Exploring Why Hulu Has Ads but Not Netflix

Have you ever wondered why Netflix doesn't have ads while Hulu does?

Everything boils down to tactical and monetary reasons. Ad placement on Hulu enables the streaming service to provide its consumers with more content while retaining its profits. 

But, it disrupts the viewing experience.

With Netflix, streaming agreements enable them to skip commercials, providing members with an uninterrupted cinema experience. It might be easier to pick the best service for you if you are clued up on the business decisions that make up these distinctions between the two.

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Quick Overview

Hulu has ads because it is part of their business model. Its ad-supported plan helps the platform earn revenue dollars.

Netflix differentiates itself from regular TV programming by forgoing promotional content altogether, so no ads make it an awesome streaming library.

Hulu operates, partially at least, through ad revenue and probably has advertising dollars worked into its budget. Hulu offers run ad-supported content and Hulu premium, premium ad-free content. While Netflix lets you skip ads completely and offers an ad-free subscription.

Advertising on Hulu is targeted to each viewer using data points and a proprietary algorithm to deliver the most relevant ads.

The frequency of ads on Hulu vs Netflix differs greatly, with Hulu typically showing 15-30 minutes of ads per viewing session while Netflix has no ads at all.

Ok. Now that you got a quick Overview, let’s get into the details.

Why does Hulu have ads but not Netflix

Everyone’s grown pretty darn accustomed to so many ads. But, exploring why Hulu has ads but not Netflix has to do with how each streaming library works. For Netflix, promotional content is its model of providing completely ad-free streaming for its subscribers. On the other hand, Hulu relies on advertising revenue to stay afloat, so it includes a modest ad load. Because of this, viewers can expect a short ad break every now and then whilst Netflix doesn’t.

It’s important to note that even though Hulu has ads that are quite loud, they are less frequent live TV channels.

Let’s check out how Hulu viewers differ from other online streaming sites.

Online Streaming Sites: Hulu vs Netflix

When it comes to the differences between Hulu and Netflix in terms of their business models, there are five main points to consider.

Firstly, Netflix is completely ad-free for its subscribers, with zero ad breaks and interruptions.

Secondly, each provides a valuable and competitive price. Netflix showcases a higher subscription cost with a larger streaming library content than the Hulu streaming library

Thirdly, Hulu has premium add-ons that let you skip Hulu ads. A Hulu subscription supports both ad-supported and ad-free paid services.

Fourthly, more ad revenue helps sustain Hulu’s overall operation whereas Netflix’s model is supported by subscriber fees only.

Lastly, while some original television shows available on Hulu contain ad breaks like live tv, all originals found on Netflix are at a premium add-free plan.

Why Do I See Hulu Ads?

Hulu shows ads for two main reasons:

Firstly, it helps generate income for the streaming service which goes towards sustaining Hulu paid services overall functioning and paying for streaming rights.

Secondly, Hulu-owned content features commercials embedded in television programs providing users with a more traditional TV viewing experience that resonates with many people. Watching Hulu ads attracts viewers who are accustomed to seeing ads while they watch their favorite shows akin to watching live TV.

But the ads you watch whilst watching Hulu watch you too. Let’s unpack that.

Are Hulu Ads Targeted?

Yes, Hulu ads are targeted. Hulu’s advertising platform uses data points to personalize its ads by age, gender and location, making the ads you see super relevant. It also uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze viewers’ interests in order to serve them the best advertisements for each user.

So How Often Do You See Ads Watching Hulu?

Hulu typically shows 15-30 minutes of ads per viewing session.

Watch Hulu and you can enjoy streaming rights to award winning Hulu originals and on demand shows. Hulu’s network partners ensure a large selection of current and classic shows, movies, and documentaries all while watching ads tailored specifically to each viewer’s interests. Conversely, you can buy the premium ad free plan on Hulu premium. It simply comes down to what features you prefer and what type of viewing experience you want.

why hulu has ads but not netflix image

Despite the obvious benefits of Hulu’s ad-driven model, there are certain drawbacks. Ads can sometimes be annoying so if you want Hulu no ads then you better be equipped with ad blockers to block ads as soon as they appear. You can’t even fast-forward through these intrusive breaks. Additionally, some viewers don’t like being bombarded with targeted and must resort to using an ad blocker. Whilst Netflix has zero commitment on the part of ads. So, it’s important to consider what type of viewing experience matters most to you before committing to either service.

