Atlas VPN Review—A Complete Breakdown

Atlas VPN is a new VPN server that was started off in 2019. Within two years of its launch, in 2021, Nord Security acquired Atlas VPN servers, making it the third one of their VPN connection products after Surfshark and NordVPN.

Here is my review of Atlas VPN, in which I will deep dive into:

  • The features Atlas VPN offers
  • The pros and cons of Atlas VPN
  • My verdict
  • Answers to some of your most common questions on Atlas VPN

So, let's jump right into it!


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Atlas VPN is a new VPN server that was started off in 2019. Within two years of its launch, in 2021, Nord Security acquired Atlas VPN servers, making it the third one of their VPN connection products after Surfshark and NordVPN.

Here is my review of Atlas VPN, in which I will deep dive into:

  • The features Atlas VPN offers
  • The pros and cons of Atlas VPN
  • My verdict
  • Answers to some of your most common questions on Atlas VPN

So, let’s jump right into it!

What is Atlas VPN?

In short, Atlas VPN is a completely free version virtual private network (VPN) service that enables users to tap into an internet connection from various countries. Atlas VPN free gives you access to its free features (discussed in detail, read through to the end), while there is an Atlas VPN premium version as well that is affordably priced and gives you a 30-day money back guarantee; this will give you premium features such as unlimited simultaneous connections and multiple device protection.

Hence, it is an aptly named “Freemium” VPN service that gives you the chance to surf and use the internet using changed IP addresses, along with Atlas VPN support to solve issues and troubleshoot whenever needed.

Atlas VPN claims to not store any kind of PII or Personally identifiable information from users, despite being a United States-based company. This also guarantees that Atlas VPN does not track your online activities.

The Atlas VPN app offers good speeds and passes most speed tests that you could throw at it, considering its price point. Besides, Atlas VPN is good enough for browsing, streaming, and anonymous torrent downloads as well, although unblocking streaming services is not available with the free version of Atlas VPN.

Atlas VPN free: What do you get and what do you miss out on …

Atlas VPN free version is one of the strongest contenders for the spot of best free version VPN in the market, currently.

These are some of the best features that I found:

  1. Robust security features, which is kind of the first thing that people have in mind when installing a VPN providers’ software. Cybersecurity is top-of-mind for both firms and users across the globe, and Atlas VPN gives you good, strong coverage for most issues.
  2. Server locations in the United States and the Netherlands, which covers quite a bit of online territory.
  3. Atlas VPN free version is easily downloadable from the Atlas VPN website, and is available for Mac, Windows, Android, Apple, and many other platforms such as Android TV and Amazon FireTV.
  4. No ads and no logs: So, uninterrupted, safe surfing even on the free version.

However, like most free VPN service providers, there are a number of limitations to use as well.

These are some of the features you don’t get on the free version of Atlas VPN:

  1. Speed and latency issues for users outside Europe and the United States: As there are only three server locations allowed with the free VPN services, users in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and Oceania will face slow speeds and latency issues.
  2. Data cap: There is a data limit of 2 GB/day for free users.
  3. Streaming optimized servers: Not available for free users. So, you cannot unblock Netflix or Prime, or any such streaming services with free servers on Atlas VPN.
  4. No Privacy Pro on Atlas VPN: So no SafeSwap servers or MultiHop+ either.

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Atlas VPN Premium: A walk-through of the features and Atlas VPN app

Let’s go through the various features of the app itself to see what you get if you buy an Atlas VPN subscription.

Here’s what I found on testing Atlas VPN:

First you need to register and download the application. I have already done for Windows device.

atlas vpn download options

Installing is pretty user friendly and doesn’t take much time.

installing atlasvpn

On the Home page of the Windows app, you will find the switch that basically enables or disables your VPN.

switch to connect atlasvpn

Along with this, you’ll find the 36 geographical locations that you can tap into. These are spread across Asia, Europe, North America, and South America—so you’ll get decent speeds no matter where you are.

