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5 Exciting Reasons to Buy an Xbox Series x (And Only 1 Reason to Skip It)

Today I will show you exactly 5 reasons to buy an Xbox Series X.

So if you want to :

  • Get an Xbox Series X
  • One reason why you shouldn't purchase it

Then you will love the detailed explanations in today's guide.

Let's dive into it!!!


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Some people I’ve talked to didn’t see why they should get an Xbox Series X. And if you’re on the same boat, then I’m glad you’re here. Because I’m about to tell you the 5 reasons to buy an Xbox Series X (and only one major reason to skip it)!

That last part sounds crazy. But, I get you’re making a choice between things, and it’s normal to say “no” to something you feel doesn’t feel right for you. That’s what we’ll talk about. I’ll dig into:

  • Why you should get an Xbox Series X;
  • A single, powerful reason why you shouldn’t buy an Xbox Series X.

And don’t worry, the answer to the last bit isn’t “PlayStation”! (Console wars died long ago.)

It doesn’t dig too deep into reasons. With the reasons I’ve given, you’ll come to a conclusion and make your decision in a jiffy. And with that, let’s get started!

reasons to buy an xbox series x
Image Credit: Xbox

The left Image is of Xbox Series X whereas the Image on right is that of the Xbox Series S

Reasons to Buy an Xbox Series X

After the landslide that was Microsoft’s Xbox One feature reveal, it’s understandable why gamers remain skeptical about the current-gen console. But it’s clear Microsoft understood their mistakes at a cellular level and prepared for the future.

The changes that came with the new games console are the best kind of redemption the Xbox brand has seen. So, if you still place doubts about it, then here are a few reasons to purchase an Xbox Series X in the future.

The Xbox Game Pass Is Incredible

Although I talked about the impressive subscription services for the PlayStation 5, I don’t think they come close to what Xbox is offering. I mentioned that the PS Plus subscription is comparable to the Xbox Game Pass — even going so far as to call it its competitor. (And it is!)

This time around, the Xbox brand gave the Xbox Game Pass an Evolutionary Stone, evolving it into something much, much better. The Xbox Game Pass is now a three-way subscription service:

  • The Xbox Game Pass, which is a general subscription for your Xbox;
  • The Xbox Game Pass for PC, for anyone wanting to play Xbox games on their PC;
  • The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

That last point is where things get super interesting. With a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you get the combination of the first two PLUS:

  • Cloud gaming (initially called Project xCloud),
  • discounts on exclusives,
  • early access to newly released first-party games,
  • free and exclusive games in the library,
  • EA Play titles,
  • and Xbox Live Gold exclusives.

The Xbox Game Pass Library is a smorgasbord of gaming collections, FPS titles, and other services for a mere $15!

Is XBox Series x Worth it Reddit trails…..

Credit: Reddit r/XboxSeriesX

Xbox Series X Supports Backwards Compatibility

Honestly, I’m not too surprised by this. Microsoft has always been a fan-favorite because of the backward compatibility policy they’ve been following for so long.

Both the new generation consoles support backward compatibility for all games released for the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, and all of their variations. But the real question is, “How far back are they willing to support older games?”

It was announced that both the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X would support over 1,000 compatible games that spanned across 4 generations! As a cherry on top, the hardware in the Xbox Series X will offer something called “HDR reconstruction”, which basically means these video games — including exclusives — will be enhanced to a degree with HDR technology.

This is similar to what PS5 is doing with their backward compatibility features, except it’s not backward compatibility per se… they’re only playable via the PlayStation Now streaming service.

So if you’re completely new to the Xbox world, don’t feel left out; you can still catch up, thanks to this feature in this powerful console. But if you’re a gaming veteran, you’ll love to dig back into the nostalgia of playing games released on the original Xbox, and some more!

Xbox Series X Is a Powerful System

Considering the specs under the hood, the Xbox Series X is a beastly piece of consumer tech. Before, the Xbox One X console ran games at 6 teraflops. Now, the current Xbox Series X console is a gigantic upgrade that can run games at a staggering 12 teraflops!

The Xbox Series X Can Run Games at 4K

Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the most graphically demanding games to release on the last-gen consoles. I saw a significant improvement in its load times and the resolution quality when I saw a friend play it on the Xbox Series X. In fact, most games ran at 30 FPS at native 4K. That’s impressive for a console coming from Microsoft! And it’s thanks to their choice to upgrade to a sophisticated custom GPU and a 4K Blu Ray optical disc drive.

It’s also been announced that the Xbox Series X console would run games at 120 FPS at 8K resolutions, but my guess is it’ll depend entirely on the games you’re playing, and whether those games are compatible with it. Still, get ready for a lot of eye-candy visuals running at 120 FPS.

The Xbox Series X Will Offer Ray Tracing

This powerful console was built with the intent to bring ray-tracing to the gaming masses. So as far as the new releases are concerned, you will see a major boost in graphical advancements and lighting techniques. If you’re not entirely sure what ray-tracing is about, then a good place to start would be the Minecraft RTX demo.

This will give your video games an unexplored, realistic depth to their ambiance. It’s a whole new world of “experience”, and the Xbox Series X achieves it ever so smoothly.

