Oh, back for another round of ‘How do I hide my things’, are we? What’ve you got there? A sense of curiosity? Fear? Dread? Paranoia? Considering recent events, you’re justified in feeling all of that. Privacy is a growing concern, but some solutions fall flat. If you were thinking of how to hide photos on Android without any apps, then it’s a good thing you’ve stumbled upon my article.

These may be the best ways to hide videos on Android without any apps (or pictures even). But they aren’t exactly convenient. It depends on the use case. I’ll give you insights on how to do that with certain phones. Especially with regards to how you can do it without any third-party app. All in simple terms!

The benefit you get from hiding gallery pictures and videos on Android will be the same as that from a third-party app. Only this time, you won’t need to give special permissions! In total, there are 5 best ways to hide photos or videos that don’t involve third-party apps, and they include:

  • Using your phone’s built-in feature to hide them
  • Using the file manager
  • Using a Nomedia file
  • Compressing your gallery items
  • Removing the file extensions of the gallery items

Well, go ahead, and read up on how to hide your stash!

Here's what we analyzed the various ways to examine whether the RAM Type is DDR3 or DDR4 in Windows.

Specifically, we looked at :

  • How to Check using the Task Manager
  • Steps involved using the Command Prompt
  • Examine the RAM type using a third-party CPU software
  • And more of your questions

Hmm, up to no good, are we?
Alright, alright, let’s cut to the chase. You want to hide apps on Android. But how do we do that?

A common problem with new and old Windows computers is the frequent occurrence of high RAM usage at idle. Open the Task Manager at any time, and you may find a few processes taking up a lot of memory resources leading to system lags and performance issues.

The high RAM usage problem is usually common on Windows 10 systems with low physical memory, but that is not the only reason.

In some instances, this problem can also occur if you have multiple startup apps enabled. Also check for issues related to virtual memory, malware infection and Windows OS file corruption.

If you are also bugged by memory-related issues, this is the article you need. In this article, we have listed a few quick troubleshooting steps to resolve the Windows 10 high RAM usage at idle problem with ease.

You’re stuck in a rut. You got the bucks you need to buy one console. You decide, “I’m going to buy the PlayStation 5.” But you neither have a strong reason to buy it nor do you want to impulsively buy it.

You want to weigh your options, right? In that case, the important question is, "Should you buy a PlayStation 5?"

Chances are you’ll spend more time in your dilemma rather than come to a decision. And it’s probably because you want to know what you’re getting into first!

Well, I wrote this article to cover your back. I’ll give you a few brief reasons as to why a PS5 may (or may not) be great to buy. And if you’re thinking about buying the Xbox Series X instead, then hey, why not check out the differences between them first?

But I digress. Let’s get down to the meat of your dilemma.

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