I am connected to North America – Los Angeles now. (Displays with a green icon on the left side of the region.)

connecting to a region in atlasvpn

The second tab is Assistant, which gives you additional features namely Tracker blocker, Data breach monitor, and Protect my devices.

assistant tab of atlasvpn

Tracker blocker comprises additional security features that help you block any trackers, malware, or third-party bad actors from getting access to your system. Switch it on and these features will be enabled on your app and system.

tracker blocker of atlasvpn

Clicking Explore tracker blocker gives the statistics. Toggle the Block Trackers to ensure these are blocked by Atlas VPN.

blocking tracker in atlasvpn

Data breach monitoring is a great feature as well. This security feature is especially useful if you have a non-gmail/hotmail, official mail ID.

I gave my email ID to check if it was breached.

data breach monitor of atlasvpn

Activating it will enable you to monitor if there is any ongoing data breach from your work mail ID.

(Green means everything looks good)

email account monitoring atlasvpn

Protect my devices is another security layer that enables other devices (ones in which you don’t have Atlas VPN installed) to be protected by the security protocols Atlas VPN provides. This option allows you to send a link to your registered mail ID and use the VPN servers on any other device you can access your mail ID on.

protect your devices feature in atlasvpn

The third tab is Settings and it has four sub tabs that you can access. They are:

settings tab of atlasvpn

Account, which gives you all your account and plan details, including the ability to renew your plans. It would be useful to know that Atlas VPN allows for multiple payment options that include: credit cards, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, and Google Pay.

The security option gives you a start on launch switch that allows your system to use these protocols as soon as you launch the Windows app after switching your device on.

It also gives you a kill switch, which cuts down information leaking when the internet traffic is low on your device or VPN connection drops (ideal for users with slower internet connectivity). The third option is allowing push notifications for Atlas VPN.

security feature of atlasvpn

The Protocols option, as the name suggests, shows you three of Atlas VPN’s servers protocols you can use: They are:

a. Auto: This is the recommended protocol as it gives you best speeds and highest security standards.

b. WireGuard: Proprietary protocol offered by Atlas VPN Windows App that allows for power saving and cryptography.

c. IPSec/IKEv2: Most secure and stable connection, in case the previous ones didn’t work.

protocols option of atlasvpn

The fourth Settings tab is App settings, comprising Analytics that allows you to share your app experience to improve VPN speeds and usage, Close to tray that allows you to close and minimize your Windows app to the tray menu, and most importantly, Check for updates, which will allow you to keep your VPN up to date.

app settings option of atlasvpn

The last tab is Connectivity. This gives you Quick Connect, which has multiple IP addresses and options including nearest location, fastest location, and SafeSwap (rotate as you browse using multiple simultaneous VPN locations) and MultiHop+ (double-layer VPN that automatically tunnels your connections across multiple geographical locations).

connectivity option of atlasvpn

Auto Connect allows for automatic connection to Atlas VPN on startup.

Plans and pricing: Top reason why Atlas VPN is great

Atlas VPN is by far the most affordable freemium service provider. The Premium plan gives you the ability to unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime, and various other streaming services at extremely cheap rates, especially with the special discount of 82% right now on the site, with plans starting as low as less than $2 a month.

Best locations for speed test

In my personal testing the US server, UK server, Japan server, and Hong Kong server worked best with regard to speed, streaming, and torrent downloads.

best locations for speed test

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Atlas VPN have unlimited data?

Atlas VPN premium gives users unlimited data usage. However, the free version caps usage to 2GB/day.

Does Netflix block Atlas VPN?

Atlas VPN offers more than 700 servers that can give you not just decent speeds but also unblock Netflix and other streaming services from the US, Canada, Australia and 30+ countries.

My verdict

Atlas VPN offers quite an array of features at quite a reasonable price. It is safe, secure, and easy to use and you will need only a limited period of exposure to its apps to get all its features. It has strict logging in and high security encryption and is perfectly ad-free, giving you a smooth VPN connection and surfing experience.

If you want me to review any other new apps here, let me know in the comment below, and also if you found this useful. Till next time.

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