The Xbox Series X Will Not Heat Up

Having said all of this, you’d expect the new Xbox to heat up rather quickly. But the insulation methods under the hood are testament to Microsoft’s bold claim: The Xbox Series X console can handle the heat for 2 straight days before it heaves a bit.

Talk about a cooldown!

Check out the Xbox Series S and x Hands-on by Tom Warren / The Verge

Xbox All Access Is a Lifesaver

Your days of hoarding money and living frugally to buy an Xbox next-gen console are over. With Xbox All Access, you can pay for one of the Xbox Series consoles via the Xbox All Access program. It’s basically a financial plan for anyone who can’t pay for the console at one go.

Instead, as Xbox fans you get to pay off the amount via equated monthly installments, i.e., you pay chunks of the amount on a monthly basis. And the entire plan is stretched to fit 24 months (or 2 years).

This is possibly one of the strongest reasons to get an Xbox Series X. Why? Because it makes finances much more compatible for almost anyone interested in the Series X, yet can’t afford to pay for the console in one go. It’s a lifesaver for anyone that simply wants a slice of the gaming life without breaking their bank.

Xbox Game Studios Bought ZeniMax Media

If you’re not familiar with ZeniMax Media, they own id Software and Bethesda Softworks; the developers who brought you titles like Doom and The Elder Scrolls, respectively. Soon after that, Microsoft announced that any future titles published under the ZeniMax Media banner would be a timed exclusive to any platform that supports the Xbox Game Pass.

With an affordable pass, you get to play games that are exclusive AAA-quality at prices you never believed you’d get it for. Doom: Eternal? Dishonored? Wolfenstein? Titles like those video games are made available for free via the Game Pass. This is golden for gamers.

Why You Should Not Buy an Xbox Series X

You got all the good reasons. But now I’ll give you the most compelling argument I could give for why you should not buy an Xbox Series X: “We have an Xbox Series S.”

This is based on two factors: One, the performance. And two, the price.

You Don’t Need that Much Power

For what it’s worth, the Xbox Series X is giving you almost the same benefits as the Xbox Series S. You might be wondering, “Well, that’s not true. The hardware specs for the Xbox Series X exudes superior performance.” And sure, you may be right.

But you have to wonder if you’re going to invest in a setup that supports the native technologies inside the Xbox Series X. How many people have the television screens to make proper use of the specs? And if you’re not one of them, then would you be willing to invest in a surround-sound UHD 4K home theater? On top of that, how many titles will take advantage of this?

The Video Card Is Overkill

Some users voice concerns that the video card (GPU) isn’t enough for the console to handle the video games released these days. But that depends on the resolution at which you’re running. We also cannot discount the fact that the Xbox Series S’s GPU is powerful enough to render 1440p resolutions by default! It’s a significant boost from the standard 1080p setups these days.

Both Consoles Have Microsoft’s Smart Delivery

On top of that, both consoles come with Microsoft’s Smart Delivery technology that takes care of storage offloading issues for video games that support it. So if you’re worried about running out of storage on your NVME SSD, Smart Delivery will back you up.

All this extra horsepower from the Xbox Series X? Not exactly a strong reason for why you should buy an Xbox Series X for the foreseeable future. Not unless you’re one of those hardcore gamers with a penchant for cranking multiple games to their maximum visual fidelity. This brings us to the price they ask for it.

The Price Is a Bit Off

It’s steep, plain, and simple. Most of the Series X’s expense goes into the sophisticated optical disc drive, and the slightly better technologies packed underneath it.

Conversely, its counterpart is $200 cheaper and offers almost the same benefits as the Series X. (As far as the average consumer is concerned.). It supports up to 1440p (today, 1080p is the standard), and is as compact as an encyclopedia book!

Xbox All Access Is Cheaper With Xbox Series S

There’s also the prospect of how the All Access program works towards your benefit. If you bought an Xbox Series S through the program, then you have to count not only the benefit of paying for it on a monthly basis with 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR, for short), but it also comes with a FREE Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription that’s extended for 2 years!

But if you were to count the Game Pass’s pricing towards the program instead of viewing it as a free add-on, then you’re essentially paying $10 for the Xbox Series S every month until the program is completed. It’s the kind of steal Microsoft’s okay with!

That’s Why the Xbox Series S Is the Best Option

If you were to step back and look at what’s offered, then you will come to a logical conclusion that you’re probably better off playing games and exclusive titles on the Xbox Series S console for the time being rather than the Xbox Series X console.

That’s why Xbox Series S has proven to be the most powerful console!

It’s not so much about choosing the one that does things better as much as it is about choosing the one that does things perfectly with what you have.

What Are Your Reasons to Buy an Xbox Series X?

If you want my opinion, buying a Maserati for a cruise is underwhelming. You won’t notice how fast the car is or how powerful it can be if you don’t operate it the way you should.

Similarly, if you’re not all about that UHD 4K life, and would rather sit back and enjoy some games from Microsoft, then you should get the Xbox Series S console. Otherwise, get the Xbox Series X console. It’s the simple matter of “What kind of experience do you want?” Getting the next-gen experience doesn’t have to be about getting the biggest, baddest Xbox console there is.

The Xbox Series S and X are out but is it all your money worth?

And for most people, what the former provides is more than enough! But your choice is yours.

Tell me more about why you think people should buy an Xbox Series X. So make yourself heard in the comments below, and let’s get a conversation going!

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