Google Home speakers and smart displays have been playing music from Bluetooth devices for years, but there has recently been a problem with disconnecting.

Google has finally acknowledged the issue where Bluetooth keeps disconnecting from Google Home after it was reported by various users over time.

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As a tight-knit family of four, I can't even recall the number of times we've gathered around the TV; Saturday nights were spent huddled around the TV to try and catch the big game.

But when our trusty TV sound started to falter and come out all muffled, we knew we needed to upgrade the speakers. We dashed out and got ourselves a soundbar.

With crisp highs and lows coupled with deep bass, the audio quality on our TV speakers is better than ever. All balance has been restored and we've got back to having movie nights—fuss-free.

If this sounds at all like what you might be going through or have experienced, keep reading!

Have you ever wondered why Netflix doesn't have ads while Hulu does?

Everything boils down to tactical and monetary reasons. Ad placement on Hulu enables the streaming service to provide its consumers with more content while retaining its profits. 

But, it disrupts the viewing experience.

With Netflix, streaming agreements enable them to skip commercials, providing members with an uninterrupted cinema experience. It might be easier to pick the best service for you if you are clued up on the business decisions that make up these distinctions between the two.

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For the audio enthusiast who is looking for portable speakers with the best sound quality that sounds good at an affordable price, Bluetooth speakers may be the answer. This innovation offers quality speakers with the convenience of portability, and convenience packed into one high-end speaker system.

But why do they break the bank?

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at their

  • What makes them costly
  • Build/make
  • Quality products
  • Device features
  • Conclusion

And as always, much more—let's dive right into it.

Streaming speakers with HDMI are some of the best-powered speakers, better than most bookshelf speakers like to regular stereo speakers or soundbars.

They're not called active speakers for nothing, and we're here to unpack why they go the extra mile—whether it's music listening, internet radio, or just crisp, deep TV sound that you're into.

Here's Why:

  • All-in-one powered streaming speakers
  • A better successor of KEF'S high sound quality audio
  • Just-add-speakers

There's a lot to dive into, in terms of some of the best active speakers on the market, so let's get started on our full review.

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