People get confused with the PlayStation Plus vs PS Now comparisons. And for good reason, too! They’re both subscription-based packages that give you good options to choose from. “Well”, you start, “what’s the actual difference between PlayStation Now and Plus then?”

The answer’s not complicated. But, we’ve got to go through a few things first. Namely, 3 major points:

  • What both the PS Plus and PS Now services offer.
  • How their offerings can be great for you.
  • Whether it’s worth buying them.

Both the services have their own ups and downs that work differently for a lot of people. So, it’s a subjective topic. Even so, what you’ll learn here is all you need to make an informed decision on which one to buy. Let’s get right into PlayStation Plus vs PS Now.

I assume that you’ve already made a decision about getting a PlayStation 5. Which means the next burning question among a lot of you folks these days is, “What’s  better between PS5 Digital Edition vs Regular Edition?”

So, for those of you who plan to get it, all that’s left now is to explain to you the PS5 Digital Edition vs Regular Edition differences. No, seriously, that’s all the article is about.

I want you to make your purchase quick, and clean without buyer’s remorse. Especially when scalpers are still a big problem. You’re literally on the clock when it comes to buying a PlayStation 5. (Seriously… darn those scalpers!) With that said, I put the summary first before elaborating on the points provided. It’s a good enough reason to keep this article short and as concise as it can be for anyone who wants to get to the brass tacks.

Anyhoo, by the time you’re done reading, I guarantee you that you’ll get the full picture, and bet on exactly what kind of PlayStation 5 you need.

I didn’t think there would come a time when we could get access to a gigantic library of games for the price of a cab drive around a block. But, technology never ceases to amaze anyone. I guess with the rise in streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime, it was only inevitable that we’d see something like it for video games. And if you’re here, chances are you’re trying to look for one for PlayStation 5.

As it turns out, there does exist a streaming service for them, and it’s called PlayStation Now. In fact, PS Now has been made available since 2014, but it’s only taking off now due to the rising popularity of streaming services these days. But the real question is, “Is PS Now worth it?” The article encompasses points for some of the following thoughts:

  • What PlayStation Now is
  • How much it costs
  • How you could use it
  • And how it works in general

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a fundamental idea on the service, you’ll come to an understanding of whether it’s something for you, and you’ll figure out if PS Now is worth it — which is what you’re here to find out!

Since the arrival of PlayStation 3 in 2006, the following words put the users at the mercy of Sony: “Your PlayStation Network ID is...

I thought it’s best if we look back at the time when we were first jazzed about the existence of a PS5 dev kit, and what it was packing.

After all, a new PlayStation VR headset is releasing for the PlayStation 5! Some developers are already working with the VR dev kits.

So, it’s further confirmation that we’re going to see some interesting Virtual Reality games by 2022. But, I digress. We’re here to reminisce about the PS5 dev kit!

So, if you’re not familiar with how the PS5 came to be, then consider this article a refresher. I’ll largely cover:

  • What a dev kit is;
  • The buzz that first surrounded the PS5 dev kit;
  • And how you can get one;
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