Here’s the Best Minecraft Console Commands and Cheats List (Hand-Picked)

Minecraft commands are small strings of text that can bring quite the difference to your gaming. So, it's always handy to keep them whenever playing!

Besides the best Minecraft console commands and cheats, here are some questions that I will answer for all you:

  • What are Minecraft commands and cheat codes?
  • How to enter these Minecraft cheat codes?
  • What are the many commands and their syntaxes?
  • How do you use the Fill command on a Nintendo Switch?

And, many more ...

So, let's get started!


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Minecraft commands are small strings of text that can bring quite the difference to your gaming. So, it’s always handy to keep them whenever playing!

Besides the best Minecraft console commands and cheats, here are some questions that I will answer for all you:

  • What are Minecraft commands and cheat codes?
  • How to enter these Minecraft cheat codes?
  • What are the many commands and their syntaxes?
  • How do you use the Fill command on a Nintendo Switch?

And, many more …

So, let’s get started!

Here are some common questions (and, as usual, their answers) about Minecraft console commands that can help you in a jiffy! These can pertain to a random player or to the player executing the commands.

What are Minecraft console commands and cheats?

Minecraft commands or Minecraft cheat codes, are small text strings that are used to make changes to your game world. The many commands available have effects that include changes to: difficulty level, environment, and of course players’ characters.

best minecraft console commands
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Minecraft cheats are only available to PC users. Besides, cheats and commands can be used only when you’re playing in a Creative-mode game. If you’re in Survival mode, you will need to change game mode type to Creative, and then enable cheats to access and use commands.

Using Minecraft cheats and Minecraft console commands disables your achievements for that particular world.

How do you use Bedrock commands in Minecraft?

There are only two ways in which you can use commands in Minecraft Bedrock (known before as Minecraft PE):

  • Chat: Select the “Chat” option to open up the “Chat Box.” You can type in your command there. Remember, every command needs to be prefixed with a forward slash key (“/”). Also, commands are case-sensitive, so you would want to check the casing of the commands before you enter Minecraft commands.
  • Command blocks: Command blocks can activate a series of different command inputs, enabling players to create long, automated sequences in the game.
    So, how do you start/get one: Enable creative mode and then open the chat window and enter: /give <your username> command block.
    Different Minecraft editions differ in the ways in which these command blocks or control blocks are activated. This hack works only for Minecraft Bedrock.

Can you type commands in Minecraft?

Yes. If you are a PC gamer and a Minecraft fan like me, just hit forward slash to open the “chat box” and keep typing your command to effect changes like change difficulty level, change weather, locate command for locating a specified player’s location, etc.

Refer to the table in the later sections of this blog for the most useful Minecraft console commands and Minecraft cheat codes.

How do you summon a Giant Slime?

To summon a Giant Slime on Minecraft, just ensure that cheats are enabled on your game, and you can use the “Summon” command (/summon).

There are two forms of the /summon command that you can go for, depending on the version of PC/Mac that you use. These forms are:

  1. /summon slime [pos] {Size: <number>}; or
  2. /summon slime [x] [y] [z] {Size: <number>}

Here, “pos” or the “x y z” coordinates are optional however. This position (denoted by x y z in the second syntax form) is the world spawn location, where you’d like your Giant Slime to be spawned. Note, if you don’t add this, the current location is taken as the location for spawning the slime.

Secondly, the {Size: <number>} is an NBT tag, or a data tag, as it was formerly known in the Minecraft world. The entity “slime” has some of these data tags which can be used to denote its size in the Minecraft world spawn location where it is born. The tags can be used by replacing the number from the list, depending on the size of the slime you want:

  • 0 = Baby slime
  • 1 = Medium slime
  • 3 = Large slime
  • 100 = Giant slime

Once the chat window opens, type in your desired command to spawn your desired creature in your Minecraft world!

How do you use the Fill command in Minecraft on a Nintendo Switch?

The /fill command, used to fill area outlines with your choice of building blocks, is compatible with Nintendo Switch (1.5.0). However, ensure your Minecraft cheats are enabled.

