Does any Bluetooth adapter work with PS5?—The Only Guide You Need in 2022!

PlayStation 5 (PS5) is one of the latest sensations in the world of gaming consoles. Although still difficult to purchase thanks to the sheer demand, this year-old gaming console can really take your gaming experience to a different level. But this also means that if you manage to get your hands on one, it is time to get some other devices and gaming necessities, e.g., a pair of Bluetooth headphones!

In this guide today, I will cover which Bluetooth adapters give you the most seamless gaming experience on your PS5, besides:

  • Best Bluetooth adapter for PS5
  • Best Bluetooth adapters for car
  • Best Bluetooth adapters for PC
  • Best Bluetooth adapter for TV
  • And, much more ...

So, let's cut into it!


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Does any Bluetooth adapter work with PS5? Find the right fit…

The new Xbox series and the new PS5 series of consoles are excellent with regard to performance and in terms of the experience they provide. However, having said that, they do not provide one bit of support that many gamers hold close to their hearts: Bluetooth, and by extension, Bluetooth headphones.

Does any Bluetooth adapter work with PS5
Does any Bluetooth adapter work with PS5?
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While neither Microsoft nor Sony provides support for Bluetooth devices, gamers have opted for a small bit of hardware to bypass this issue: A Bluetooth adapter. Especially when it comes to Sony’s PS5, this time around, you get a sleek wireless PS5 controller to play with; however, the wireless experience is marred if you want to use headphones, as then you need to manually, physically connect headphones to the PS5 controller.

The solution is getting a Bluetooth adapter that works with Sony’s PS5 console. But does any Bluetooth adapter work with PS5? And, how will you know the best fit, you ask? Well, read on to know how to choose the perfect fit!

What to look out for when choosing the perfect Bluetooth adapter for connecting Bluetooth headphones to PS5

In simple terms, there are many different kinds of Bluetooth adapters that work perfectly fine in different situations. However, given PS5 is a modern gaming console, to connect Bluetooth headphones to the PS5, and other other audio output devices to the PS5 controller, you need a compliant Bluetooth adapter too.

Here are the things to look out for in your new PS5 Bluetooth adapter:

  1. USB C port compliant: Only downside of PS5 controller is that it exclusively supports C type input for audio devices. So, other Bluetooth adapters like USB A type or even 3.5 mm jacks are unsupported by the new PS5 controller.
  2. Sleek design: There are two main forms in which you can find Bluetooth adapters. There is the smaller dongle and the larger adapters with antennas. While the latter gives you better range, having a large antenna attached to your PS5 controller is quite cumbersome. So, when connecting wireless headsets and gaming, the best bet is to go for a smaller dongle.
  3. The purpose for which the specific adapter is built: This refers, in simple terms to the kind of device the adapter is built for. So, for example, high-output device adapters often lack in latency, while adapters for things like a mouse will not give you a good audio output experience. So, your best bet is getting an adapter that is built for gaming consoles. And of course, it is much easier to shop for these, especially when you know what you need.

While the number of choices don’t increase, compared to older consoles such as the PS4, you should be in the clear as long as your adapter is small and ergonomic and have an adapter that is optimized/natively compatible with USB C port usage.

Read on to know more about my top choices for PS5 controller Bluetooth adapters. I have not just discussed their main features, but also delved deep into what I liked about them and also some common issues I faced with each.

Read on till the end to know more!

#1. Gstef USB Bluetooth Adapter

Main specs of this Bluetooth adapter

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows 10, along with most gaming consoles including PS4 and PS5. However, the Bluetooth transmitter doesn’t work with things like keyboards and mice, and is optimized for audio output and Bluetooth headphones for gaming.
  • Ideal for gaming and watching movies, this dongle is designed to reduce audio delay and background noise as it has low latency issues.
  • Designed for in-game chats and microphone support and gives you a smoother connection when you plug it in with your PS5 controller.
  • Uses Bluetooth Class 1 technology to give you 15m of range without interference.
  • Easy connection; just put your wireless Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode and connect the adapter to the controller and your devices should be paired correctly.

