Windows 10


A common problem with new and old Windows computers is the frequent occurrence of high RAM usage at idle. Open the Task Manager at any time, and you may find a few processes taking up a lot of memory resources leading to system lags and performance issues.

The high RAM usage problem is usually common on Windows 10 systems with low physical memory, but that is not the only reason.

In some instances, this problem can also occur if you have multiple startup apps enabled. Also check for issues related to virtual memory, malware infection and Windows OS file corruption.

If you are also bugged by memory-related issues, this is the article you need. In this article, we have listed a few quick troubleshooting steps to resolve the Windows 10 high RAM usage at idle problem with ease.

Today I am excited to share 9 checks that you need to perform to ensure the correct Network Cable is properly plugged in Windows 10.

In this new guide you will learn :

  • Fixes required to be performed for a Network Cable not properly plugged in
  • Understand what to perform on your Ethernet Network Adapter
  • Test your Ethernet Cable
  • Which Type of Ethernet Cable to Buy

So infact, if you are searching for this solution, then this Guide is for you.