

Pros or what I liked about this product

  • Gesture-controlled smart display
  • Google Nest Hub has well-integrated Google Assistant: You get the default experience!
  • Functional and versatile camera built for video calls
  • Fairly priced

Cons or what I didn’t like about this product

  • Camera cannot be covered by a shutter
  • Netflix is not supported

My verdict

One of the best mid-range smart speakers with the added function of a camera, which is not something that you expect from a speaker.

Its smart design automatically ups the pizazz of your home.

But remember that it will not give you the same level of audio performance as a Sonos Move or JBL Link.

Best Google Assistant Speakers: Most handy and portable speaker

My recommendation: Bose Portable Home Speaker

About the product

Bose, the name says it all: The Bose portable home speaker is premium, portable, and prioritizes (like all Bose products) sound quality and sound intensity above all.

This 360 degree speaker disperses sounds in all directions, giving you a uniform music playing experience. Some of its other cool features include:

  • Seamless Wi Fi network connection for Google Assistant
  • Solid bass response
  • Comes with a built in handle for ultimate portability: Sling it or carry in any regulation bag just like that
  • Seamless Bluetooth pairing and use
  • Sleek and stylish design

Pros or what I liked about this product

  • Extended battery life, which enables you to stream or play music for nearly 10 hours on a single charge.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic, with a smart speaker display and mute button for privacy.
  • Extreme volume intensity, if that wasn’t expected from a Bose portable home speaker!

Cons or what I didn’t like about this product

  • IPX4 rating makes it splash-proof, but not as waterproof as some of the other high end JBL speakers.
  • For less than half its price you can get a Google-powered JBL Link Smart speaker, which is one of the best-in-class models.

My verdict

Bose is the undisputed champion of audio quality and has been a trusted name in all spheres of the market—be it users or musicians.

However, it does not offer much beyond that and comes at an exorbitant price.

One of its primary drawbacks is that it’s not completely waterproof, in that you may take it to the shower, but you cannot take it to the beach.

Best Google Assistant Speakers: Most durable speaker

My recommendation: Sonos Move

About the product

I think this product has been mentioned too many times to need a further introduction, but here goes. Sonos is a trusted name in audio equipment, and especially if you have a preexisting Sonos multi-room stereo sound setup, the Sonos Move is just the product for you.

And, it is powered by Google Home as well, making it perfect as an addition to a great sound setup. Almost every leading digital publisher recommends this for use with Google Assistant.

Here are some of the better features of this otherwise awesome model, which set it apart from other Sonos speakers:

  • A true boomer! The Sonos Move will truly blow the roof off your home! Sorry, your smart Google Home.
  • Automatic TruePlay technology, which records and analyzes the reflections of sound waves off your room’s walls and calibrates your Sonos speaker based on that information, giving you a uniform musical experience: be it a porch or a bedside table.
  • Weather resistant and extremely hardy (can survive drops on to concrete).

Pros or what I liked about this product

  • Best audio experience in an outdoor speaker among all contenders.
  • Extended battery life of almost 11 hours.
  • Supports Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2.

Cons or what I didn’t like about this product

  • Wi Fi networks needed for Sonos Smart features. Once it leaves the range of your WiFi network, you will need to switch on Bluetooth to use it.
  • It is quite expensive as a speaker.
  • Only downside of premium make: Extremely heavy, coming in at around 3 kilos.

My verdict

An otherwise premium audio device, it’s just a tad on the heavier side if you are looking for something more portable you can carry around. It has excellent battery life, if you like streaming music all day long!

Read on to know the answers to some of the most common questions on Google Home speakers.

Frequently asked questions

(Outdoor Speakers Google Home)

How do I connect my outdoor speakers to Google Home?

Your outdoor speaker can be connected to Google Home using the Google Home app and your smart phone’s Bluetooth. Here’s how to do it:
Step 1: Switch on your Bluetooth device and ensure that it is in pairing mode.
Step 2: Open your Google Home app on your smartphone.
Step 3: Ensure on your Google Home app, you’re in the right home group or the right house! If not, select the right house for Google Home.
Step 4: Touch and long-press your device tile.
Step 5: On the upper-right corner, select Settings–>Audio.
Step 6: Select Default music speaker and then select Pair Bluetooth audio device.
Step 7: Once Google Home is done scanning, and has found your device, select it and press Done.
Step 8: Your Bluetooth speaker is paired and ready-to-use.
Then, just use various commands with your voice to play music or stream music.

Can Google Home be used outdoors?

Yes, Google Home devices like the Google Nest Mini can now be used outdoors. This comes after some modifications done by Proofion.
Now, your Google Home is all you need to take the party to the porch! However, note, that while these devices are splash-proof, they aren’t fully waterproof.

What speakers will work with Google Home?

Most Bluetooth speakers work with Google Home, and can be used safely in tandem with your smartphone to give you the best Google Assistant experience.
However, you can never go wrong going with models like Sonos Move as well as JBL Link, both of which are designed to give you a great audio experience with Google Home.

Does Google make a waterproof speaker?

Unfortunately, no. Google Assistant speakers are not fully waterproof. However, after Proofion modifications, you can indulge in outdoor use, maybe on your porch or backyard.
Having said that, you can get a better waterproof experience by going for one of the Google Assistant-powered third-party Bluetooth models, such as JBL Link or Sonos Move.

From here…

So which Google Home speaker do you like most and why? Let me know in the comments below, and do not forget to mention any other great speakers that worked for you. Till next time!

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