Speakers are great equipment ... but to get their best performance, it is important to keep their maintenance at the back of your head!

And you can make a very easy job of it without any specialized equipment! Just a couple of household items will do the trick quite well!

One of the most useful things when it comes to cleaning audio equipment is the trusty, old-fashioned toothbrush! And, older and softer the better!!

And, besides, even an electric one works (if that's your thing); just ensure that it's safely switched off while you're using it to clean your speaker.

Using a toothbrush can help you get rid of almost all the loose dust that accumulates on your speaker. This directly translates into louder sound and better, clear audio!

For a detailed guide on how to clean your iPhone/Android speakers using toothbrushes (and other household items), follow the Techie Trickle blog today!

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