Best Nintendo Switch Lite Games : The Definitive Guide

Nintendo Switch lite is a lightweight, handheld, compact gaming device that is perfect for gamers on the go. In this article, I will take you through the Best Nintendo Switch Lite Games for all ages with some fun tips, tricks, and 411 on features, packs, and more, including:

  • Nintendo switch lite game features
  • Traveler action pack
  • Best action games
  • Best games with strong female characters
  • Best games to play without WiFi
  • Best free games to play on Nintendo Switch

So let's get right to it without wasting any more time!


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Overview: Nintendo Switch Lite

The new handheld gaming device from Nintendo!

Technology is all about getting the job done in a more streamlined and smaller device. Gaming devices have seen their fair share of size-shrinkage—the new Nintendo switch lite is the gamemaker’s foray into a gaming device that is exclusively made for handheld mode. While its predecessor, the Nintendo Switch, can be used as a handheld as well, the Switch lite is absolutely 100% portable—only. So, no use as a gaming console for this one.

Nintendo Switch is a highly successful device and a developer of next level games. Its terrific library was versatile as well, that kind of sparked the rise of the handheld Switch Lite. Nintendo is a true pioneer in the game console world, and its Switch games have helped it stay in vogue even with the likes of PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X in the market.

The Switch OLED took things up a notch, and while the developer might come out with a much more feature-laden and powerful model, (if you’re asking, “Is Nintendo discontinuing the Switch?”) the Lite is going to be the handheld console of choice for a while.

Before we get to the best Nintendo Switch games, let’s look at the main similarities and differences between the Switch and Switch lite.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite—Similarities

  • More or less the same roster of games are supported by both devices. However, your end gaming experience will be determined by how the particular game behaves in handheld mode, which is what you get in Nintendo Switch Lite.
  • You get the same screen resolution on both devices: 1280X720p.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite—Differences

We have already discussed the first and foremost difference between Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite: the latter is handheld ONLY. So let’s get into some other differences between the two:

  • The Lite version is slightly smaller that its predecessor, with the screen falling about 30mm shy, but has smaller bezels around the display, which in my opinion really amps up the gaming experience apart from being much easier to carry around.
  • Nintendo definitely upgraded the batter life from Switch to Switch Lite. While the former offered 2.5 hours at its worst and about 6 hours at its best, the latter improves on it with a whopping 4.5 hours at the bottom and 9 hours on top.
  • The Switch supports Netflix while the Switch lite doesn’t, to answer the commonly asked question by users: Can you watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

So, to answer the question, “Do Nintendo switch games play on Nintendo switch lite?,” or “What games will play on Switch Lite?,” yes, all Nintendo Switch Games that support handheld mode can be played on Nintendo Switch Lite.

Read on to know more about Nintendo Switch Lite and the best games you can play on it!

“What all comes with a Nintendo Switch Lite?”

Out of the box, the Nintendo Switch Lite handheld console comes with only an AC Adapter. No, no video game or Nintendo Switch game comes preloaded. Docks and other game paraphernalia need to be purchased separately and do not come out of box.

Now that we have gotten the device out of the way, let’s talk about best Switch games that you can play on your Nintendo console on the go!

Nintendo Game World: What Switch games should you look out for!

Nothing better than a new game in a new handheld console. And, best part, there are many a fantastic game, all must-play ones, to totally make your day; but read on to know more specifics about your Switch lite and the fantastic games you can play on it!

Nintendo Switch Lite Game Card

The Nintendo Switch Lite requires memory devices, which come in the form of various cards. It has a capacity of 2TB. And, here are the types it supports:

  • microSD (up to 2GB)
  • microSDHC (4GB – 32GB)
  • microSDXC (64GB and above)

However, note that when using a Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC) card with your Nintendo Switch Lite, you need to perform a systems update before gaming!

Nintendo Switch Lite Game Traveler Action Pack (GoPlay)

As a Switch owner, safety of the device is always a huge priority. That is where this amazing traveler case comes in! The Traveler Action Pack ensures your gaming doesn’t stop even on the go. This hard case is compatible with Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED. To quote Walmart, the Traveler Action pack “The Ultimate PLAY and STORE solution for your Nintendo Switch.”

Especially if you are a young gamer’s parent, this is the way to go, as it gives you the safety of keeping your expensive device safe, while storing and traveling. The best option in this case would be to get the GoPlay bundle, which includes 8 games, rubberized analog stick thumb covers, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and durable, hard-shell case that has felt lining inside to protect your Switch that is 100% Nintendo licensed. This prevents your device from accidental drops, knocks, and shocks while playing a fighting game, all the while the GoPlay Grip serves as a secure viewing stand.

