All About How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag(5 Easy Steps)

A lot of people worry about changing their usernames out of fear of permanence. But unlike Sony, Microsoft never made it difficult for us to do that. Still, if you're having trouble finding ways on how to change your Xbox Gamertag, then this article is for you.

I’ll cover the prospects of:

  • What you can do to change your Gamertag
  • How much it costs
  • The number of times you can change it
  • What happens if you use an offensive Gamertag name

And with that, let’s learn how to do this!


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How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag

how to change your xbox gamertag

To change your Gamertag, you’ll need to decide on what platform you’re going to do that. You can do that via the web browser, or your personal Xbox console. When you make the changes, every other Xbox app, service, and the list will reflect those changes.

This takes away the pain of telling everyone that you changed your Gamertag; instead, they’d know about it already, thanks to these updates.

I’ll start with how you can do so on the browser, and then dig into the steps involved on different Xbox consoles.

But at no point confuse this with Xbox Game Pass. Of course you won’t!!

How to Change Your Gamertag Online via Web Browser

  1. Before you start, make sure you have a Microsoft account. If you don’t, you’ll need to create one. Then, visit the official Xbox Social web site online.
  2. Sign in using the Microsoft account you have access to. If you already have an Xbox Gamertag, then you’ll notice it on the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. You’ll see a text box in which you can enter your desired Xbox Gamertag. Press on “Check Availability” to see if the Gamertag is up for grabs.
  4. If you receive an error that says, “That name isn’t available. Try a different one”, then you’ll need to think about another username and redo Step 4. Otherwise, you’ll be taken to the next menu, where it’ll show you a preview of your new Gamertag across different Xbox services.
    • You could get around the error if you customize your Gamertag with a certain modifier. So, play around and see what you like best.
  5. If you like the way it looks and reads, then you can claim the Gamertag and sign back in. Otherwise, you can go back to the Gamertag settings page, where you can rethink a different username, and redo Step 4.

How to Change Your Gamertag on Xbox Series X or Xbox One X

  1. Press the Xbox button at the center of your controller to open the Xbox One interface.
  2. Go to My Profile, select “Customize Profile”, and select your Gamertag. You’ll see a text box under “Choose Your New Gamertag”, where you can enter the desired Gamertag.
  3. If an error pops up that says, “That name isn’t available. Try a different one”, then think of another username, and redo Step 3. Otherwise, you’ll be given a preview of what the new Gamertag will look like across the Xbox services and apps.
    • Alternatively, you can think of different modifiers to your username to add a unique touch to it, so that the error doesn’t pop up again.
  4. If you like it, then select “Change Gamertag” to confirm and save the changes. Otherwise, you can hop back out of the preview on your Xbox One, and redo Step 3.
  5. All of these steps can be followed on the “Lite” variations of the Xbox consoles as well, i.e., the Series/One S.

How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag on Xbox 360

  1. Go to the Social menu, and select the profile you want to sign into.
  2. Then, go to Settings, and select Profile.
  3. Select “Edit Profile”, select “Gamertag” in the menu, and then select “Enter New Gamertag”.
  4. If you get a ” That name isn’t available. Try a different one” error, then you’ll need to redo Step 4. Otherwise, you’ll see a preview of what your new name looks like.
    • To get around the error, you can choose to add a modifier to it to give it a distinct look and have the system accept it.
  5. If you’re content with the new name, then choose “Yes, use this Gamertag” to confirm, and your changes will be saved!

How Much Does It Cost to Change Your Gamertag?

A common question about how to change your Gamertag is, “Is Xbox Gamertag change free?” Changing it for the first time is free for everyone.

But for any subsequent changes, you’ll be charged a $9.99 fee. Either way, you’d follow the same steps I’ve provided above to change your Gamertag.

How Many Times Can I Change My Gamertag?

You can change it as many times as you want either via the website or your console. But each time you do, you’ll need to pay the $10 fee I talked about. The price isn’t discounted, but it doesn’t get raised either.

Since it’s an investment, think hard about what sort of username you could genuinely live with for the longest time to come.

It simply isn’t worth spending your money on crummy names, so you might as well take your time thinking about the perfect one for yourself.

Can My Xbox Gamertag Have Bad Words?

If at all your tag is offensive in any manner — let alone bad words — then you’re likely to trigger enforcement that automatically changes your Gamertag to something random.

Xbox won’t warn you about it, and you won’t get a refund either. After all, bad language makes for bad feelings, and you ought to learn from your mistakes!

On a serious note, check out the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement page to get a fair understanding of how to change your Gamertag while meeting guidelines.

On the off-chance that your Real Name is deemed offensive but it’s your actual name (and this is a very real possibility), then you can file a complaint about it to the Xbox Support services.

Having said that, if any discrepancies are found in their investigations, then your name will remain hidden from the Xbox community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Xbox Gamertag be changed?
  • Absolutely. This article explains how you can do that in detail, and what some points to keep in mind are when doing it.

  • What is a good Xbox Gamertag?
  • In my opinion, it’s got to be easy to read, easy to remember, and may have a touch of creativity to it. Workaround the constraints and see what you can come up with!

  • How do you search Xbox Gamertags?
  • You could visit the Xbox Accounts page, and check out your friend’s list. Over there, a search box will be provided in which you can put in the Gamertag you have in mind. If you don’t get any results, then the Gamertag doesn’t exist. You can do the same thing on the console if you take a look at your friend’s list there.

  • Can I recover an old Xbox Gamertag?
  • Technically, a Gamertag is permanently associated with a Microsoft account. So if you recovered an old Microsoft account you previously used, then you’ll recover the tag related to it.
    Unfortunately, you cannot recover a previous Gamertag if you changed it with the one you’re using currently.

  • Why does Xbox Gamertag have numbers?
  • Gamertags support alphanumeric characters. This includes numbers, spaces, and other special characters. You’re free to use them in any way you wish as long as your tag doesn’t start with a number or a special character.

    Thought About a New Gamertag Yet?

    Xbox, and Microsoft in extension, have done their best job listening to their community for so long. They understood the downfalls of identifier systems and implemented the most appropriate workarounds on changing your Xbox Gamertag without any issues.

    If you’re a Steam user, then you probably can relate to the problem of finding the “right” user, considering how so many of them can use the same alias. And Sony’s approach still puzzles me to this day.

    Compared to them, the Xbox Gamertag system is so seamless and user-friendly, yet striking a perfect balance between compromise and freedom. Most platforms should take a page from Microsoft’s book and follow suit.

    With all that’s been said, are you still having trouble figuring out how to change your Xbox Gamertag? Let me know what’s wrong in the comments, and I’ll help you out!

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