What I enjoyed about this product

  • Very low noticeable lag, if at all.
  • High-quality signal
  • Low latency
  • Perfect audio output and synchronization
  • Bluetooth 5.0

What I didn’t enjoy about this product

  • You have to plug the dongle to your console during the boot-up process. If you do it with your console running, you might be able to connect Bluetooth headphones to the PS5, but you won’t get any audio output.
  • You will have to restart the console to reestablish a connection, in case your headphones need charging and die while playing.
  • You need to mini boom microphone if you need to voice chat. However, even then, you’ll probably hear a lot of background noise and most of your speech may sound garbled.

However, most of the cons are due to the fact that PS5 is a new console and hence dongle makers haven’t yet fully harnessed their true potential while creating hardware for it.

#2. GuliKit Route Air Bluetooth Adapter

Main specs of this Bluetooth adapter

  • Compatible with all gaming consoles and Windows versions 8.0 and up.
  • Sits flat on any controller and gaming console, and perfectly minimalist and ergonomic
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0, 4.0, etc.
  • Supports dual connections, i.e., if it’s a two-player situation, both players will get audio output in their headphones.
  • Uses aptX technology to reduce audio lag and give you low latency sound.
  • Gives you a 10m range with no interference involved.
  • Its LED light begins flashing when working, but thanks to 5mm size, it will give you a clear distraction-free visual.

What I enjoyed about this product

  • Smallest dongle in the market.
  • AirPods are supported.
  • Real-time audio sync support with super-low latency.

What I didn’t enjoy about this product

  • No microphone support. You’ll need to invest in other software options for online chats.
  • AirPods connections sometimes are glitchy. You might need to resync and reconnect a few times to get it done.
  • Sometimes, especially with Nintendo Switch consoles, some users report connection loss and loud ringing sound.

#3. Avantree DG80

Main specs of this Bluetooth adapter

  • Best-in-class range of almost 31 meters without interference.
  • No driver installation, which means connections are established fast and easy.
  • Virtually unnoticeable lag.
  • aptX compatible that gives you super-low latency issues.
  • Low-energy consumers, compared to previous Avantree models.
  • Supports Amazon Fire TV dock as well.

What I enjoyed about this product

  • Great range.
  • Almost no lag, and good audio output synchronization.
  • Dual connections available for headphones, which means it’s perfect for two-player situations.
  • Reliable and stable connections when tested with PC and PS models.
  • Linux support.

What I didn’t enjoy about this product

  • Chat support unavailable unless used with Avantree FastStream headphones.
  • Shows up as a Bluetooth speaker when trying to establish a connection, so it might be a little confusing to the first-time user.

Now that we’ve covered PS5, let’s check out the best Bluetooth adapters for some more categories:

Best Bluetooth Adapters for car

Anker Roav Bluetooth Car Adapter and Car Charger

This multipurpose car Bluetooth adapter allows for simultaneous USB C and USB A ports charging, quite handy when travelling. It also automatically connects to available FM frequencies, with good noise cancellation.

Best Bluetooth adapter for PC

Avantree DG80

For this I would revert to my earlier choice, the Avantree DG80. This USB Bluetooth transmitter or adapter gives you good range and excellent Windows support. It’s an audio-only USB dongle that is optimized to give you the best Bluetooth 5.0 experience ever. And, it runs equally well with Mac devices.

Best Bluetooth adapter for TV

Avantree Oasis Plus

This Bluetooth adapter chassis gives you best-in-class range of about 165 feet, along with optical digital audio input and audio output setting. It has a feature-laden top panel that includes things like volume controls, Bluetooth pairing button, status LED lights showing the current input and more. It’s a premium product that lives up to its slightly higher price tag.

Now that we’ve covered the best adapters for most devices/settings, let’s check out the answers to some common user questions! Read on to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Bluetooth 4.0 work with PS5?

PS5 does not support any form of Bluetooth. However, you can connect Bluetooth audio headphones to your PS5 using a Bluetooth adapter or a USB Bluetooth transmitter, which should be connected to the USB C port (You’ll get a USB C plug to connect) and then used during the pairing process.

Will a Bluetooth adapter work on PS5?

Yes, a USB Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth transmitter will work on your PS5 as long as it supports USB C plug and play. You can use said Bluetooth audio transmitter to connect wireless headphones to your controller.

In Closing …

These were my top picks when it came to the best Bluetooth adapters/Bluetooth transmitter for various devices and settings. Did these products work out for you, or do you prefer others? Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

Till next time!

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