How to Schedule a Google Meet in Advance Effortlessly in 3 Ways

If you’re searching for a solution to your online meeting problem, you have come to the right place. Google Meet is the simple solution you have been looking for.

I have listed the options through which you can create an instant meeting or schedule a Google Meet in advance.

The detailed steps will guide you and in no time, you will be all set to create meetings using Google Meet.


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Imagine this. You are an employee or employer of an organisation at a time when a mystery illness compels you to do all your work from home. In this situation, you want to organise an online meeting or event that gives everyone sufficient time to prepare or includes people from around the world (or both). Sounds familiar? Chances are you’ve wanted to know how to schedule a Google Meet in advance.

Worry not because we have got you covered. Google Meet is a simple solution to all your online meeting problems. 

Even large meetings can be handled with ease because there can be up to 250 internal or external participants. Google Meet allows you to share presentations or documents or spreadsheets through the screen sharing option.

You can easily schedule a meeting in Google Meet by following a few simple steps. There are three options available to you in order to allow scheduling a Google Meet in advance or at that very moment.

1. Schedule a Google Meet in Advance Using Gmail

1. Open your Gmail account and log in with your credentials.

2. On the left-hand side, you will see two options under the heading ‘Meet’

  • New Meeting
  • Join Meeting
New meeting in Gmail

3. Now Click on ‘New meeting’.

4. You will get a prompt to share the meeting link via email or by copying the link.

Share your new meeting

5. Share the link with the people whom you want to join this meeting.

6. The person you share this link with will get a notification from Google Meet stating ‘Happening now’. He /She can then click the ‘Join now’ option and attend the meeting by putting in the code or they can simply click on the link and join.

2. Using Google Calendar You can Schedule Meet too!!!

1 Open your Gmail account and you’ll be able to see the calendar option on the right-hand side. You can also access the calendar by clicking on the nine dots that appear on top of the Google page.

Google Calendar

2. Open the calendar in a new tab so that it expands and provides you with the option of setting up the meeting. This method is an answer to the above mentioned question of yours – how to set up a Google Meet in advance.

3. On the left-hand side, you can see the tab that says ‘Create’. 

Create using Google Calendar

4. Click on the tab and it will open a pop up that allows you to create an ‘Event’ or meeting.

5. You have to set a title for the meeting and specify the date and time according to requirements. You have the options to write a description (to explain, in short, what the meeting is about) and add your location.

6. There is an important step here that you have to keep in mind. You have to click on the ‘Add Google Meet video conferencing’ tab. It is blue in color and hard to miss, so you will not have any difficulty remembering this step. It is this one click that tells Google Calendar that you want Google Meet as the platform for this particular meeting.

7. You can add the guests through their email ID (which you can search for using their names). The link can also be copied and sent to the respective people.

8. When you save this, it sets up a meeting in your calendar so that you can get notified prior to the time of the meeting. It also sets up a meeting in the calendars of those who get the invite link to the meeting.

9. One can join the meeting at the scheduled time by clicking on the link or by using the ‘Join now’ option and the meeting code.

3. From the Google Meet Page as Well …

Start an instant meeting
  1. Go to the Google Meet page.
  2. On the Meet page, you’ll see two options:
    • New Meeting
    • Enter meeting code (which lets you join a meeting you’ve been invited to)
  3. When you click on the Start a meeting/New meeting tab, you get the options to create a meeting for later or at that very moment and to schedule in Google Calendar. These options enable you to schedule a Google Meet in the future or instantly. The steps are simple and easy to follow.
  4. When you click on the ‘Create a meeting for later’ option, you get a prompt with the meeting link where you get the option to copy it and send it to required people (similar to Step 4 in the first option, that is, From Gmail).
  5. You can join a meeting instantly with the ‘Start an instant meeting’ option.
  6. The ‘Schedule in Google Calendar’ option takes you to a page which is similar to that mentioned in option two above.
Schedule in Google Calendar

So, you have seen how easy it is to schedule a Google meeting.

You can follow the steps mentioned in any one of the options given above and you will be ready to have your own hassle-free meeting.

For a visual and more detailed explanation, you can check out this video here. 

Your Turn Now

I have shared my knowledge of Google Meet with you.

Now, why don’t you tell me about your experience?

How often do you use Google Meet? If yes, for what purpose?

What are the main challenges you face while using it? If you’ve not used Google Meet, would you consider it now?

Let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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