This also comes with a padded divider, which is designed to specifically protect the sensitive analog sticks of the Switch. To reduce gaming fatigue, the designers went the extra mile to incorporate ergonomic GoPlay rubber grips.

Nintendo Switch Lite Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

Compact, trendy looking, and classic, this travel case will solve all your Switch Lite transportation problems. You can not just fit your Switch Lite, but all your memory cards and games in this perfectly designed, hardy case, which fits into any bag you might be carrying, or can even be sported using its own strap.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Read on to know what are the best game, new games, first game, and many other categories of Switch Lite Games, with interesting characters, that will keep you on gameplay loop! These include classics as well as new games.

Top 13 Nintendo Switch Lite Game Free

Stock up on the best Switch Games that come for free. But before we get to our contenders, make sure you set up parental controls for the kids to ensure no undesired in-app purchases are made. Typically, Switch games cost around $50, so it might take time to build a collection.

Here are free titles that you can start from:

Nintendo Switch Lite Game Free

To add further to the infographic you also have Pinball Arcade and Rocket League as mentioned below.

#1. Pokemon Quest

In this fun little twist to the classic Pokemon lore, you must collect Pokemon and just battle it out on Tumblecube Island. Every beloved Pokemon has been given a cube twist, which will evoke nostalgia while being awesome!

#2. Pokemon Unite

Pokemon’s foray into the MOBA world (Multiplayer online battle arena). Just protect your base and battle it out with your choice of Pokemon. Pokemon Unite for you!

#3. Fortnite

Need I say more? The undisputed champion of the battle royale genre, Fortnite is one of the best action games of all time, and is now on Switch; best part, they are constantly making their in-game content better, with cross-overs from Marvel Comics Universe as well as Star Wars.

#4. Gems of war

From the makers of Puzzle Quest games, comes another great addition for PvP matches.

#5. Tetris 99

A twist on the classic Mario games and Tetris, this classic asks you to clean your world and put garbage blocks on your opponents! And this gets you updates regularly as well.

#6. Rogue Company

Among third party games, this third person shooter is epic for a free game! This strategy game is basically a tactical 4×4 shooter (up to four players): so do you thing, satisfy your objectives and get paid. Simple as that!

#7. Spellbreak

A magical battle royale situation. How much better can this get?!

#7. Color Zen

If mini games or minimalist games are your thing, Color Zen is a great game to have at hand, that too, free! Just chill, color, relax, and don’t even get penalized for wrong moves!

#8. Fantasy Strike

One of the best Switch games if you ask me, this game is a great foray into action games in general.


Choose your own mythology and compete as a God (from Thor to Sun Wukong, the inspiration behind Goku from the Dragonball universe).

#10. Arena of Valor

Choose from an array of 40 heroes and formats of 1×1 to 5×5 to establish your dominance in this action/strategy game.

#11. Pinball Arcade

I have three words to describe this game’s awesomeness: Themed. Pinball. Tables. Choose from Star Trek, Ghostbusters, or even Doctor Who, and you need no quarters to play this either. How cool is that, especially for people who grew up playing the classic version on their PCs!

#12. Rocket league

Take soccer, take car racing, and put it together. What you get is just pure gaming bliss!

17 Best Nintendo Switch Games without WiFi

You don’t need to be connected to the Internet to play any of these awesome games!

Here are my top picks when it comes to games that don’t need you to be connected to the internet, or have a WiFi connection, once installed.

#1. Hollow Knight

Dark aesthetic, memorable and interesting characters, a very challenging gameplay make Hollow Knight one of my top picks for games in general. Better, it is a portable release that allows you to be on gameplay loop without being online (despite this being called a derivative of Dark Souls, it is a great game in its own right, in my opinion).

#2. New pokemon snap

Pokemon snap is one of the most interesting takes on the Pokeverse, and quite caused the stir. You don’t need to catch the Pokemon here: you are in the garb of a Poke-researcher whose job is to fill the Pokedex with accurate entries (and photos) of the various Pokemon you encounter.

#3. Animal Crossing new horizons

A charming Nintendo classic, presented as-is, without any restrictions for your gaming pleasure, even when offline, Animal Crossing New Horizons will have you on your Switch Lite for hours!

#4. Metroid dread

If there’s one game that is built for lone wolves (if you’re the parent of a brooding teenager, you know what I am talking about), this is it. Metroid Dread is so much better than its spinoff because of this single-player feature: and this also allows one to enjoy it solo, without WiFi.

#5. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD

The Legend of Zelda Series is a much-beloved franchise with one of the strongest female characters out there. And, with the rich mythology, and HD gaming quality, you don’t need an internet connection.