There are two syntactical ways of using this console command on your Nintendo Switch:

  1. To fill with a particular type of block: /fill <from> <to> <tileName> [tileData] [outline¦hollow¦destroy¦keep]
  2. To replace pre-existing blocks with a different type of block: /fill <from> <to> <tileName> [tileData] replace <replaceTileName> <replaceDataValue>


  • from: x y z coordinates of the first corner
  • to: x y z coordinates of the second corner
  • tileName: Blocks that you want
  • tileData: The variations of the block, if any
  • replaceTileName: The blocks you want
  • replaceDataValue: Their values, if they have any variations

Check out the Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition in case you are interested.

What is the gamerule dodaylightcycle command?

Minecraft dodaylightcycle false or dodaylightcycle true are the two forms of the stop time command. This helps influence the world game time in the game world. Once you enable cheats in Minecraft, you can access and use it. Here’s how to use the stop time command on your PC:


Stop time: /gamerule doDaylightCycle false

Replace true for false, and the resulting Start time command, /gamerule doDaylightcycle true, undoes it and makes time go on as day and night cycles.

Target selector shortcuts

Name of commandTarget selector shortcuts
Main command“@” followed by gamer code
Action/EffectFor this command, the executing entity can target five kinds of players, using these codes:
@p: nearest player
@r: random player
@a: all players
@e: all entities
@s: Entity executing

Give Command

Name of commandGive command
Main command/give <targets> <item> [amount] [dataTag]
/give <player> <item> [amount] [data] [dataTag]
Action/EffectGives targeted players or specified players whatever you want, and of the amount you specify.

Teleport command

Name of commandTeleport command
Main command/tp [player] <x y z>  
Action/EffectChanges coordinates (and hence, position) of targeted players to the coordinates specified as x, y, z.

Kill Command

Name of commandKill command
Main command/kill
/kill <player>
/kill @e[type=mobType]  
Action/EffectThe first form kills all entities including the one executing; the second kills the specified player; and the last form can be used to kill a mob.

Game Mode Change

Name of commandGamemode
Main command/gamemode <mode>
/gamemode <mode> <player>    
Action/EffectChange the mode of the game to either of the available ones: Survival mode, Creative mode, Adventure mode, Spectator mode. Adding the player name at the end ensures the game mode changes only for them.

Change Difficulty level

Name of commandChange difficulty level
Main command/difficulty <level>      
Action/EffectHelps change difficulty level to peaceful, easy, normal, or hard modes.

Seed Code

Name of commandSeed code command
Main command/seed
Action/EffectDisplays the seed code for your current world for use later or for passing on the code to other players.

Atlantis Mode

Name of commandAtlantis mode
Main command/atlantis
Action/EffectThis is one of the creative mode commands, and can allow you to raise the level of water in your world, to mimic the lost continent of Atlantis.

Store Items

Name of commandDrop Store
Main command/dropstore
Action/EffectStore all your inventory items in a newly spawned chest in Minecraft.

Item damage

Name of commandItem damage
Main command/itemdamage
Action/EffectMakes your weapons indestructible … or let’s just say you don’t need to worry about damage to your weaponry.

Locate command

Name of commandLocate
Main command/locate <ConfiguredStructure> (for Java Edition);
OR /locate <feature: Feature> (For Bedrock Edition)  
Action/EffectDisplays the coordinates for the nearest configured structure/feature in the chat for the entity executing.

Experience points

Name of commandAdd experience points
Main command/xp
Action/Effect#1. To add experience points to a player: /xp add <targets> <amount> [levels¦points]
#2. To inquire the experience of a player: /xp query <targets> <levels¦points>
#3. To set the experience of a specified player: /xp set <targets> <amount> [levels¦points]

Now It’s Your Turn

These are what I think are the most useful Minecraft commands and cheat codes. If these worked out for you, please let me know in the comments below.

And, don’t forget to also tell me of the other commands you’ve been using yourself!

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