7 Solutions To Avoid Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78 On Hulu

Have you ever gotten the DRMCDM78 error code when trying to stream content on Hulu? You are not alone. This is a common problem that many people have been experiencing lately, and while it can be an annoyance for some, others may find this to watch their favourite TV show without paying for it.

The Hulu Error code DRMCDM78 means that you have exceeded your bandwidth limit for the month or year (depending on what package you subscribe to) and therefore cannot stream anything from Hulu. There are two ways around this:

1) wait until next month


2) buy more bandwidth from your internet service provider


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What is this Hulu Error DRMCDM78?

How Do I Fix this Error Code?

How to Prevent this Error in Future?

Are there any Alternatives Ways to Watch Hulu Contents?

How to Fix this Error on Computer?

Can You fix Hulu Playback Failure?

What is Error Code 504 on Hulu?

What is the Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78 ?

The DRMCDM78 error code prevents users from streaming Hulu content. This is because the DRMCDM78 code contains a ‘playback restriction’, which means that your account expires on either December or October (depending on what package you subscribe to) and therefore cannot stream anything from Hulu.

hulu Error Code DRMCDM78

There are two ways to get around this error code: continue waiting impatiently while Hulu resolves their issue or make changes on your side that will help them emerge from technical difficulties. 

How to fix the DRMCDM78 error code?

Solution 1: Update Hulu Billing Information

If you are a Hulu subscriber and your account has expired, please update your billing information with help from their Official Twitter Hulu Support.

Go into “Settings” on your device and change the date from Jan 31st to Dec 31st or Oct 31st (depending on what package you subscribe to) and then log back in again. This will fix the issue of playback restrictions caused by the Hulu error code DRMCDM78. 

Solution 2: Clear your cache on Hulu

Many subscribers feel frustrated about not being able to watch their favourite TV shows and movies, and we sympathize with you.

Some people have even blamed our company for “intentionally holding back episodes.” However, nothing is intentional here – it’s just a glitch in their system that they’re working hard to fix quickly.

For clearing the cache on Hulu, the first step is to open your Browser’s settings. Next, you’ll need to delete or empty the corrupted cached data and cookies for all browsers from their options menus by selecting “Delete Cookies” then moving on to the next one.

Solution 3: Check the Status of Hulu Servers

Hulu confirms that when they first heard about the error code DRMCDM78, their engineers worked hard to investigate it and determine what was going on.

But, unfortunately, Hulu servers were experiencing problems due to a substantial traffic spike- more than double the usual amount!

The good news is that you can check if there are any ongoing Outages in your region or any other user too is facing the downtime.

The bad news is there is no planned Outage by Hulu but you may be still encountering Hulu error code DRMCDM78 because your device cache hasn’t cleared yet.

Keep reading for how to solve that problem below.

Solution 4: Watch Hulu Content on Chromecast using Chrome Browser!

If you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t involve streaming through traditional means (like an Apple TV) but still want access to content not available in your country, then this is it.

With Google’s new Chromecast device ($35), you can wirelessly cast any video playing in your Chrome browser onto a big-screen television so long as it has an HDMI input port – which most TVs do.

It’s not the most elegant solution to fix the Hulu error code, but it will work in a pinch if you’re looking for something quick and easy that doesn’t involve purchasing another device or app.

And since Hulu is available on Chromecast, this can be your go-to option to get back into streaming as soon as possible!

Solution 5: Upgrade Latest version of Browser

Another problem could be your outdated Browser. Newer browsers don’t have to work with DRMCDM78 error.

Upgrade Google Chrome

To Upgrade Google Chrome to the latest version, click on the three dot icon menu button in the top right corner of your screen, and then click “About Google Chrome“.

Select “Upgrade to a new version” from the dropdown window.

You’ll be prompted by Google’s assistant to download an update for Chromecast if you haven’t already done so. Select “Yes“.

Once it is done, you’ll be prompted to restart your Browser one last time.

After doing so, go back into Hulu and try streaming the content again.

If this doesn’t work for you either, then it’s possible that a software update failed or a new security feature has been added, in which case we recommend contacting Google Support.”

The old version may not be able to support the streaming protocols required by Hulu.

Upgrade Mozilla Firefox

For upgrading, click on “Firefox” button from your launch bar.

Select “About Firefox”. Select Upgrade to a new version from the dropdown window.

You’ll be prompted by Mozilla’s assistant to download an update for Chromaptor if you haven’t already done so. Select yes and wait as it installs before the restart of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

If you still cannot stream Hulu content, please contact Google support with an updated error report.”

You need to upgrade your Browser to the latest version to resolve the error code DRMCDM78 because it is a new security feature added to the Browser.

“DRMCDM78” happens when there’s “a problem with software update failed or a new security feature.

Solution 5: Fixing any TCP/IP Inconsistencies

Restarting or resetting the Router can resolve any TCP/IP Inconsistencies.

Restarting the Router

If the problem persists, try restarting the Router. Please follow these steps: Look for the power ON/OFF switch, then press and hold it for 30 seconds.

To reset the Router to factory default settings, look for a small pinhole near the power ON/OFF switch; insert a paper clip into it until you hear some clicks from inside the device and wait about five minutes before turning it on again.

Resetting the Router

To reset the Router to factory default settings, please follow these steps: Look for a small pinhole near the power ON/OFF switch (reset button); insert a paper clip into it until you hear some clicks from inside the device and wait about 10 seconds until you hear some clicks from inside the device and wait about five minutes before turning on again.

Solution 6: Unplugging Power and Turning off WiFi

Please follow these steps to unplug the power and turn off the WiFi on your device: Unplug the power cord from both the back of the Router and any connected devices. Next, press the power button and then try restarting your device.

Solution 7: Turning off Windows Firewall

If the DRMCDM78 error code persists with your Browser updated to the latest version, consider disabling or uninstalling windows firewall software.

Turning off Windows Firewall will enable you to stream Hulu content without any problems.

How to Prevent DRMCDM78 Error Code from Happening Again in the Future

Although Hulu cannot guarantee that this error code will never come up in future, you can try to turn off the windows firewall and update your Browser as soon as you encounter the DRMCDM78 error code.

Remove any unused plugins for your Browser if it’s still happening after updating it. It may not be needed anymore! 

Other Ways you can Watch Hulu Content if you’re Experiencing this Issue

Watch Hulu content on alternative devices without experiencing DRMCDM78 error code. There are many different ways to watch Hulu content, such as on Android, iPhone or iPad.

Alternatively, you can use the Hulu app for your Browser on a PC and stream without any problems as well. You will not experience DRMCDM78 error code in future this way either!

How to fix DRMCDM78 Error Code On Your Computer If It Persists

If turning off Windows Firewall doesn’t help, try to update your Browser.

Chrome is the best option, but you can also use Firefox and Internet Explorer to fix the DRMCDM78 error code.

How do I fix PlayBack failure on Hulu?

To fix PlayBack failure on Hulu, try to update your Hulu app. If that doesn’t help, delete the Hulu app and then reinstall it again.

What does error code 504 mean on Hulu?

Error code 504 means the server is down. Check the Hulu website to see if any issues need attention or wait a few hours and try again.


Thank you for reading this article.

We hope that the information we shared will help solve your DRMCDM78 error code problem, and our team is always here to assist if anything else comes up.

If there’s something in particular about the DRMCDM78 error code or how it affects your streaming experience on Hulu, please let us know below to update this blog post with more info!

What solution did you try? Did you try something not mentioned above?

Again, thank you for taking time out of your day to read through all of these tips and tricks on fixing a DRMCDM78 error code issue with Hulu.

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