#6. Bayonetta 2

Post its transfer from Wii U to Switch about four years ago, this game is great by virtue of its originality and did not need too many tweaks either to make it so awesome or even one of the best Switch games. Again, very, very strong female lead titular character, if that’s what you’re looking for!

#7. Paper Mario series: Origami King

The latest addition to the Paper Mario series, Origami King has proved to be one of the most enjoyable single-player offline games you can play on your Switch; your best bet till an open world Mario game comes out.

#8. The Legend of zelda breath of the wild

Another great Zelda game that does not require any Internet or introduction. Everyone from players to critics have exhausted their vocabularies trying to put into words how good the game is and rest assured, it is.

#9. Link’s Awakening

Another great remake for the Switch, Link’s Awakening is a more modern rendition of the classic Link’s Awakening.

#10. Pokemon Sword & shield

Although gamers might not be able to battle it out or trade Pokemon online, this is still one of the great offline Pokemon legends that you can play on your Switch.

#11. Super Mario Odyssey

Classic single player action from Super Mario maker Super Smash bros, Super Mario Odyssey is a game you cannot miss out on if you like to play offline.

#12. Mario Kart 8 deluxe

If you like Mario and you like racing, there is nothing better than Mario Kart: and Mario kart 8 deluxe, the latest addition to the series, is definitely not one to miss, especially if you love split screen gaming.

#13. Luigi’s Mansion

Another hit spin-off (or call it a wild sequel) from Super Mario maker Smash bros, dealing with Mario’s younger brother.

#14. Fire Emblem Three Houses

One of the most engaging gameplays, combined with very little online content needed to enjoy it: this is why I recommend Fire Emblem highly for all gamers who like to game on the go, with or without an internet connection, without compromising on game-world complexity.

#15. Super Mario Party superstars

This is one of the few instances in which the offline version actually has more to do for players than the online version.

#16. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Again, just like the one above, very little new content to go for in the online edition, whereas the offline version is quite ridiculously interesting!

#17. Ori and the blind forest

Another great lore from a forgotten land of magic, this is by far one of the best Switch Games with regard to aesthetics and visual graphics.

The best Switch game for kids

The Techie Trickle recommendation for kids, especially growing ones in the 5 to 6 year old bracket would be:

New Pokemon Snap

Unlike classic Pokemon legends such as Pokemon Unite, the New Pokemon Snap is different in a very good way as it does not focus on violence and battling alone. Instead, the objective, which is to photograph new Pokemon as a Poke-researcher (and not a monster hunter), it should build inquisitiveness and inculcate a natural appreciation for animals and nature alike. And, honestly, I had as much fun with this as my child, because it is a different, more constructive take on gaming altogether. Plus, you can enjoy it on the go, with or without internet connections.

The best Switch game for action lovers

If you want a classic action game that goes well with your handheld console, go for:


Not only is this game a cult classic, but it is also had great visuals, is excellent for strategizing and developing great teamwork. I don’t need to elaborate on the action packed story lines. Enjoyable also as a MOBA game, Fortnite is a great exercise in planning, outwitting opponents, and fulfilling objectives. All of these are the trappings for a hit game formula that you can never bore of. Oh, did I mention it’s completely free on Switch Lite?

The best Switch game with strong female characters

It’s 2022, and it is high time that gamers all over the world have become not just aware but also sensitive to gender biases; and given the number of women rocking it out in the world of video games, it is only natural to want a game with a strong female character. In this train of thought, I recommend:

Bayonetta 2

A strong, violent female character, with awesome powers, out to get opponents, while doing some honest soul-searching and unearthing secrets from her past: need I sell this more?

If yes, this game can be smoothly played offline, on the go as well.

Now that we have games covered, let’s get another very important technical aspect of your Switch Lite out of the way. Read on to know more!

Using Bluetooth Headphones on the Nintendo Switch Lite

To get the Bluetooth feature on your console, you need the 13.0.0 version (or later) of the system software. Next, follow these steps:

  1. Go to System Settings, and select Bluetooth audio.
  2. Select Pair device; follow the pairing steps for your Bluetooth headphones.
  3. You’re good to go!

Read on for answers to some common user questions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does any Nintendo Switch come with games?

No, in short. Although the console does not come with preloaded games, there are a number of games that you can download and enjoy for free, including Fortnite, Tetris 99, and Pokemon Quest.

What is the best selling Nintendo Switch game right now?

The overall bestselling Nintendo title is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with over 800 million copies being sold for the Switch alone. The statistics count for the period starting late 2018.

From here …

This should give you a brief idea not just about your Switch or Switch Lite, but also the various categories of Nintendo games, and the best ones among them. For a more detailed review, stay tuned.

And, in the comments below, do let me know which Switch games you recommend, and if you liked our picks!

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