McDonald’s and Technology They Use [Insight]

In this post I will show you how McDonald's is changing the restaurant business.

Specifically, I will talk about:

  • Order taking process & Delivery Sales
  • How innovations can change brands
  • Lesser dependences on manual processes

Let's dive right into it!


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McDonald’s is a fast-food chain that was founded in 1940. The company has since grown to become one of the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chains, with over 36,000 locations in over 100 countries. McDonald’s has long been at the forefront of integrating new technology into its business model in the restaurant industry.

What technology does McDonald’s use

Here are two current examples of how McDonald’s increased customer satisfaction :

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Data required for continuous Digital Transformation

#1. Automated drive-through systems

In 2019, McDonald’s piloted an automated Drive thru system called “Create Your Taste.” The system features an AI-enabled touch screen that allows customers to customize their burgers with a wide variety of toppings and sauces. The system then automatically prepares the burger according to the customer’s specifications and delivers it to them in the drive-through lane. 

drive-thru-lane that prepares order based on customer's choice
Drive-thru-lane that prepares order based on customer’s choice
Image Copyright@techietrickle

These systems use voice technology to take customers’ orders. The system then relays the order to a human staff member who prepares the food and hands it off to the customer at the window. 

Initially, there were concerns that customers would find the automated system impersonal and difficult to use. However, McDonald’s found that most customers preferred the convenience of being able to place their order without having to deal with traffic or other delays. And, perhaps most importantly, the system has helped reduce order times by an average of 2.5 minutes per transaction. That may not sound like much, but when you’re dealing with millions of transactions every day, those minutes add up quickly!

McDonald's drive thru lanes
McDonald’s drive thru lanes
Image Copyright@techietrickle

In the United States alone, McDonald’s serves around 25 million customers through its drive-thru business channel every day. That’s a lot of burgers!

That’s why McDonald’s is always looking for ways to speed up its drive-thru service.

#2. Dynamic Menu Boards

McDonald’s is also using AI to power its dynamic menu boards. These boards feature images and menu items that change based on the time of day or the current promotions.

(Helps the company to track the best selling products and leverage new technologies to meet customer expectations)

For example, at breakfast time, the menu might feature items like eggs and bacon. But later in the day, when lunchtime rolls around, the menu might switch over to include items like hamburgers and French fries.

Burgers that are sold in millions
Burgers that are sold in millions
Image Copyright@techietrickle

The dynamic menu boards are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that analyze customer traffic data and preferences. This data helps McDonald’s determine which items to promote and when.

The dynamic menu boards are a great way for McDonald’s to keep up with ever-changing customer demands. And they’re just one more way that McDonald’s is using AI to stay ahead of the curve.

Dynamic menu boards
Dynamic menu boards
Image Copyright@techietrickle

As you can see, McDonald’s is using AI in a variety of ways to improve its business. And there’s no doubt that we’ll continue to see McDonald’s embrace new and innovative technologies in the years to come.

Customer Experience

McDonald’s has always been focused on providing a great customer experience through constant innovations. In fact, that’s one of the things that has helped them become so successful over the years.

Their use of AI-enabled touch screens and dynamic menu boards is just one more way that they’re keeping up with customer demands and preferences. And it’s clear that these technologies are making a big impact, as customers are enjoying shorter wait times and more choices than ever before.

McDonald’s is always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience, and we can expect to see even more innovative technologies from them in the future.

McDonald’s plans its Tech future 

In March of 2019, McDonald’s held its first-ever “Technology Summit” in Chicago. The event brought together employees from all over the world to discuss how technology can be used to improve the McDonald’s customer experience

Some of the ideas that were discussed include using virtual reality (VR) to train employees, using AI to personalize advertising, and using digital ordering kiosks to eliminate lines at the register. Additionally, McDonald’s is exploring ways to use blockchain technology to trace food items back to their origins. This would allow McDonald’s to provide transparency to customers about where their food comes from and how it was produced. 


McDonald’s has long been a pioneer in the use of new technology in the fast-food industry. From automated drive-through systems to digital ordering kiosks, McDonald’s is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

As the company looks towards the future, it will be interesting to see which technologies they decide to adopt and how they continue to revolutionize the fast-food industry.

What are the other ways in which McDonald’s can serve it’s customers? Comment below and let me know now.

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