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Aim for Quality Viewing Experiences

Services such as Hulu have discovered a method to balance advertisements with elevated watching experiences. They serve ads to viewers without swamping people with too much promo content by using targeting algorithms. This helps to guarantee that viewers are not too distracted whilst boosting engagement since viewers respond better to more relevant adverts. Finally, this sort of ad-supported approach has allowed Hulu to provide both great content and more ads tailored viewing experiences for its consumers.

Why Do People Opt for ‘No Ads’ plans?

Even if you’ve chosen a “no ad” plan, it doesn’t block ads so there’s no guarantee that you won’t see any promo content.  This is because some service providers manage to sneak through loopholes to slip in some advertising. Pre-roll and post-roll videos that are incorporated at the start or finish of the material, as well as banners and pop-up ads displayed at various points during the viewing experience, are examples of this. Unfortunately, this means that even Hulu no ads subject you to unwanted ads. That said, many streaming services are trying to improve their offerings so that viewers don’t have to put up with intrusive advertising while watching their favorite shows.

Ad-Supported Viewing no matter what: Popular Shows on Hulu.

A few shows on Hulu, that are all the rage, featuring ads no matter the subscription type include “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Rick and Morty,” “Family Guy” and “This Is Us.” Because they know these shows are highly anticipated and viewers will watch even if Hulu no ads don’t apply!

More restrictions

A Hulu subscription might come with some implications. Those with a No Ads Plus Live TV subscription can watch a variety of series and movies from the streaming library’s network partners, but they have no control over the advertisements that may appear in bonus material.

Furthermore, they serve ads if you watch an episode or movie that isn’t part of Hulu’s streaming library. On top of this, Cloud DVR recordings and Hulu live TV may also have ads – unless you upgrade to Enhanced Cloud DVR and use the fast-forward option.

It’s worth noting that shows and movies from HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz are free of ad breaks, though promo content may precede certain videos. For those who want no commercial interruptions whatsoever, it might be time to upgrade to an ad-free subscription plan or switch over to Netflix instead.

What people have to say in Social media

Hulu community boards have expressed their dissatisfaction at having to deal with ads regardless of their subscription level. People aren’t happy with disruptive and long ads, hoping for a more no ad, or a subtle experience instead. Estimates are that 20% of users are unhappy with the situation, although exact figures are hard to determine.

FAQ : Why Does Hulu Have Ads and Netflix Doesn’t?

Why does Hulu have ads even though I pay?

Although Hulu does offer subscription plans they can be deceiving. This is because streaming services like Hulu need to generate income based on advertising revenue to produce quality content. However, these ads are tailored to the user’s viewing habits and interests, meaning that arguably, they can be less intrusive than a regular commercial break.

How do I get rid of ads on Hulu?

Getting rid of ads on Hulu is actually quite simple. All you need to do is upgrade your subscription to the “No Ads” plan. This removes the bulk of advertisements from Hulu and all its connected applications, such as the Hulu app on mobile, and streaming apps. The “No Ads” plan also comes with a few other benefits; you can watch live TV and access exclusive content. For those who want even more features, there is also an option for an ad-free plus plan which allows for unlimited downloads and high-definition viewing.

Is Hulu with no ads worth it?

Yes, Hulu with no ads is definitely worth it given the add-ons you get. With Hulu no ads, you will be able to enjoy a smoother streaming experience and also access additional features like current season TV, unlimited downloads, Live TV plans, and high-definition viewing. You won’t have to deal with heavy-serve ads and sit through any unwanted commercials while watching your favorite shows or movies. That’s especially great since you can’t fast-forward.

Can I Fast Forward the Ads on Hulu?

Unfortunately, you cannot fast-forward through the ads on Hulu. You’ve got to get an ad blocker. However, the ads have been tailored to your viewing habits so they should pique your interest. The best way to get rid of them is to upgrade your subscription to the “No Ads” plan which will remove all advertisements from Hulu and its connected apps. If you want even more features, there is also an ad-free plus plan available which has add-ons like unlimited downloads and high-definition viewing.

Final Thoughts

Hulu and Netflix offer different streaming rights. While Netflix shows no ads, on Hulu, ads are tailored to the interests, and they cannot fast forward through the ads, so ad blockers are essential to block Hulu ads. The only way to get rid of ads on Hulu is by upgrading to the Hulu No Ads plan which will remove all advertisements from Hulu but also drives up Hulu cost through the roof. There is also an option for an ad-free plus plan with additional features like unlimited downloads and high-definition viewing.

Now Its Your Turn

Dou you prefer the selection on Hulu streaming library so much that you’re willing to put up more ads?

Do you prefer Hulu to Netflix?

Sound off in the comments below because as always, we love hearing from you.

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